Profit when trading on Betfair: Football tips and tricks

Profit when trading on Betfair: Football tips and tricks

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angel’ visit betangel calm today and download a free trial i just wanted to
do a quick video to show you how to bring up football markets really quickly
and easily without too much hassle and also sifting and sort through them I’ll
show you a couple of ways the first one is really simple and that is when you’re
on the main betangel application if you go to file select Markin you’ll see it
brings up this dialog box if you go to search we’ve actually got pre-populated
items in here so you can see these pre-populated items one of them is
Barclays in match odds so if I click on that and click search you can see it
brings up all the Barclays Premier ship matches and the match odds markets and
you can see we’ve got over and unders as well it is possible to put in whatever
you want in here and store it if you wish or you can just type it in so if we
decided to do man United and Aston Villa then you can see it brings up all the
markets related to that particular match now if we click on that and we click on
the plus it will actually pop that in to Guardian you can see down here match
odds has been added to bet and your Guardian so let’s go into Guardian and
see what we can do in there as well so if I click on the g4 Guardian you can
see there is the market that we’ve just added in there and you can also do the
same thing in here so you can see we can do all of those items we can type in a
search string if we want we can Aston Villa and whatever but you can also do
so let’s say for example we do Aston Villa and match odds and over then can
you see it brings up that particular market so there are we can you can
specify multiple irons as well if you so wish to do so many different ways of
doing that we also have on Guardian a sucker tab okay I know some of you would
like to call it football we have to call it soccer because we have people all
over the world using it and there if you go into here you can
search for matches containing one specific type or another it could be a
name of a team or some specific market you can search for that you can actually
do all matches so if we just do bang it will search for all matches that are
taking place and you can see they’re all listed here and you can see they’re
listed in date order as well or you can do the matches only supported by soccer
mystic those will tend to be higher liquidity matches incidentally this is
what this ball means here this means that it’s looked at the market and
saying yeah this will run on soccer mystic nice and simple now if we right
click on here you can see we can actually do mass selections so we could
select all the markets in here or we could select all match odds so we could
select all over and unders we could select all these things I’m going to
keep it simple I’m just going to do select all match odds and then what we
can actually do is right click this again and then we can do ad selections –
Guardian and then all of the match odds markets will populate into Guardian you
can see we’ve got out on one second refresh interval at the moment so you
can see it’s going tick tick tick you can speed that up dramatically if you
want to by doing 200 milliseconds and what you guys did we just go through a
little bit without the sound effect obviously so that’s populating all of
the matches that it can find so you can see some of them are suspended some are
in play and so on and so forth you can see it’s whizzing through that entire
list there will often be hundreds on the Saturday and what we can actually do now
is get rid of some of the rubbish in here basically so first of all we don’t
want matches that are in place if I double click on that you can see it
highlights that if I then highlight those matches that are in play there we
go what I can actually do is remove those selected markets so we’ll do that
a little dialog box come up we can see there are 14 matches in play at the
moment you probably don’t want to do matches that are suspended as well and
that’s easier to do because you can just you don’t have to highlight them you can
just do remove suspended markets and you can see there are nine suspended markets
moment and that leaves us with a clean set of matches matches that are taking
place today that are not currently in play or suspended nice and simple but we
obviously work done obviously we may want to go for the higher liquidity
matches so you can see here we’ve got Aston Villa V Man United which has got
over a million traded and you can also see down here we’ve got athletic old
build out and Barcelona which is traded about 150,000 so those are obviously
much better than the other matches in between them so how do we get that in
some sort of order it’s really simple all we need to do is click on volume if
you click on it once it will sort it in the ascending order twice in descending
descending order if you’re confused by what I’ve just said there just click the
header and you’ll see what it does but you can basically see that we’ve sorted
it from the highest volume down so we can see that the villa United match has
got over a million then we’ve got Bayon ik and Hamburg Athletic up a bowel in
Barcelona and then lower liquidity matches from there so you may want to
just focus on matches over 10,000 you can see the cutoff there goes down to
here so we can again just mark all of those I’m going to press the Delete key
on the keyboard this time and you can see there are 19 matches on this list
with less than 10,000 pound matched in the match odds market pretty substantial
so I’m going to remove those markets and that leaves us with a nice clean list
when we’re in this list who we want to know what time these matches starts if
we sort them by start time you can see there the first match starts at 7
o’clock and the last match kicks off at a 9 o’clock or 2100 hours depending upon
which way you want to look at things but there’s a couple of really simple hints
as to how to populate those markets the great thing about this is if you wanted
to you could actually say ok these are all the 7 o’clock
matches then you can actually add them to a watch list so we could actually
have a watch list for seven o’clock matches and a watch
list for 7:30 matches and a watch list for 7:45 and 8 and so on and so on and
then using the watch list functionality you can actually jump to these matches
really quickly keep an eye on your overall positions and also get a view on
what your total position is across all these markets see there’s lots of
things you can do it’s all been designed in a sort of logical manner so that you
can work with multiple markets at the same time obviously with Guardian you
can link these to Excel you can automate them or you can populate it in the watch
list except down here probably better to explore that functionality in another
video but there’s a few quick tips and tricks on how to bring up all those
markets quickly and easily within betangel if you’re interested in
learning more about that angel visit both angel comm and download a free
trial today

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