Pakistan’s Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) | Real Stories


It’s one of the world’s most important Muslim nations. A nuclear power, ally to the west in the war against terror, and a democracy. But Pakistan is also a country in denial. Turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of many thousands of poor and vulnerable children It’s one of the saddest and shameful aspects of our society. I must say that I am totally embarrassed by this. That have not really been able to protect them. It’s going on everywhere, in the big cities or the small cities or towns. Everywhere this is happening. I’ve only had sex [with kids] twice. With two brothers. The first time I sold myself, I didn’t have money. It’s estimated that over 4 million children across Pakistan are forced to work from an early age due to poverty. Of these, up to 1.5 million live on the streets. With no home to go to. For the poorest kids in Peshawar, often the only source of income is picking garbage from gutters and waste dumps for recycling. Working up to 14 hours a day for a pittance. Aqeeb is 9 years old. Playing in a dirty, polluted canal might seem danger enough, But for boys like Aqeeb and his friends, there are other hazards they must face, every day.

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