Play Pals – Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion HD – It Took So Long – (Part 2 of 2)

Play Pals – Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion HD – It Took So Long – (Part 2 of 2)

Who this music kind of fools you thinking that the game is fun and exciting, but it’s super fucking slow There’s nothing fucking to you see just a bunch of shit in walls And then some guy that eats your nuts you can’t get too far because you die if you get oh wait. It’s fucking stupid room 700 I mean, I guess sure we’re poor we’re back yeah Maybe aw shit changed again it changed again. Maybe the worst choice ever of a game where I’m like. Let’s finish it. Let’s just finish it. Cuz it’s really not even that rewarding. There’s so much now and again It’s worse for the editor like we get to play than nothing. They have to watch nothing They’re gonna fucking fall asleep while they’re watching it, so I got this oh nice look at that In case you find a dear. Remember those deer. That was maybe the most exciting part of the series but it killed me it fucked you up that door had a Handle on it. It did Just like you’re getting a handle on this game yeah 700 rooms you start Learn a Thing or Two 701 yeah hundred and one and zero we’re fun Jesus What is happening in this case? We’re in a restaurant at room 710? Let’s go in the bog. No boat broken fuckin said Ladies Bog Well, I broke my one rule today the management doesn’t give out actual lunch break, so I can’t go anywhere And they won’t allow outside food here. I mean they actually screamed. It’s the last customer who did that anyway? I had a burger it wasn’t bad And I don’t feel sick so I might get a few every now, and then, a few why a few That’s a blood bog. is that him do you think? oh It’s a big-ass keys, it’s a fat key. Fuck why’s it so big, Why’s this toilet so big? It’s like it was like a real key that they just didn’t scale down. It’s broken Now it feels like Outlast – It’s not good. Hey. We’re in the fun room. I bet it’s not gonna be fun in here, okay Let’s look at the fun rules one be this tall well. No not really so it’s I’m confused You’d want to be shorter than,no screams look out for snakes no booze no hiding no diving. We’ll find you It’s like the main component of this game. Oh shoes – two-dimensional shoes shoes. Let’s get some shoes This is strange. I had a dream last night about this restaurant I know I was here But I also felt like I was in another place at the same time Everything looks so wrong nothing was the right size, and I kept hearing these strange animal noises almost like wailing I guess I just feel guilty for eating that burger the other day. Also today. I saw that man again The one who kept ordering every 10 minutes this time he never even left the parking lot He just got his meal parked and then got back in line. He must have done in at least eight times before he left That’s messed up is a hungry hungry, man He’s gonna eat us next All right here we go Chop my way in Right not the bloody Carnival music you suck We’re gonna get fucking killed in here little big key fucking Dammit, I’m not hearing the animal wailing Oh look that was easy. Yeah, sure will continue to be just as easy Can we just walking leave fuck you fucking wank stain It’s Gotta be this room now fucking better be ayy Oh Beef beef as I mentioned earlier beef me, okay. It’s beef meat So this can’t be good right eat the beef. It’s fucking sick. Oh that’s gotta be a cold key I Don’t like the change What was that Oh My God OOOOH! what is it like a horrible horrible head It’s a floating man, he’s trying to eat me Holy Shit! Is he chasing you still? YUP It’s A demon. Yup, it’s a deem He almost got us too – that was real close man our health was real low Yeah, that was terrifying stop. He’s gonna get us in a squiggly turny. He’s gonna come through what the fuck What fuck was that the door vanished but I was already hitting space. Are you gonna memorize the door? fucking wiener That’s always fixed. Oh god. This is gonna suck this gonna real suck This path is unforgiving in this room, gotta bait him You’re the master of that yeah Come on come on bro you oh, my god. cutting it bloody close there well he just got across if I didn’t wait true (Gavin Giggles) Oh Shit Sweek Where’d the door go? Fuck these rooms two in a row that’s the heinous. I don’t think we’ve ever had two in a row. Oh we probably have This is gonna be bad, This is gonna be bad, Please don’t pick the wrong way, I picked the wrong way Guh just Charged through him Back you beasts Body is a different piece of meat Not Now All right you good No More bastard. Holy shit. They gave us a save at 50 Give me it,The Password is Cake Remember that we might need that Is this the person leaving notes. I Don’t think so because I think this is Unlimited Stam why did you give me that though cuz we’re gonna have to run what if the bolt