Player Hit by LARGEST KID EVER in Pee Wee Football

Player Hit by LARGEST KID EVER in Pee Wee Football

all how you doing today i’m asking
because i care there’s a video that’s come out today this fucking monster
kiddin peewee football list for rocking over this one what seems like
defenseless blair with it and holding at the game is different from market and
parts of the olympic falls the alexandria mn some and again is a picture market and
pottsville coal region a pennsylvania america her usual so now we’re gonna
start a new segment and the sentiment call all imager parent and mature parent let’s get started you see that kato
buchan forks cattle in the try to put a stop working class and the tells the court you should be ashamed no moon on both in my displeasure
eddyville okay dot if you have a legal size for people pull
coming lol use if it fast threat was that kid why is it going
running that no goes into the record about women’s fractionated or in a
little sisters had a little about this on filegate is gonna play running that he had forgotten shouldn’t be playing
running that he’s like fifty seventy five pounds on under brown’s bigger than
some of those kids also the woman bargained for the
overhead and the pair and i’m watching this i’m going to try
to ridicule the coats that put him in as you know what the code is probably a big
unlikely and that your parents was like no you put me in a court that were the
one st and just try to win at all costs he’s not trying to injure other players
but he’s not taking that into account that he will probably injure other
players we’re putting this kidding this truck at running back what do you guys
think lever thoughts of the comments section those would be appreciated
subscribe acuity sports that would be even more appreciated doctor buss the and jeannie bus whose boleyn right out of it and then you have jboss engineer but
capital com minibus i called short buskers everything he’s makes for its

100 thoughts on “Player Hit by LARGEST KID EVER in Pee Wee Football

  1. This guy has a dirty mouth. I guess he thinks he's really something talking like that. I wonder if he eats with that same mouth.

  2. Pee wee football hasweight restrictions for each level… how the hell was that kid allowed on the team?

  3. That's insane. Somebody has to think player safety. I'd want to win too but they are just kids. He's way too big to play against those other kids.

  4. I live in Pottsville this is awesome I live in Pottsville that kid is older then me tho he is in high school now tho

  5. If he is legally able to play in that league, then the coach can utilize him in whatever way he feels fit. Maybe its not the correct moral decision, but it is the logical decision. Check his birth certificate. If he is withing the legal age limits and if the league doesn't have weight limits for this league, leave him alone and let him steamroll his opponents.

  6. Ok the kid is larger. You cant make the kid play only ol. Just bc he is larger? We tell kids they can be anything they want when they grow up. If he wants to be a running back. Then let him try. If you dont want your kid to be ran over. Take him out or teach him to chop the tree down

  7. That kid if freakin huge he should be the center no one would get to the quarter back because he can just stand there and no one would get by him

  8. That kid if freakin huge he should be the center no one would get to the quarter back because he can just stand there and no one would get by him

  9. Fuck that, I say 31 Trap all day with the bus in!! It's a sport why fucking ridicule the coach for makin a smart decision??? Remember LIFE ISN'T FAIR

  10. No time for liberal tears. Winners are winners. If he's of the age, and he can truck over other kids, so be it. If that coach can put that bus in his lineup each game, GOOD. Not everyone needs to win, not all teams need to be champions. If this kid can steamroll you for a few years, well then that's that. Your kid does NOT >NEED< to win. If your kid was any good, he'd find a way to stop this beast. Life after highschool isn't fair. We shouldn't be raising these kids to think everything is. Get steamrolled, or find a way to stop it. If those two don't work, shut your weak ass up.

  11. I'm glad I'm a 2nd string db and only start offense 😂😂😂I play receiver and running back and they wanted me to play linebacker I may hit hard but I'm to skinny and kind of scared to get hit really hard with all the concussions I've had now I'm in high school and I play receiver and running back again and corner back but next year there gonna put me as linebacker and I don't have a choice 😂😂😂I better toughen up

  12. Ridicule the coach that put him in? Honestly, that's fucking stupid. I play football, and me and every one else that plays knows the risks and knows that there will be some kids that are bigger then us. It's a tough sport, and every kid knows the risk they are taking, as well as the parents. Honestly, that's the kid who got ran over's fault. He should've took his his knees.

  13. I think it's funny because it's illegal and you the kid got messed up nasty and he's hb brah fo real you might ass whell use big Aaron Gibson

  14. my guess is they aren't legit "pee wee" teams… I'd be willing to bet it's a junior high or freshman high school game… and if you don't want your kid "trucked over"… don't let him play…. football isn't about hugs and happy feelings

  15. That is why there is a weight limits for lineman and big kids, if they are over the limit they cannot run the ball.

  16. I played against pots vill a and shmoken i was 200lbs and a starting linemen for Tamaqua because I was to fat to be a running back the one game I went against that kid and I laid his ass out for saying shit about me in the huddle got him twice before I got taken out by him and a nother kid with a concussion

  17. first of all the kid was 8 times the kids size second if he didn't try too tackle him his Coach would get mad and punish him third all the fans in bleachers were cheating at the biggest kid trucking the smallest kid on the other team

  18. That big kid wouldn't stand against a chance against the bigtimber herder littl football team we would lay his ass out cold

  19. When I played peewee football we ran into this a lot. They would find one monster of a kid and hand him the ball…

  20. That was a awful tackle he just stood there and let the fat fuck bull doze him. he should have gone for his hips rapped him up and brought him down.

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