88 thoughts on “Paris Style | Episode 3 | Tango Squad F.C.

  1. The fact that all these guys get opportunities in Europe and us being stuck in the states could only dream of something like this 😭😭😭😅

  2. my boy Jack killing it as usual, Loving the series from Adidas cant wait to see what they're up to in manchester !! #HereToCreate

  3. I️ only wear adidas for soccer and this is literally the dream, easily the best series on YouTube right now! Great cinematography , intriguing story line and very skilled guys! So good.

  4. I've never been so excited to actually see a new team to strive thru for the best. You boys are the Future #HalaMadridxTangoroots

  5. Keep on doing these videos! Such an amazing series especially with all these great players!
    I have a question tho, what is the goal of making this team?
    Big up Adidas for this exciting series.

  6. Sinceramente no son lo suficiente mente buenos como jugadores de futbol como para estar entrenando con pogba o cualquier otro jugador de elite un grupo de freestylers creidos no son un equipo de futbol

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