all the way that’s cool Could I fucking save it all right We are 75% through get rid of that zero, and that’s the percentage. Are you ready to run. I Was gonna run right now and then I couldn’t I was ready to go huh huh Um so I can’t sprint at all Uh-huh, it just doesn’t it she took it away. Oh So Infinite because I can’t run is that was that the trick I can’t sprint That’s the opposite of what she said maybe that’s the point, I think it is the point She did say you’ll never run out is what she said yeah, and never run so uh You bitch oh I can sprint Okay, so that yeah? That was she just stopped me from sprinting for ten rooms for no reason and now you can and now I can and it depletes again Thanks lady. Oh Yep, holy shit, I knew I heard the fucker Hey, Why you starring him out cuz I was trying to get my health back He’s gonna jump in the ceiling and stab you You suck he’s the worst he’s not the worse, but he’s bad The worst was the fucking the Flash monster yeah, it’s like my dick He’s the worst cuz if you get too far away. He fucking kills you that was bullshit This fucker you just Geoff it. He can’t stop you I hate him I hate his face, Bitch That’s how little I respect you might even turn around that time. Holy dickhead Why you staring it’s because if I die he hits me one more time I’m gonna die actually he’s gonna jump through the ceiling right now yay did Damn it. Ah Yeah, we’re gonna get the fucking needle in the eye. He loves it and I like seeing it, but you don’t see it any show Bullshit Dead Space 2 showed you Oh, maybe they do show it Okay, this is different. Yeah, we’ve played this game before Bitch She’s so useless. This was a much better run by the way than with the with the fucking puppet, man. Yeah Okay, thanks. I was out of my way. It was ice cream was licking. Dude you think you guys but something’s behind Oh, it’s the kicky bitch. It’s kicking. Oh, it’s kicking knife. That’s fine Dude kick whatever you want, dude, then you’ll get a save, maybe I hope so well Maybe you weren’t into 850 and it’s possible under in 50 levels possible. Oh, thank god interesting What The Fuck? Oh, that’s the person writing the notes? I’m guessing they died here did they though? yeah, and then they became spooky, bitch I Mean, but it’s spooky bitches mansion, so how can she? Get here before you know what I mean. Oh, so why does she die in such a nicely comfortable position with a sweet-ass hat? Alright, what does that poster say? nothing other one Piller make like a tree and die, that’s we’ve seen that All right last two hunny doing the go. I hope we learn since the last for this Oh Oh, okay, it’s a it’s a naked man Drowning an ancient water drilling creature believed to be a lost soul who died tragically during the deluge Delgue proved extremely effective against subjects that could not swim or fell for specimens a year So don’t tempted it don’t get Oh what I mention don’t die So how’d you leave this note? I think the bricks and wood are actually just painted on everything still feels kind of fake Also, I keep hearing movement and voices below me Maybe other survivors are hiding unlikely How do we hide we’re gonna get so rinsed what? Hide He’s in the room Are you hiding You don’t look like you’re He’s coming by the way. He’s comes just a human man. I just ran past him oh It didn’t work it didn’t work maybe How do you hide he’s just there with us oh That was easy Think he saw us, I don’t think he saw anything I Guess no one was here the man This really is Outlast now why don’t we ,Is this game gonna? End at the beginning of outlast 2 – maybe is this the time can we just jump out and hit him with the axe? I wish hey he’s so slow and stupid I ran past him like seven times. He didn’t even hit us Oh Fucking just make it end with so many more than a thousand rooms I know they really its just really bullshit He left a key yeah, I guess it fell out of his fuckin pocket he must have a massive pocket Hey look I got a book are you fucking kidding me? I gotta go back to the fucking library Where is this fucking book? Go there? It is I’ve fucking played these stupid games great It’s a cellar exactly where I want to go down oh My god are you kidding me, I’m dead meat down here. I Walk to keep my sprint meter up the floating dust is really distracting yeah, and it’s gonna be awful for your lungs What the fuck have you gotten ourselves into Duck oh Okay bunch of dead babies let’s see I have a theory. I think it’s this. It’s it’s this pseudo mansion I think it’s playing with my head. I still hear him. I must find that man and kill him with the sickle I found in the forest why said the guy right in the note is the guy with the sickle? Yes So he’s trying to kill you so like is this your mansion Hey, you’d also like now, this is a dead end he’s gonna be in front of me there’s nothing else down here hmm I Have to chop him ah Right like I’m not