Passing – Volleyball Drills You Can Run By Yourself | Bellevue University


Hi my name is Trish Siedlik, Head Volleyball
Coach for Bellevue University. I have Katie with me here and we’re going to go over volleyball
drills to run by yourself. Let’s go! Our first drill is the passing drill. I’m going to have
Katie underhand toss to the wall and do a couple reps of passing. Katie, go ahead. After
those reps, you can change the drill and do different heights and different distances.
Notice Katie also said “mine” after every pass that she made. Katie, she’s passing against
the wall. And, on other variations that we can do, I’m going to have Katie back up. So,
Katie, go ahead and hold the ball, back up a couple steps, and then now go again. Still
pushing it back. Pass high, pass high, pass high. Her shoulders are forward, she finished
forward, and her platform is out every time. And, she is calling the ball before it comes
to her. We hope that these drills will help you learn a little bit more about volleyball
especially when you don’t have a partner to play with every time. Check out
for more information about Bellevue Athletics.

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