Players Reunion: 2010 NC State Wolfpack Football

Players Reunion: 2010 NC State Wolfpack Football

Fifty-one. No, I’m class of ’54. I played
from ’51 to ’54. What did you play? Guard. We were big then [LAUGHS]. The oldest guy here. The best-looking guy. The class of what? Fifty-one. Fifty-one. When I first got here there was no real function
where we ever got our former alumni players back together, so we started it a couple years
ago. It keeps growing each and every year. It’s a great thing to see. Guys keep coming
back, coming back. Each year we find a couple guys that haven’t back 10, 15 years. Good to see guys from years past, to guys
that are playing now. It’s just great. It’s just a great feeling. I look forward to this
every year. My name is Dennis Kroll, and I played from
1958 to 1962. And I was an end. And Roman Gabriel was our quarterback. Claim to fame. Athletics is a big part of the brand of the
university. It attracts—it brings alumni back to campus. It brings students to the
university. It’s just a big part of the winning tradition and culture that we have
at American public universities. You know, there were new friendships, tell
lies, you know, have a great time. So it’s a great function. You know, it’s nice for
our kids to see that, you know, people care and the alumni come back, and someday they’re
going to be walking through that gate.

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