missing anything right and then this I don’t see no key or nothing no All right This sucks, yeah Was that other door there, I don’t know I certainly didn’t go through it 800 rooms in and sometimes it turns into a game you know what I mean We’re doing some rooms in like one second. We’ve spent 15 minutes in this one room. It’s pretty ridiculous. Hide Yep Man this guy will follow me everywhere He’s gonna like pull me out Up he’s looking right at you, that’s not romantic I was about to just get out and fight him before I was literally about to just jump out cuz I thought you’re about to Jersey him well. I just thought like oh he’s gonna fight me now if I stay in here It’ll like if I’m if that ever happens in real life. That’s when I bust out and started fighting the guy Yeah, you gotta get it’s like you want to get the first hit exactly you want to get the head butt in That’s I’ll give you the serial killer thing where you’re like. I’m gonna look at oh he’s hitting me That’s what I want the guy to be like I’m gonna scare him, and then I just hit them that’s why I love Brits go for the head, but at that point because it’s hard to see coming and You’d pretty much guarantee the first hit unless they head, but at the same time, and then it’d just be hilarious Dan is just like a stronger head wins and it’s like a game of conquers What the hell’s chasing us I’m guessing he was behind me something went Breuer Yeah, oh, it’s him. It’s him because I can hear the stupid and were just still in room 810, but it’s okay It’s okay Oh, we died He’s chasing us Sickleman, that makes sense actually why would he have given up at that point? I? Mean fuck he’s probably happy. We let him out. He’s bloody hauling ass now I mean He’s not moving that fast, but like his animation. Yeah. He did like some jog on the spot. Just didn’t cover a lot of ground So are you being chased by multiple people Oh the GooBack, No I think it’s just the GooBack, Just the GooBack Goo Back you demon Now we’re back to the bread and butter just brought in from goo monsters, yeah As long as it’s not the vag flash or the puppet those two suck. They probably suck each other off That took so long I can’t believe were on 844 844 now I mean, what’s behind me now? Yeah the woman the flloaty woman OH Yeah That’s fine. That is fine Float away Bitch Enemies back and you got to remember how to run away from them This one’s like a gameboy with cheese playing Gameboy aids I was really hoping for a save at 850 They didn’t give me one dude like I’m like if I died now. I don’t know that I would redo that No, there’s been no reason to that’d be the end It’s just like I think I would just like be like nope whatever 870 That’s it games over not getting to a thousand. I am NOT doing all that over again. Oh? God Game Boy bitch is back Do you have AAs i could borrow. I want to haunt you I Want some love Suck on my dead It’s a good song, thanks Do you know the next verse NO what is it, only you know, Oh Yeah My God my TomTom now it’s full of someone Second verse came back to me Oh I’m just staring at that number. I just wanted to be 900 did it change the something else no Well the song know that music. Yeah. Oh, yeah, the baddy. I mean oh yeah, no just fuck off I changed that one. Got me a little that one Got me cuz I’m waiting for something to kill me five rooms from the save point. Yeah, Oh Everything’s suspicious Everything’s suspicious Wonder how many miles long this whole place is it’s uh 12 feet. It’s probably like the answer this is actually where they film the The runway scene of Fast 6 All right the home stretch All right for home stretch Oh Gavin take it away Why? Play something your play. I already did a hundred run in this part. You haven’t done anything You’ve played every you play both parts. I can’t I do you think I forgot Yes, I thought you were just taking care of it. I would like Oh Gavin do 900 this way We’ll probably die a bunch and then this video will take even longer let’s go, bitch 901the room isn’t set up for my side it’s just gash, it really isn’t ,it is gash. Your gash man Gav alright your turn dude What’s left this box. What is it? Can you I didn’t get in look at it Just bolting my ass out. oh It was like a little loading zone there Passed a note there’s a note Lot of noise in it. Don’t worry that noise gonna be locked in front of you anyway research report one more Whales are being shipped to the facility tomorrow one for a health inspection and two that are already dead for? Autopsies more and more beached whales keep appearing Sorry is around those Islands, and I still can’t figure out. What’s causing Hey, we hit we hit the bullshit we hit the bull shit, you know oh fuck we’re underwater Before whale 015-D has died much sooner than I expected while I was on holiday regret not being here But I had estimated it would live much longer the team that did the autopsy