Pep Guardiola previews Monday night football match Manchester City vs Stoke |

Pep Guardiola previews Monday night football match Manchester City vs Stoke |

start of with a question about David
Silva really, we will know it has a family issue and yet what does it say
about his character his personality yet his his performance levels are still way
way high he’s man of the match against Chelsea he just seemed to be able to
cope with it all the strong so we said many times the family’s the most
important thing family friends you know he wouldn’t be here but sometimes he
needs to to come back and see his son he’s going well and his wife so he has
to go there but of course he knows he has to training well just having the
beginners okay but it’s a long time dont training session training sessions you
cannot play good but his training alone in Valencia when when he goes there and
of course in the game against Basel he had the permission of permission he
decide to go to to Valencia but I think yesterday came back training yesterday
and tomorrow day after tomorrow we’ll be ready to play again the Stoke City and
after go to Abu Dhabi he will stay in here in Spain because again so when it
happened what happened the family and thus his son is the most important thing
but hopefully can solve as soon as possible his lovely kid grow and grow
came back at home and he can stay with us all days I think I think the question
I make but what does it say about his personality that this despite this
difficulty his performance levels you have exceptional I said many times last
season so he’s normally the guy who is a lot of skills the technical skills in
and in that league is so complicated because his physicality is strong the
weather conditions the pitches and many reasons and he survived like one of the
best players in England the last decade you know it’s a long long time here and
he’s playing a high level we’re so happy to have him to extend his contract to
stay next season with him so it’s it’s so good so good so it means a lot our
strong is a huge competitor one of the huge competitive I have like a football
player as a short I don’t speak too much he’s not a guy you know his body
language communicate many many things but on the pitch the moment is there
when the game is on Wow he’s a guy who specially in bad conditions never
hide in the bad conditions tough conditions the game is
not going well we make a step forward and that is so important I think you
said a few times that thing that made Sir Alex Ferguson special was the fact
that he could rebuild he had a great team, dismantled it and built it again is that something you could ever see yourself
doing because obviously so far in your do you see yourself being able to
do that it’s within your makeup do you think yeah I didn’t do in the past
to do that you have to stay 10 or 15 years in one one Club because I think
when we built the club Sir Alex rebuilt the club because we’re in one
period six or seven year with the same people and after 6-7 years have to do it again so we have to stay 10 or 15 years of course I think we
could do that always when you all in the same end with the club we can you
that’s can happen then you have to stay 10 15 years and I don’t know you have the
energy to do that depends on that well When you went to Abu Dhabi last year during the season. you mentioned you got the support from the owners that meant you were still in charge no matter what what exactly did they say to you and was it when you were over in Abu Dhabi that they said that to you. we were good so I think that the
relation especially when we are in touch a lot my telephone when he comes here
every almost every single day so obvious is that he who knows what happened with
our feelings not always say whenever you decide whenever you
decide what you have to do with the people in the club is going well and I
said weeks ago so so the club is good because not now when the season is easy
to say everybody’s you know it’s going well and everybody it’s okay it’s happy
now it’s what happened December season and that means a lot for me to me last
season so in the bad moments when we see how do you react the club how they
support you how when you talk about what is going to plan to the future and they
were there it was no doubts about that because we had doubts with a win a win
but no doubt do you have to do and that was so
important last season and I will never forget that
now he’s easy to support you you know but last season was the key moment and
they were there and I cannot forget that sorry? a lot nicer to go over their and see the boss under the current circumstances yeah but we were there when we won
Monaco 5-3 here so everyone was happy so for today we didn’t come back when after
Monaco came okay so but for these ideas The head of Barcelona’s academy has said today that they are looking to sign more English players how difficult will it be for clubs in England to keep hold of their
best players if the top teams in Spain want them given the troubles that we’ve
got the only 23 League and English football English teams play took a lot a
lot of players in the Academy from Barcelona in the past a lot so everybody
tried to do their best for the team and when they believe to do that and
Families forget the kids are young the families believe is good for the kids
and the kids as well so they do that but I think it’s not a problem because in
Spain Italy take the players from other places and and the other countries they
plays English players I think for English players its good as well to go in
other countries and see different realities and they can do that so sometimes is
good so PK came here fàbregas came here
so there were young players a lot of play young players went to Arsenal so
United as well so here as well city and that’s why they can do it as well Why do you think its been foreign players rather than English players going the other way
why haven’t there been more English players going abroad when they younger
is it simply that foreign clubs or Spanish clubs haven’t been looking at
English players before I don’t know the reason why I don’t know but I think
normally there I think it’s a wealth a wealth League is a top league Premier
League and maybe the English players prefer to stay here
but from my point of view maybe I’m wrong but one of the key points the
Spanish football will make a step forward in the last decade 20 years make a good
success in the clubs in the national team’s you got managers and especially
players took the courage to say I go to England to play there and I think they
they became a stronger players so neglected our Fernando Torres
fàbregas a lot a lot of young players decide to come here and play in that
league and I think when they came back a national team they were stronger they
were better of course they have success from valencia real
Madrid and especially personal Real Madrid they did a very good thing to
help to the Spanish football to make for I think is a good experience to move
another country’s and see different realities are normal Do you think that will benefit the English national team in the years to come? I think from my point of view for me the most important thing is make
the second teams stronger leaks without that I think will be tough and in the
future the national team it will be so important for Phil for them brahim and
for young Chelsea players young United players Liverpool players playing a real
real tough tough competition without that will be tough for the English
national teams that is a my personal view You said earlier on you’ve had some bad experiences on Monday’s, You obviously lost to Wigan, have there been other ones as well ? In Barcelona as well it was not good
I think we can we lost because we play 55 minutes 10 against 11 in the were not
precise to score goals but we played the game I reviewed a game and we did it
quite well quite well to go through but playing that competitions
10 against 11 like Champions League FA Cup kind of a cup changes every 50 minutes
always you are risk You always prefer not to play Mondays I prefer to play at the weekend yeah United I think so play on Monday likes
against Crystal Palace so it’s not about just who for my
experience and I don’t like I was reading an interview you did this week in
Argentina about a lot of things in your career and how you’ve changed
you said you’re more tolerant with some players now know what did he mean by that have you got any examples
I have more patience than before react immediately and I’m going to sleep and
the day after I see the things a different way so normally it’s so
difficult go to the press conference after the game because you are not so
clever so clear to analyze what happened during 90 minutes normally when we win
you’re happier maybe you are nice it’s not correct when you lose we’re so sad
to me we are not correct we’re talking about and and when you sleep and they
after especially when you review the game you talk with your staff you are
more clear about so maybe I learned sometimes to be more calm ten times I
didn’t do that but I think when I get older I would be clever to understand
would really happen you know in the game would have to take it
just about Mendy obviously he’s been a big part of the team and the whole
season despite the injury now he’s back on the training pitch what’s that been
like for you and for the rest of the players as well well the most important
thing after six months later is be careful because he believes I am a
strong I will come back soon I can play like before they injured that’s not
happen so even if he believes he’s a strong is not a strong enough after six
months has to be careful but of course is so important came back and he trained
on the training session with us and and this the knee is going well because he
was operating for the the best doctor in the world to doing that to talk about
and it’s going really well and but we are so happy because maybe
can help us first 20 minutes 25 minutes we cannot forget window and play the
last month a lot of games I think all the games there II mean except the last
and was stopped but before of that play one game rest into one game resting to
because after six months the next step is muscular injure then
you have to try to boil it you know and this last of part maybe go to the
World Cup and next season come back strong

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