Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with No Football for Six Months | Gridiron Heights S3E23

Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with No Football for Six Months | Gridiron Heights S3E23

I’ve collected all 6 Coach, we can finally retire. Hmm now you gotta fill this one up. Gridiorn Hights Intro Guess who emerged from hiding! We would’ve f****king won! take care of him… Sooo the Patriots keep winning Despite My best Efforts So to speed this along, we are moving everyone to New England! No! NO! Yeah, we’re not gonna be homeless, man! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Say goodbye to Gridiron Heights… Welcome to the Journeymen… AHH FOOTBALLS OVER… Sorry Witt… Yeah you’ll notice that might be, maybe I’m on fire. FOOTBALL REALLY OVER… l know it wasn’t always great, but we wanted to say goodbye. Steely McBeam, who is it !?! SHHHHH NOW YOU GONNA WATCH BASKETBALL… Thank you so much for keeping me. I won’t let you…OW! Yes, we are confident we made the right choice. WHOOOOOOOO… Can you belive we’re all ahem Starters now? Woah, we’re men! Yes I am a Man to IM GONNA DO COMMERCIALS G-men, excited for another year? Odell? Guys? I’m Kyler Murry A little Football Baby I can’t be a mentor, I’m 38 years young. (Bleacher Reports Gridiorn Hights Outro) That’s it. No more Gridiron til the fall, man. So you can be with your family, man. Or you can subscribe to this channel! and spend 7 months watching film We got 68 episodes of Gridiron Heights waiting to be watched Watched Man Next year starts today He He I tell you what

100 thoughts on “Patrick Mahomes Is Lost with No Football for Six Months | Gridiron Heights S3E23

  1. Guys I have a prediction Patriots go undefeated and play the giants in the super bowl and beat eli manning. And gridiron heights will show superman aka tom brady defeating lex luther aka eli manning

  2. Really curious about how they're going to handle the crazy off-season trades that happened in the Season 4 premier!!!

  3. I dare people top look back and see all of the things gridiron has predicted. Like back in the panic room episode Antonio brown tweets about how he wants to be traded and I'm this episode Eli can't find odel in the giants headquarters foreshadowing his off-season trade to Cleveland

  4. I'm Kyle murry lol more like I'm a fucking white guy who should have been picked in the 3rd round

  5. An all New England-based NFL would have the Jets and Giants in Fairfield County, the Redskins in Boston, the Raiders in the cheapest area of the region or where they would get subsidized, etc. you name the rest

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