Patrick Peterson talks football

Patrick Peterson talks football

Patrick Peterson: You know, I just want to continue to let my
play do the talking. When you don’t get the opportunities as other
players or you know, don’t get thrown at as much you play kinda go unnoticed. But you know, you guys know I’ve been doing
my job to the best of my ability each and every Sunday. Opposing receivers know what I bring to the
game even offensive coordinators. There’s a reason why I don’t get tested, not
to toot my own horn, but I take pride in my techniques. I take pride in my game. It’s starting to show. Dan Bickley: You and I were joking and you talked about
how so many wide receivers wind up on the back of milk cartons. People don’t understand the stats you put
up and how you shut down receivers. Tell me some of those stats from last year
that you’re most proud of. Peterson: Um, I’d probably say um, on average
holding receivers to two catches a game, 33 yards. I believe that’s pretty remarkable. Giving up one touchdown to a major receiver. I’m probably the most corner that gets screens,
pick routes, that has to speak volumes. I can go on and on and on because you know,
I don’t know what the media or the graders out there grade upon. Watch the game and watch the impact I have
on it. Bickley: Did you see that pro football focus
report? They list the top 101 players in the NFL and
you weren’t on it. That’s complete BS. Everyone knows. Did you see that? That’s gotta drive you nuts. Peterson: I did see it and like I tweeted
out, it added more fuel to the fire. And that’s where you’re going to leave it? That’s where I’m going to leave it. I can’t wait to get back to the 2017 season. Defensively what has to change for this team
next year? You guys had a great chemistry two years ago. Wasn’t quite the same last year. What do you have to do? I probably have to say…keep the guys that
we had last year. Because we have it. We have everything it takes to win a championship. A few communication problems, but we’re still
a top five in every major category. We have what it takes to win a championship
we just have to make sure that, throughout spring training camp, that the guys gel much closer than we did last year to make sure
we don’t have those communication breakups.

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