Police to be stationed at youth football games after weekend gunfire

Police to be stationed at youth football games after weekend gunfire

(CG) FIRST TONIGHT — PROVIDENCE LEADERS — ARE ADDRESSING SEVERAL VIOLENT INCIDENTS IN THE CAPITAL CITY THIS WEEKEND. (MM) A MEETING IS BEING HELD AT THE INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY AND PRACTICE OF NONVIOLENCE– FOR RESIDENTS.. TO VOICE THEIR CONCERNS.. AFTER A SERIES OF SHOOTINGS– ONE OF THEM DEADLY. (CG) EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER ERIC HALPERIN JOINS US NOW — WITH MORE ON HOW A LOCAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE IS LOOKING TO KEEP PLAYERS SAFE — AFTER SHOTS WERE FIRED OUSIDE A GAME THIS WEEKEND. (EH) These Pee Wee football games are supposed to safe and fun for the kids and their families. Sunday morning those feelings were taken away. So now the youth football league is working with the city to make sure things like this don’t happen again. Sunday was homecoming for the Mount Hope Cowboys..what should have been a fun filled day for the kids, fans and families involved. Instead the field and stands were practically empty for most of the day. Pamela Hughes, president mount hope cowboys SOT 9 it sheds a bad light on something positive, and that shouldn’t have taken place Pamela Hughes is president of the Mount Hope Cowboys. She was at the game Sunday morning on the field at Hope High School. 5 to 8 year olds were playing when she heard a gunshot from the school parking lot. Pamela Hughes, president mount hope cowboys SOT 2 stopped in my tracks, made sure the kids got away to the side According to police no one was hurt. Hughes says it was an argument unrelated to the game between spectators that led to the gunfire in the parking lot. She says some parents have told her their kids are now crying themselves to sleep. David Salvatore SOT 1 It’s heart wrenching that even at a youth football game we have to worry about violence in our city So just last night the league met with the mayor, other city leaders and police to discuss safety plans. In the short term there will be a police presence at the games at no cost to the league. Hughes tells eyewitness news the league wants a similar arrangement in the long run with police at each game for the duration..although the long term plans have not been finalized. Pamela Hughes, president mount hope cowboys SOT 8 I walked away from the meeting feeling very good about what we plan to do together and i’m sure we will have more talks going forward about how to keep our kids safe (EH) The institute for the study and practice of nonviolence is having a meeting about recent violence in the city tonight. It starts in less than half an hour at 6. Live in the Newsroom I’m EH, EWN.

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