Packing a Clear Bag for a Football Game – Travel Channel

Packing a Clear Bag for a Football Game – Travel Channel

[music playing] Heading to the stadium? Not with that bag. [whistle blowing] Hold up. Hold up. That’s a false start. Today, many stadiums
are asking fans to bring no more than what fits
in a one-gallon zip-top bag. [scratching] [laughter] Yes. Yeah. Uh. OK. There aren’t many
people cheering for this policy change. The good news? There are some
stylish options that also meet security guidelines. Here are three ways to
bench the zip-top bag. Stadium rules can vary. So double-check yours
before game day. Here are the most
common guidelines. To skip the clear
bag altogether, opt for a clutch bag no
larger than 4 and 1/2 inches by 6 and 1/2 inches. Anything else is out of bounds. [whistle blowing] Really? Hey. I’m making the most
of this uniform. And, yes, size matters. Take a measuring tape
with you when you shop, or pick something that’s about
the length of a dollar bill. Try this. Use it to store your
phone and sunglasses. And don’t forget that cash. Yeah, it’s not a ton of space. But your secret
weapon, deep pockets. No, like actual deep pockets– bonus points if they close. Use those pockets to store
essentials that don’t fit in your clutch, like lip
gloss, gum, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and your keys. Conditions can vary greatly
throughout the football season or even one game. Dress in layers to go from
cold and windy to hot and sunny in a snap. What if it’s really cold? Most stadiums allow
for a blanket. Wrap it around your
shoulders for easy screening. You can also bring a cushion. Just make sure it doesn’t
have any zippers or pockets. If you need more than
the absolute basics, it’s time to invest
in a clear bag. For most stadiums,
your limit is 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. Any logos can be no larger
than 4 and 1/2 by 3.4 inches. Use that extra space to store
those nice-to-haves on game day, like a mini
umbrella or poncho and a multi-charge battery pack. A dead phone at
halftime definitely feels like a personal foul. [whistle blowing] Are we still doing this? Anyway, if you’re lucky,
your stadium will allow you to bring a clear backpack. Go long. That gives you more room to
bring anything your heart desires, as long as those things
aren’t food, drink, or a camera with a removable lens. Binoculars and compact
cameras are allowed. Just leave the cases at home. Grab a few small, clear zip-top
containers to keep makeup and medical supplies in place. And pompoms, definitely
need pompoms. Whatever size bag you take,
these tips will make your game day a total touchdown. Really? Just me, huh?

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