Packing for first ROAD TRIP: Basketball life Overseas

Packing for first ROAD TRIP: Basketball life Overseas

what up guys so today I’m going to show
you guys what I bring in my bag on a road trip this road trip is literally
only a day and a half if we win we stay so I’m gonna show you guys what I bring
and what bag I use so I use the ogio bag this is just a little carry-on bag and
they’ve been helping me along my whole journey with the NBA and if you’re
looking to get a bag it’s durable my favorite of their bags it’s called the
sled it literally can fit a full body like clearly a little kid can fit inside but
let’s see what I’m packing and let’s get to the video ice the first thing we have
here we have a good old notebook notebooks good for journaling keep all
my notes in there it’s just nice to write everything down then here we have
the good ole hygiene and funny thing is that I found this like literally like
I literally just found this the the note that Jen wrote me before she left
and it says that this Mr. EB I love you forever
Wow Jen like that she’s probably wonder like why haven’t you read my note
we’re like thanks Jen thank you anyways back to the video um so what else do I
have I had a tights more bags packing stuff in so we have shoes tripod so
let’s cart start putting some stuff in shoes tripod tights for the game band to
stretch with for the game or while and you know it might be a little little
tight in shorts t-shirt two pairs of socks hyper-ice gun that I’m bringing
oh yeah this is so that’s pretty much what I’m bringing
oh my iPad yeah got to take off the charger I that’s all I’m bringing to and some
other little things but what are some things that you guys bring on your trips
to places like when you travel what are some essential things that you bring
obviously toothbrush toothpaste and the funny thing about me is like you see
that the journal the reason I have the journal so that forget stuff so easily
and when I write it down it makes it so easy and takes the stress off my mind to
have to think about oh what I need to do want to do and you don’t need to write
it down you can write your notes you do all these other sort of things you can
do but I wanted to make a quick video of me sharing what I’m packing on a road
trip I’m thinking about doing a video on what I do post game like recovery stuff
comment below if you guys would like that and if you like these more short
kind of topic driven videos hit the thumbs up and we’re trying to post every
single day so hit that bell notification up here and if you’re new consider
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  1. Ya dude best of luck on Israel. I'm still low key sad that you left the Cougs 😄 but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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