Poland v Russia FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

Poland v Russia  FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019

now this might open things up a little
bit for : inside without forming ours in. there
with cell beautiful bounce pass hi Scott Oh beautiful finish making it look easy
and right now Poland’s execution offensive listen I mean you just about
does enough to put him off the shot clock is down to one they’ve got to get
it away ship cock does right before the buzzer
its massive for Russia he again decided I’m gonna take this shot at a defensive
player right in his face under way and do a defense by son and it leads to the
opportunity chase-down block by Japan knit coat and landed awkwardly but watch
here the chase down time that perfectly in spanks it off the backboard Wow quite
possibly the play of the game would you give him that much space you know that
he does not lack confidence he can’t land the big three slaughter the answer
it immediately slaughter point line drills it not sure where you like it
Lauren Savage great pass underneath to yvlev what to be loved it’s as if called the right hand jump
hook is lovely and a wine the clock down here Russia they know it’s job done as
foreign Savitch makes the final two just like about to expire somebody’s gonna
launch it’s gonna be put it good get a three is dad’s step-back three from
Pinet gun he’s gonna come back in Macau stock Alaska is you see for nifty
hitting that three right at the shot clock buzzer not an easy shot by any
means but in ski bounce pass what a play by Poland we Abdul Salam for China
played in eight games of the most games for any Chinese players up it goes to
panenka see there’s a turnover incomplete pass
by crush artic super net gun South trail ski Tanisha has to put it up and he does
it’s not for the first time as he hit a lot of jump shot with the shot clock
about this now Cabana down the other end Cabana with the left hand finish and
Russia have their first point it’s gonna be another rush possession here from
Nikita Cabana throws it out to Eve lab not really the guy you want shooting the
three or maybe it is wow what a moment for
Glenn was he attacks look at this this is something for the to be frying for it
live but why not stretch five in the making few minutes to go in this opening
quarter zip code now you have too many options eventually come out I’ve arrived
to makes the two and one turns one way then the other then steps through and
bruh she knows arms are up but they just go forward at the impact great play and
great string the prophet Ola moves the Promotora unkempt hat so on the floor
get out of here says curving of great rejection on the help by curb enough now
Antonov for now curbing off down the other end of the floor which he took a
ban of up against Yeller up zip Kozma Buren extra pass out to the corner the
three on the way and stop him knocks it down it’s the perfect start
in this final quarter for the Russian final quarter can they find it similar
response that we saw last Saturday hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball
World Cup here you want more click on these videos and hit the subscribe
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