Pete Rose talks Trump, Baseball Hall of Fame in exclusive interview

Pete Rose talks Trump, Baseball Hall of Fame in exclusive interview

100 thoughts on “Pete Rose talks Trump, Baseball Hall of Fame in exclusive interview

  1. He had a spot on a Orlando Sports program back in the early 90s.. he did a program live at tinker field… and I stood and I waited and I waited and I waited till the program was over and Pete was starting to walk towards one VIP doors.. and I yelled at him and I said.. Pete, you'll always be in my hall of fame.. he actually turned an answered back and where is that he said?

    The first thing I could think of as I yelled back..MY HOUSE..!!
    My house is your Hall of Fame Pete..
    Just one of those moments in time where you got to see your child hood hero in real life I've been a Cincinnati Reds fan only because of Pete Rose since 1976 when I was 10 years old God bless Pete Rose Thanks for your heart your soul definitely the Memories

  2. 25 years ago I was at the Baseball Hall and his records were everywhere and I remember thinking what the hell…l he said it he screwed up! But I am old school and I feel he should be in the Hall before he passes!

  3. Great interview…all players today should watch how he played the game and try to do what he did…! I hate see players today that don't run out a possible infield hit or a pop up…never know what can happen…Charley Hustle was his nickname…it sure was right on !!!

  4. Charlie Hustle, Hall of Fame won't be complete without you in it. More drive and heart than anyone to EVER play the game. Watched him play every time I could growing up. One word describes him LEGEND

  5. I live in Vegas and if don’t know Pete rose lives here… this is my Pete rose story I was driving a motorcycle and I see a rose Royce pull up to my right . Has I look closely it’s Pete rose he saids to me what’s going on I go I’m going to the local casino to make a bet…. he goes who you betting I’m betting the pats to win the super bowl pre season/ they were4-1 so he’s to me I like the bet so he came to the casino and we had lunch

  6. If fame is the criteria. Then he should be in the HOF. I we needed a two out hit in a tie game in a win or go home. I would put my money on Pete every Time. He was my guy as kid. My first organized game. I walked stole second and third head first and took them both out. On to Trump. George Steinbrenner was a huge influence. You know trump was a billy Martin fan. Winning is everything to them.

  7. Pete is like he is because of a father who was over the top hard on him. Bobby Hull the same way his father would criticize him even after a great game. I don't agree I think Pete is angry

  8. This man should without question be in the hall of fame. Shame on anyone who keeps him out. VOTE HIM IN ALREADY DAMNIT! Do the game of baseball that favor.

  9. Pete wasn’t all that comfortable talking about ‘Trump as President’, but was ok talking about ‘Trump the man’ and would not take the bait about Trump winning the next election. Well played, Pete. Well played.

  10. As a Brit myself, I'll never understand why British people on TV in American talk like utter twats. Literally no one talks like that

  11. Pete Rose ended his friends career sliding into home on an all star game. And he showed no remorse. That's a winner lol

  12. Varney just looks like a creep… Pete Rose was an incredible player but made unfortunate and bad decisions. He has the right attitude now by admitting that he messed up.

  13. Enroute to winning 1980 World Series with Philadelphia, Rose as a 39 yr old first baseman hit .282 and lead the NL in doubles with 42 and only struck out 33 times in a staggering 732 trips to the plate. Charlie could play.

  14. Pete Rose is a class act and deserves to be in Cooperstown. If gambling is a disease then why would you punish someone for being ill? It's like not letting him in because he has cancer. Ridiculous. It has NOTHING to do with what he accomplished on the field.

  15. Why do so many trump supporters want him off Twitter? You just said you like the guy and that he’s doing good for the country, that’s he’s outspoken, so shouldn’t his tweets also be part of that..? I say let him keep tweeting!

  16. Some of my roots is from Cincinnati, have family still living there today. Always been a huge fan of Pete rose. But the way he talked about trump has got me questioning my entire lifelong mindset.I'm just not sure of myself now. You are still the greatest ball player Charlie Hustle.

  17. When I was sick I remember I had a Pete rose bobble head doll. He was such an inspiration to all ball players never give up.

  18. 4:25 "People like Trumps tweets!"

    Morons like Trumps tweets. As a proud conservative, I despise Trumps use of twitter. If his cabinet had any sense, theyd take his phone away. Policy is one thing, but the tweets need to stop.

  19. I remember going to a Trump rally in my hometown Cincinnati and Trump make a quick remark about throwing Pete rose in the hall of fame and everyone cheered. 😁

  20. I think I'm going to watch all the youtube vids about Pete Rose that I can. All that baseball knowledge and experience that he has might be why I would do that.

  21. Greatest hitter of all time. Sad they’re letting juicers in before him. And not to mention players who have half the stats he had

  22. The hall if fame is all fine and dandy but it really doesnt mean squat compared to the memories people have that watched Pete play.

  23. this is a fun interview. love the quips he had about the mayor of a town with 100k people and there's 100k homeless in cities like new york and LA

  24. I loved watching the Reds in the 1970's. The "Big Red Machine" was one of the best teams ever. I think it is ridiculous that the steroid generation will be represented in the Hall of Fame but not Pete Rose. He id obviously one of the best that ever played the game.

  25. Pete Rose knows he made mistakes betting on the game just like many of us do in life but it’s high time for him to get in the Hall Of Fame cause he was great for the game probably the best all around player!!!

  26. This man is ABOVE the hall of fame! He made a mistake and he owned it. Let his stats speak for his career. He is a legend and always will be. Look at the crap pro players do now days, what he did was nothing.

  27. If I could give a 100 thumbs up to this interview, I would! Warm and wonderful all the way to the end.

  28. Love me some Pete Rose and Donald Trump. Everybody knows who the hit king is and they can never take that away.

  29. Pete gambling rose aka the trump of baseball I hope he never gets in the baseball hall of fame what a fraud just like Donald Trump

  30. Give him reinstatement already, he should be able to see himself added to the HOF, he is by far the greatest hitter of all time. Everyone makes mistakes.

  31. Pete will always be Mr. Baseball for me, along with Sandy Kofax. He played hard and well, and I still love to hear him talk about his career.

  32. The HOF should only judge players on stats and ability and nothing else. It's not their place to judge anything else. Not putting him the HOF gives baseball a bad name.

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