said nothing seemed to be wrong with the lungs But the stomach had a circular hole about two feet in diameter all the way through the outside of the whale this pretty much confirms a parasite is the cause of death. A parasite two feet diameter, that’s a large parasite you can’t really see much out the window I Suspect there’s some whales is every ten at least something 10 is the bad room of? Whale 014-D Strange small bite marks they appear from another smaller mammal, but the strangest thing about them is their placement They are an even rows inside of the whale’s stomach all about five feet from the ‘bottom’ of the stomach lining. What’s this, okay, so now how do we put the code in that we don’t know? Okay I Think there’s only four there’s only four Oh God oh God where do we find this fucking note? Where do we find the code? I don’t like this giant lantern and taking up half my face What about 4132 that could be it, that’s a number all right, that’s everything else is like fucking letters and shit shopping oh Okay, nope nope nope nope there you go Hey that was it how do you know that was it click click click, everything unlocked, sick alright, what the fuck is that oh? boy Restarted pumps so now something’s gonna fucking try and rip your dick off I hear a girl or an animal or something seeing me pleading that I come outside my locker room and let the sweeping waves Comfort me. Well. I don’t want to go out there now. And there shouldn’t be any waves you just removed them Still 910 so Holy shit, It got snuffed out holy shit, I’m gonna get drowned by that Bastard. Ah Shit. Yup, okay, so how do you drown? drownie mc Bastard’s probably in here I Need to not get wet, that way straight ahead the door to your right. Yeah. There’s a door right there Okay shit, okay, so both doors couldn’t be open right? You just need to go in the back somewhere Any more doors hidden in the wall yeah? Damn hard to see God, is a death chamber is what that is. There’s a note I Can’t bloody stop and read it can I I don’t think he’s here yet, okay? This door other wall yeah straight across I Like this I’m not a fan of this There’s nothing in the wall bunch of men’s rooms what the hell What the hell? Oh – there it is there it is now. He’s gonna be Suspect Yes, Michel Don’t go near her. That’s the guy That’s the guy they’ll fuck you up. How do I check the right side go to the other corner? This side yeah There’s gotta be something in here for you to fucking collect yeah, or just stroll right by the motherfucker I Told it. What does don’t want to look around? So do you have to activate this bitch and then run? That seems crazy. We know she’s crazy. That’s why we read the database Do it you gotta do it? This is this is your chance to redeem yourself? Okay get out of the water you get out get on the fucking crate and stay on the crate Jesus You fucking getting back in what I thought I could leave Now you probably can that doors over there? Yeah, that’s the exit. Just fucking haul crev, I will I’m waiting for my health to come back I’m just saying you’re facing the wrong way That was close you almost got Got. How do you know if you’re about to be got? If she grabs you. It’s probably you’re probably gonna get got. What shit. I was like fuck, but you’re at 911 Terrible day, but great room seems good. All right. I don’t know it’s going pretty. Well. Oh It’s like cricking my neck you’re doing I’m doing intense stuff you doing the get Bonnie to a bloody chiropractor up to this Really only doesn’t 11 rooms. Yeah, but it’s just slow and now you’re done. Oh god. I Hope to god you don’t get puppet man cuz you’re gonna die puppet man, ah These are the rooms we needed yeah the fake one was on the left How’d you know that’s cuz I mean I could sense it I assumed same reason you ordered it. You knew I Was glad that you knew you know Oh, is it Puppet guy Michael take over take out. It was shit really well shit. I died last time shit. Oh No Michael I really don’t want to do that again Okay, it’s like uh through your hands up in the air. I would have died probably I don’t know his ways he’s a bitch He sucks Okay good step, okay good Fuck you jerk fuck you jerk He’s like I came for Gavin. Who are you I? Was chasing him and then he changed his soul I wonder what that looks like i’m not gonna turn around and find out On the edge, I’m on a fucking edge, man Don’t hug me, bro What was that? Oh? He’s a fucking ghost I said, what is that noise? What else is coming at me. It’s scared your back. Oh Balls He’s still here leave I knew it I knew it Leave me demon Oh That’s nice. He’s gone Yay Also, lucky for you. He got you out of it. Yeah Thank you puppet, man Jesus Christ Out of my fucking way you Smeg They make good fridges do they So they just pick that name, where is it somebody’s name unfortunately? I’m Ron smeg It’s probably a really old company, it’s really about hundreds