Over 100 South Koreans leave for North Korea for inter-Korean basketball games

Over 100 South Koreans leave for North Korea for inter-Korean basketball games

A large group of South Korea basketball players
and government officials left for Pyongyang on Tuesday morning, to take part a series
of inter-Korean basketball games set for Wednesday and Thursday. The group includes…. Seoul’s unification minister who could meet
with the North Korean leader himself during his visit. Oh Jung-hee has more. A group of over 100 South Koreans left for
the North Korean capital on Tuesday morning. This… for the ‘South-North unification basketball
games’ scheduled to take place on Wednesday and Thursday… as agreed at inter-Korean
sports talks held in June. The group includes five senior government
officials, 50 male and female basketball players, 30 members of the press, 15 support staff,
and one court announcer. Seoul’s Unification Minister Cho Myoung-gyon,
who’s heading the group, expressed anticipation… about his first visit to Pyongyang in eleven
years. “I’m leaving to watch the first inter-Korean
basketball games in 15 years. I hope the games become a chance for us to
make progress towards peace on the Korean Peninsula.” As the female basketball players from both
sides of the border are to form a unified team for the upcoming Asian Games in August,…
it’s not all fun and games for South Korea’s basketball coaches and authorities. They’re eager to see the standard of the North
Korean players and assess how well the two sides can gel together. “Because we need to form a unified team, I
will focus on figuring out how well the North Korean players play. Also, this game has the word ‘unification’
in it. I hope this event becomes an annual event
and contributes to our unification.” The two Koreas will play four games in total
— two games each on Wednesday and Thursday. National flags or anthems won’t be used. It’s believed Seoul’s unification minister
could meet various senior figures in Pyongyang on the sidelines of the games, including leader
Kim Jong-un. The group will fly back to Seoul on Friday. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

3 thoughts on “Over 100 South Koreans leave for North Korea for inter-Korean basketball games

  1. How confused are they going to be playing against South korean basketball team with a huge black ass guy?

  2. this is ridiculous when south korean natl anthem won't be played and talking bout unification of both south and north.. mid finger to North korea anyway!!

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