P.E. Games – Eraser Football

P.E. Games – Eraser Football

This game is called ‘Eraser Football’. It is a lead-up game to American football. You can also use it when you introduce aspects of offense and defense. Here is the playing area. You must create 2 endzones. The defensive team starts in the field. The offensive team starts in their own endzone. They will start in a little huddle. They do that so they can hide what they’re doing (they will
pass around a little pencil eraser to one of the players). The other team can’t see who has it. When they are ready, they will get into position. On the signal, they will try and run across to the other side without getting tagged. Use two-hand tags if you’d like. So they try to make it to the other end without getting tagged. As we see the players running across, anyone who gets tagged must sit down. Once the play is over, you will check if any of the players who made it across to the endzone has the eraser. We see three players made it across. One of the players who made it across has the eraser so they receive a point. Teams will then switch roles and the game continues on like that. That’s it!

8 thoughts on “P.E. Games – Eraser Football

  1. My students love this game!! Instead of an eraser…I found a playground ball that does not hold air any more and cut small footballs (about palm size) out of it.  This game works well!

  2. Hola! Sé que entiendes muy bien el castellano y me gustaría pedirte un favor. ¿Podrías hablar un poquíto más despacio para que pueda entender mejor tus juegos? Muchas gracias!

  3. This game is awesome! My kids K-8 loved doing this for a warm-up before we started our football unit. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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