of years old Maybe before smack it smack them. Oh well you know sucks for them. Oh? a code Alright, I was funny game away 97 how do I even though this voltages? Oh? That was the other one was the code we entered four four one four one three two three today Fuck I gotta look this up. I’m gonna look this up. This could be something well. You know what? Play some spooky kart. What you do yeah, there you go play spooky kart I have a code. I don’t know what it does, but we try it I looked this up. I don’t know where you find this fucking thing. I got no idea. It’s even right oh There’s spooky Yeah, that’s oh, that’s the story of spook. Oh, man. We’re gonna trick or treat. You know something. Hey, that’s good. Yeah She’s going trick-or-treating with her dad fake blood. Okay, don’t call me Okay, weird is that what they are I don’t think so but sure sweet see your fake blood and then little it a bullet what? Did she get she shot? So she got shot cuz she was too scary what? weird all right oh God oh god the fucking torment. What oh? That’s not good. What the fuck is that about? So help me fuck if there are more than fucking five more room that was gonna lose my shit So that would you just start slashing people huh I’m to fight back bitch Oh interesting different different room different floor it was easy Do my bag What is it what is the final fucking room show me you did it? What I feel nothing that we’ve completed this is it over Is the only option to go back inside It was all a simulation yeah Why they lied to us, we’re not out Okay is that it, tell you what you’re making a floor Yeah, like a book or a fence you’re saying or a crucifix Fuck if christ almighty Just stop seven three one You got are you you’re joking me, right? Okay, hi hello It looks like I don’t want to stand there Say is that what those yours are you looking for that or a giant hand uh? What the fucking fuck This smack him chop chop chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop chop What are you doing is that what are you doing up there? Okay Can you want to come down here or I can get you What’s out for the eye pill is like? I’m almost thinking should I stand under him so he pillars himself Are you breaking the room dude? You’re cleaning the room and then make it a mega day. You’re jizzing on my fucking face I’ll be honest these bitches don’t stand a chance I’m gonna try and knock these back. Yeah, give him a good Watson. Yeah there we go oh I played Zelda bitch. They’ve been doing this shit since linked to the past son You see an energy ball you fucking slap it back at you Hey hey hey hey hey come on now come on now get the blood off my face, I can’t see don’t be grabbing me You suck you suck. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know what I got hit. That’s fine Bring it get ready to slump dick head chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop chop Cha-cha-cha fuckin die you fuck look at me. I’m playing a game. I’m playing a fucking game thousand floors in you unlock the game What would be the tutorial boss for any other game is the final boss for this oh? Man, he’s got a look at so many eyeball lights now. He’s getting pissed You can tell you know 2 hands a fucking climactic finale 3 hands. He’s just keeps going mr. hands, three dudes four dudes five dudes six dudes. No dudes. They’re ready for his orb of hatred Kill kill Alright, so now it’s really gonna be Jebus And they just lay out the sound that many times I stopped where’s your dick Yeah, it’s kind of Shiiit watch out for the men Wow there’s a lot, there’s a lot now that is all be honest is gonna energy pull you right now Yep oh Hello Give him a whaling oh, I did it. I think I did it or I didn’t are you fucking kidding me? What the fucking what? I Mean did I die and lose or die and win I guess I died, which is total horseshit? your health was still there my health is fine, and there was I was like unless I just let too many guys spawn I Think that’s most No, I should have won that it’s bullshit is this a bad ending did I get a bad ending? What happend chop chop okay, is the speech over? Is that like the only ending or did I did I die, I feel like I could have killed that guy I Feel like you were doing pretty well see what happened was I let all the dudes spawn at the end It was like I was like. I’ll just chop him and he’ll die I don’t need to fight them But now I’m thinking like did that just like get Auto got cuz too many dudes spawn I think I was doing pretty darn well Boy well that was this game, holy shit PLAYPALS so much for so little We’ll see you next Halloween I Don’t know how it gets any spookier than that for me, I gotta wait for life there could be a secret ending Maybe they know You know what that was Let me solve this game for you Ah Why did we do that? We can start on 995 if you want to try to get no comeback no Gavin we can go back no, never

