Paralympic Sports A-Z: Football 7-a-side

Paralympic Sports A-Z: Football 7-a-side

fast-moving skillful and competitive football seven aside mates Paralympic debut in 1984 the sport follows most eleven aside football rules with some exceptions to pitch and goals are smaller in football seven aside throw-ins may be taken as an underarm Rolland with one hand only four fouls and corner kicks defending players must retreat seven meters there are no complicated off sideways so strikers can happily go hang this leads to a much more expansive style of football with entering action and many more goals football seven aside is played by athletes with cerebral palsy as well as people who’ve had a stroke or brain injury they all have coordination impairments the sport has for sport passes last five players have movement problems predominantly in both legs causing balance difficulties plus six players are affected by involuntary movement in all four limbs class seven players are mainly affected on only one side of their body causing unbalanced movement class 8 athletes are affected in a minimal way by any one of these impairment types each team must have at least one class five or six player and no more than one class eight player on the field at any one time after the round-robin stage the top two teams from each group qualified for the semi-finals with the winning semi-finalists go head to head for the gold in the final the bottom two teams from the round-robin will play classification matches to determine the rankings from fifth to eighth each match is a game of two halves lasting 30 minutes in the knockout stages if the match finishes in a tie twenty minutes of extra time and played to find a winner if there’s still no winner after extra time the match is decided by a dramatic penalty shoot football seven aside offers open attacking play from skilled athletic players

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