PRANK : on piège les RIDERS d’un SKATEPARK avec le champion de BMX Patrick Guimez !


This week, heading north of the capital, at the EGP: the Espace Glisse de Paris. With the BMX World Champion Patrick Guimez. To make a very special video. “You have to shave the beast!” “Hollywood hang on, I’m coming!” If we make Patrick up, it is for the needs of a prank. “Dark circles, dark circles!” “Do you have something to make the hair looks greasy?” The role he must play is very simple, he plays the irritating uncle ! “Holly s*** , I look like a d***head!” Who says irritating uncle, also says accomplice nephew. “What’s your name ?”
“Jam!” “We’re here to make a prank, to try to tricked people. Whether in BMX or other disciplines. And for that, it took an accomplice, Jam! Who will be my nephew, and I will be? ”
“Uncle Gilbert!” “Uncle Gilbert, because who’s the best, that’s Bebert!” “Let’s go there! Come on! We did not pay to stay here!” “Here is the bowl, over there is the Fun Box.” “And why don’t you skateboard?” “I do not know how to do it! “Why didn’t you put brakes on your bike?”
“Because I do street BMX!” “I don’t understand anything about your young thing.” “Be careful!” “There is the kid there! “The kid was first.” “Do not brake here! Come on !” “Come on, we paid!” “Come on!” “Why do you go faster than him?” “I don’t know” “You have something that’s different on the bike!” “No, nothing is different on the BMX.” “When it comes to be annoying, uncle Bebert is, it must be said, rather comfortable! ‘ “Hey sir, it’s not yours!” “Stop it !” “Uncle stop!” “You’ll fall, stop!” It plays so well that the discomfort is quickly tangible. “I’m Jam’s uncle. “Ah, and you teach him, right?” “Ah, I’m the uncle, I paid to be here” “You have to be careful sir, because it can be dangerous.” Patrick or Bebert, we do not know anymore, pushes his role so far, that he falls. “It’s okay ?” “Ah s*** this is not the place to be!” “He fell, sir.” Parents also don’t understand what’s going on. “Thank you !” “I wanted to show the kid where we go, and I slipped.” “JAM, come here!” “Well, now you give me the bike.” “You’ll fall, you’ll hurt yourself!” When Bebert decides to take the bike, it’s all the skatepark that prays. “No no !” “Stop! Stop it!” “Stop uncle!” “You put on a helmet!” “You see, you make me look like a fool ? you make fun of your uncle?” “No !” “Do not make fun of your uncle.” “It’s always uncle who pays!” “Warning warning !” “Uncle turn!” When Bebert decides to go in the bowl, it’s all the skatepark that shivers. “You must not let him do that.” “He looks to be on another planet?”
“He has tiny eyes.” “He can’t even carry the bike.” “He is completely f*****!” “He has a helmet, and before rolling in the bowl, he learned to ride.” “It must, perhaps, start with the basics.” “It’s complicated with you!” “Yeah ..” “He’s crazy, he’s crazy.” “Because he is hurt!”
“Where is he ?” “Wow, he was upside down!” “YES!” “Like Candeloro, where is the kid?
I lost the kid! ” “I lost the kid.” “Can you stop please!” “Are you saying that you are ashamed of your uncle?” “Uncle he paid, it’s to look too!” “Come on, show us!” “Is this bike better?” “Try it if you want!” “Can I try ?” “Yeah if you want.” “It’s Bebert now!” “Stop, you’re going to hurt yourself!” “Come on Bebert!” When Bebert becomes Patrick, the whole skatepark is surprised. “Holly s***!” “Who’s the best? It’s Bebert!” “He didn’t get smashed, he knows how to do it!” “You have had us!” “It was super fun but very hard to achieve for me!” “If I meet someone like me in a skatepark, I put him a pair of slaps directly , and I ask that he goes out! ” “It was well done, he played well.” “Frankly, we did not feel that joke, we could not see it coming.” “He played the drunk guy really well, we like weird he is pushing him.” “It was really weird when he took off.” “It was really odd – there are not all the time known riders like that.” “It’s nice sometimes!”

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