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  1. I want Michael yelling "I played Zelda, Bitch!" as a notification ring tone. 😂😂😂 Had me laughing my ass off.

  2. I'm so confused… How does anyone like this? How on earth does this have a 9/10 rating on steam? Yeah, it has some references to other games, but that's all it has. It's literally a door opening simulator. No plot, no atmosphere, childish "scares", incredibly repetitive design, virtually no mechanics… there is NOTHING here. Seriously, someone please explain, what is the appeal, I must be missing something.

  3. This Halloween sucked for LPs. Not just AH but there were very few good scary LPs this yr across the Youtubers I watch. Not to say I didnt enjoy this playthrough, but they could have played a lot of other better games with a bit more spook.

  4. Fun fact: The Puppet can be knocked down via the Ax.

    Fun fact: Staring at the downed puppet and not moving causes multiple puppets to appear on the edge of the screen

  5. Alright, that was pretty bad. If anyone wants to give this another shot Super Best Friends Play did this a couple of years back and was really entertaining, I went and watched it again just to get this taste out of my mouth. They also got the 250 room "payoff", and actually watched the introduction. Or just play it yourself. At most the game will take 4 hours and you already wasted one on this tripe.

  6. What an Awesome conclusion to Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion!!! Great job, Rooster Teeth!! I love all the videos that I've watched!

  7. The unlimited stamina thing is a joke. You can't run out if you can't use it, technically. So she did give it to you, just not the way that helps.

  8. Straight up i was best friends with Akumas brother (akuma kira the creator of the game ) you should play some of his gmod maps

  9. Oddly enough, this was very entertaining to watch, the game has a cool vibe to it… I guess the power of editing is strong

  10. 15:10 – i've only seen one legit headbutt in my life, i was still a sophomore in high school. one of the trashy bully-type cunts started fucking with one of the upperclassmen who was just minding his own business. he was on the football team or someshit, but he was always quiet and reserved as well, which made the trashy cunt feel like he could push his luck with the dude i guess. footballbro's just like 'i'm telling you man, i'm gonna beat your ass. you don't want this' to no avail. when the bus stopped almost everyone got off to watch the fight, it was over so quickly that it almost wasn't worth watching lol. trashy kid threw a couple of punches with a 0% accuracy rating, caught a hook to the chops, closed the distance so the football bro couldn't wind another one up and grabbed both of his arms just in case, and got full blown knocked unconscious with the headbutt of the century.

    it doesn't sound the way you'd expect. i'd have thought it would be a deep thud type of deal, but it sounds like a bone snapping. the 'crack' was so loud it almost echoed, it was fucking beautiful.

  11. So I looked into it a little, and the number of times you swing the axe at a deer or the little cutouts, it increases an internal counter that goes up by four if you hit the deer, and one for the cutouts. If it goes over twenty, the bad ending occurs. What a shitty way to chose an ending. The good ending occurs if you just don't hit the deer or the cutouts. Also, this was the good ending.

  12. a game that i have found recently was SCP secret laboratory and i have to say it would be right up their ally. yeah its a bit hard but i think they could do it if they focused. a lot of updates have been going down and i have to say the game is really intense, not to mention how awesome some of the gamers are on the US ACE servers. if Michael and gavin ever want a fun replayable game i highly recommend SCP secret laboratory.

  13. This game is actually about Unit 731. If you don’t know what that was, I suggest you look it up, but it’s genuinely terrifying to read about and not a thing I would have expected this game to invoke.

  14. The last "room", before that satanic red fuck tries to tear your anus apart, is labeled '731'. As in 'Unit 731'. The human experimentation facility in WWII. Where they use to starve people, burn people , disassemble and reassemble people alive (with zero fucking anaesthetic), test military weapons (on restrained people) and all that disturbing and fucked up shit.
    (Side note: I love for how disappointed and and unfazed Michael's reaction is when the credits show up)

  15. The real challenge of this game is to do all 1000 rooms with out no save once now if you get do that and still remember each one of the subjects mechanic without dying you my friend are a god because my memory is shit!

  16. Yeah, most people get it. "The whole point of the game is a statement on horror games and their references". Boring games, for the sake of being boring, are still boring.1000 rooms are excessive, and are there for no real reason except to make a statement about the repetitiveness of games. Still makes the game boring.

    The story is simple but effective for the purpose of the game, but is a little thin.

  17. This game really is horse shit.
    "They just didn't pay attention to the lore"
    My 6 old nephew could've wrote the lore to this game.
    It's a hallway simulator.

  18. Gavin not waiting for Michael to finish reading pisses me off more than anything Gavin has ever done

    Also, how can they not understand a story death? They know they had health and it was a unique cutscene lol

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