PLAYING on the DALLAS COWBOYS Football Field!

PLAYING on the DALLAS COWBOYS Football Field!

– Brian’s better than me so far. Until right now. First thing that happens,
we meet up with Brian, and he turns on the Tahoe
here and hands me the keys. I really don’t know what we’re
doing yet, but I’m pumped. Okay, what do we got here? – It’s packed to the brim with
drones, R/C boats, R/C cars. Good news is we got a brand-new Tahoe 2017 to drive around for the next couple days. The bad news, Bryce? I think you guys gonna
have to get an Uber. (both laugh) Nellie and I are all about
adventures, as you guys know. We’re here in Dallas,
and we’re like, okay, we need to do some big adventures. So we hit up our friend Brian. Brian, where’d we meet you at? – VidCon 2017.
– That’s right. Guys, go to VidCon and
meet other creators. We met Brian there, we’re like, Okay Brian, we know you go big, we want to do cool adventures
while we’re in Dallas. This is the adventure mobile. Just drove this to Frisco,
just got to our hotel, and we’re gonna unload
before going out to the… – Look at all the little cars! – [Bryce] You want one? – No, I want it for a little kid. (upbeat electronic music) So we’re here, we’re just
hanging out for a few days, and we already got camera, camera, GoPros, all this stuff, all this stuff, – Hey yeah, did I bring too much, dude? You brought three bags, you… – Brian is so high-maintenance. He’s got all the best camera
gear, just high-maintenance. (woman mumbles) Oh. Got it. This place opened up how long ago? – [Man] September 30, grand opening. – [Woman] Wow! – Grand opening was just a few days ago. – [Man] And they’re free of charge. – Perfect, thanks brother.
– You’re on the seventh floor, so guest elevators are right behind y’all. – Awesome, thank you. – Look, we all, we each have our own beds. – [Bryce] What? No? Okay, big screen TV going on there. Here we are, Cowboys We got the practice facility over here, our hotel is right here. Brian and Nadia are down there. Yo Brian! Brian! Yee-yee! (imitates bird) I’m gonna lob it. Oh, that was so close. – Whoa, that was close, too close. And I knew my camera was there, so I just hit it out of
the way to save the camera. – [Bryce] Smart, and Nadia’s like, “No!” That woulda been bad
to start our trip off. – Smash my camera, you know, whatever. (Bryce laughs)
Friends are made in worse ways, I’m sure.
(Bryce laughs) (upbeat electronic music) – Bye.
– Okay, bye. – It’s early, Nellie is being pregnant. When I say that, by the way, I’m not like, morning sickness is a real thing, for those who don’t believe it. Brian and I, because we’re
here at the practice facility in the Dallas Cowboys
hotel, we’re gonna go out, make the most of it, before we go on to our next competition. (upbeat electronic music) – This is where the Dallas
Cowboys actually practice, so we’re gonna let the magic
come up through the turf, see how good we are today. We’re gonna test out our football skills. I played legit one year in eighth grade. Fifth quarter, if you don’t
know what fifth quarter means, don’t worry about it, do
you know what that means? – I think it’s after fourth, I don’t think you play.
– It’s like, you think it would be, but it’s like,
hey, we take the second-string players and we let them
play before the game starts, but they call it fifth quarter. – So that tells you our quality
of play you’ll see today. – Yeah, it’s gonna be good. – So we’re gonna play a little game, we’re gonna see who can
throw the ball the farthest. – But then also who can catch it. – Yeah, okay.
– That’s the second part. – Yeah, you gotta catch it. Who do you think’s gonna
win, comment below. – This is throw one on
the Dallas field, baby. Oh, that’s far. (Brian yells) TD. – All right, Bryce, I didn’t
want to tell you, man, but I used to play
quarterback in grade school. It’s going down. – Not bad, not bad. Go for it! – Man.
– It’s getting hard. – All right, I’m just warming up, baby. Okay, here we go, Bryce,
this one’s for your baby. Uh-oh, uh-oh, I think I’m winning. – Hey, is this farther than I got? Shoulda got a smaller one. Oh no, out of bounds. – All right, bringing the heat, baby. (Brian yells) – Brian’s better than me
so far, until right now. – Whoo! Yeah! Feels good, blood’s flowing. I think I won, I don’t know. – He just over-delivered it. Big congrats, all congrats. But also, we want to say
a big thanks to Frisco for inviting us out here to be
here at the practice facility, and to stay at the Omni, this
is an awesome experience. – This is the nicest Omni
I’ve ever stayed in my life. – Same, this is competition week, as you know, against Brian. If you haven’t subscribed,
make sure to subscribe and tune in for the rest
of our competition videos. Subscribe to the Jurgys, but also subscribe to Brian Aiken, he’s
always doing stuff like this. This is a hype week for
us, for Nellie and I, this is the usual for Brian. So go ahead and check
out his channel as well. Thanks guys, we’ll see you tomorrow. (Bryce laughs) – Aww, it’s totally looked like a turtle. – We’re driving, and stopped because we totally
thought this was a turtle, look at this from this standpoint. – Turtle!
– That looks like a turtle. (all chuckle) (Bryce laughs)
– This is Frisco, dude. There’s no turtles here.
(Bryce laughs)

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