PJ Masks Kids In Real Life Adventure Heroes IRL Soccer Ball – Halloween Costume Pranks

PJ Masks Kids In Real Life Adventure Heroes IRL Soccer Ball – Halloween Costume Pranks

Hi boys and girls….look who’s here! We have Owlette…Gekko…and Catboy…And
they are the PJ Masks! Oh No, it’s Joker the mean villain. He wants to steal the soccer ball….but this
is the PJ Masks ball! The Joker thinks that he is better at soccer
than the PJ Masks. Hey I have an idea…let’s have Joker practice
soccer with Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy and whoever is better at soccer, keeps the soccer
ball! Let’s Go! This is going to be so much fun! We’re outside at the PJ Masks Soccer field
and everyone is getting ready for the game. Who do you want to win? Joker or the PJ Masks? Let me know in the comments! Nice kick Gekko! Here are all 3 PJ Masks practicing together. Wow, they are really fast at kicking the ball…they
are really good at soccer. I wonder where the Joker is? I can’t wait to see how good he is when
he plays soccer. I just hope the Joker doesn’t try to cheat
like he always does! OK, our first game is the dribbling game. Everyone has to kick the ball through the
green cones without knocking them over. Good job Gekko, you didn’t knock over any
of the green cones. Let’s see how Owlette does. Owlette didn’t touch any cones either. OK Catboy, it’s your turn. That was close Catboy…but the PJ masks didn’t
knock over any cones. Uh Oh, it’s Joker’s turn. Hmmm, not a good start for Joker. There goes one cone! Woops! The joker fell! Hahah, are you ok Joker? The Joker didn’t do well in this game, but
let’s see how he does in other games! The next game is going to be a kicking game. Good job Owlette! It looks like Catboy is using his super cat
speed! Who do you think kicks the hardest…The PJ
Masks or Joker? Wow, Gekko kicks the ball so hard! The Joker thinks he can kick the ball the
hardest….let’s see who wins. Uh oh…the joker doesn’t look so good again. He missed the ball! Sorry Joker, but you have to kick the ball
to win the game! The Joker is a sore loser! The next game is the running game to see who
can run the fastest with the ball. Wow, look how fast the PJ Masks are! Is Owlette using her super owl wings to go
faster? OK Joker, you aren’t very good at the kicking
games, but maybe you are super fast? Wooops! Hahaha, the joker isn’t very fast, but he
is the best at falling! The Joker lost another game. It looks like the Joker isn’t giving up,
so let’s play another game…this game is called Keep Away from the villain. The Joker has to take the ball from the PJ
Masks. Do you think the Joker can win this game? Wow, the PJ Masks pass the ball so fast! The Joker doesn’t know where the ball is
anymore. I think the Joker is getting dizzy from spinning
around so fast! Close, but no luck Joker! Where did it go? Right through your legs! The next game is the juggling game. Can Joker do this? Hey, that’s not nice Joker! Let’s see if he can juggle the ball like
the PJ Masks. Are you ready Joker? That’s not how you dribble the ball! Woops…just a little too hard. Let’s try again. Not like that…Owlette will you show you
how to juggle. Not again! OK, Gekko will show you this time. He missed it! Uh Oh, the Joker is being a sore loser again! Ok, it’s getting dark outside, so let’s
play one more game…the goalie game. The Joker isn’t good at dribbling, kicking,
or juggling the ball, but maybe he is good at goalie. He isn’t off to a good start so far. The PJ Masks are scoring so many goals! Wow…let’s see that kick again! Nice kick Catboy! Gekko used his super gekko muscles on that
kick! Awesome kick Owlette…Romeo or Luna Girl
couldn’t stop that kick either! OK Joker….let’s do 1 last kick. If you stop this kick, the PJ Masks will let
you keep the soccer ball. Gekko pretended to kick the ball And Joker
fell! And it’s a goal! Sorry Joker, game over…but nice try! The PJ Masks won every game against Joker! They are really good at Soccer. Good job Owlette! Gekko! And Catboy! The PJ Masks saved the day again! Uh Oh…I think I hear the Joker again. The Joker is very tired from playing all that
soccer…and the PJ Masks are helping him. The PJ Masks are such nice heroes! The Joker wants to take a nap on the couch. He must be really thirsty from running around
so much. And really sweaty. The PJ masks treat everyone nice…even mean
villains! Hey look, it’s Connor, Amaya, and Greg And
they found a new surprise egg! I wonder what surprises are inside? Before they open it, they are going to finish
their game of soccer. We’re back at the PJ Masks soccer field. They have an important soccer game against
the villains later, so they have to practice first. It’s Luna Girl! She’s been sneaky…oh no, she stole the
surprise egg! And she’s running away! Luna Girl is brining the egg to her secret
villain treehouse. I don’t think anyone will be able to find
her! The kids are finished practicing…but the
egg is gone! Luna Girl has already taken it to her secret
treehouse. Luna Girl is inside her treehouse now…she
is so naughty. Luna Girl looks tired from doing all her mean
villain work today. she is going to take a nap before she opens
the egg. Gekko? Owlette? Catboy? The PJ Masks are here…and they are switching
the surprise eggs. And Luna Girl doesn’t know because she is
still sleeping. Good job PJ Masks! Uh Oh, Luna girl is waking up now! She looks so happy because now that her nap
is over, she can open up the surprise egg. This egg is hard. Let’s try it this way. Luna Girl opened the egg, but it’s filled
with paper! The PJ masks tricked Luna Girl and took the
real egg! Now let’s open the real surprise egg! It’s filled with yummy candy! Nice try villains, but your evil plans were
stopped again by the…PJ MASKS!

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