Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase Match Keywords

Hello in this video I’m going to show
you what phrase match is in Google
AdWords, how to set it up and why you
need to use it. Hello, I’m Uzair and thanks for joining in, if you enjoy
videos like this one then please do hit the subscribe button and you’ll be the
first one to be notified when I upload other similar videos. So let’s get
started with of the phrase match type keyword what it is and why you need to
use it and how to set it up. So a phrase match is more targeted than broad match
and more flexible than the exact match, it sits between the broad and the
exact match so it really gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to
targeting your traffic. It increases your CTR compared to the broad match because
as we know broad match is too broad and we can really attract the wrong kind of
clicks but with phrase match you will pretty much get the clicks of someone
who is particularly looking for service or a product which you are offering. It
also increases the impressions compared to exact match, so if you’re running a
campaign with exact match type and you are not getting much impressions and not
utilising your budgets and not getting the clicks to your landing page or to
your website and you don’t want to go broad match because it’s going to go too
broad so the next step is to use a phrase match or try and test with phrase
match because as I said earlier on it says between the broad match and the
exact match and it’s a perfect way to expand your campaigns.
So with phrase match the word order is extremely important because your ads
won’t show if someone enters an additional
in the middle of your keyword or keyphrase. So you have what we call pre
and post words with phrase match. I’m gonna give you a couple of examples and
show you why it it won’t trigger your ads but before that let’s show you how
to set it up, so the phrase match start is always in quotation marks as shown
over here in the screen, so if you have got a phrase match let’s say buy table
let’s say garden furniture if I can spell it correctly that’s correct yeah
so you need to put in quotation mark before and after the phrase please note
there are no spaces between at the end or before the at the start so just the
quotation marks and the key phrase. Now I have seen before when they are more than
one word in the key phrase which you are targeting people have put in like this. So that’s in the incorrect way so please
don’t use it like that because it won’t trigger your ads that is the correct way
yeah I’ll hold it up for you so that’s how you do it just before and after and
that’s it you don’t need to put in the quotation marks like this. So let’s see
how searches will trigger your ads using phrase match, so we’ve got some phrase
match types over here first one is football shoes and this is the phrase
which someone has put in Google and your ad will potentially or can show because
the by is the pre word and that’s your phrase match or word there’s nothing in
between the two football and shoes so that can potentially trigger your ad.
Your ad won’t trigger for this phrase because it’s in the wrong order and also
it’s completely different. It won’t trigger the phrase match will not
trigger your ad for this search term. We go back again to football, so if I had if
I was looking for best football shoes London, that’s a good example you will
see that the phrase match is as it is and we’ve got a pre word and a post word
on here on this phrase, so that will trigger the ad but this won’t trigger
the at football kids shoes if somebody put in because football shoes has been
broken with a word between it so the phrase match has to be in that same
order. Aerobics training class this key phrase aerobics training class in London
will trigger because we’ve got the post phrase words it could be one or multiple
either before or after it doesn’t matter as many as there as long as aerobics
training class is not in disrupted with other words in between, so this phrase
will trigger your ad whereas this one aerobics training online classes won’t
trigger your ad because the phrase match of the phrase keyword has been
interrupted with this word online and between training and class. So when your
ads do trigger you know that it is it’s being shown to a very relevant audience
and the person looking for whatever their problem is, or whatever solution
they are looking for, your ads will will trigger for that phrase. So that’s it for
this video I hope you enjoyed it please don’t forget to subscribe and comment. If
you would like to ask me any questions I would be more than happy to answer them
for you. I appreciate your time with me and I look forward to seeing you in the
next one. Bye for now.

11 thoughts on “Phrase Match Keywords

  1. Hello sir, i am working on my website but its not showing in google pages what to do now? and can i also use phase match keywords to SEO my website for traffic ?

  2. You are the BEST sir!!
    Thank you so much..
    I'm stuck in Facebook ads right now, and looking for Google ads insight.
    And you… Dropping all that gems to me..
    Already subscribed 🙂
    Love from Indonesia

  3. Sir If my phrase is "buy garden furniture" and someone serach Garden furniture buy then also my add will show to that person?

  4. Sir, how about interchanged keywords. Such as if someone searches for "shoes football" for a phrase match keyword "football shoes", will our ads trigger?

  5. Hi, if Phrase match works like that, won't it be effective to add just 1 word? for instance "Apple" people might look for "Cheap Apple" "Used Apple" "Secondhand Apple" "Apple Ipad" etc etc. or does it not work that way?

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