Ostersunds FK | On A Mission To Beat Modern Football, Not Just Arsenal

Ostersunds FK | On A Mission To Beat Modern Football, Not Just Arsenal

So we’re in Östersund, Sweden about 240 miles from the Arctic Circle watching Österunds FK train ahead of one of their Swedish Cup matches. This all may seem normal, and cold and it is very cold but this club is far from normal. These are the giant slayers of Europe. Athletic Bilbao, Galatasaray have all come here and lost or dropped points. And it all comes down to this club’s completely unique approach to football on and off the pitch. (Laughs) “We are in the geographical middle of Sweden but everyone calls it as up in the North and up in the mountains. We’re 200 kilometers to the next town. 250 kilometers to Norway. So we’re quite isolated as a town here.” “You know the location is what it is. It’s our own environment. It can work for you and it can work against you.” Known as the Winter City, Östersund is Sweden’s hidden gem. The home to 50,00 free spirits and free thinkers it’s a town known more for it’s ski slopes than it’s soccer stars. Until now. “The people up here is very, very proud people. Big in sports, you know. Most on skates and skis of course. But now that football is coming, everybody is a fan of the football.” This is Daniel Kindberg. The club chairman, and architect of this Cinderella Story. “We start the story in 2010 in the beginning of October we were relegated to the 4th tier of Swedish football, which is as low as you can go. We had a handful of players, no manager no staff, no ideas, but we had a stadium. And we started with an analysis of the football world where we are and how we see it and what we wanted to do with the club. And after we’d done that, we looked for people that could fit in with what we wanted to do.” Daniel’s first move was to hire a manager. And he settled on an inexperienced but adventurous young Englishman named Graham Potter. “So I arrived, just as the club had been relegated to the 4th tier of Swedish football. You can imagine it wasn’t in a particularly good place then. So we started to say, ‘Okay, what sort of identity do we want to have here? What does an Östersund football team look like on the pitch?’ “And we’d come to the conclusion that football is played the same all over the world. The clubs are run by middle age, over 50 to 70 heterosexual, white men, half fat, quite wealthy, love power. And I’m the model for it, so I don’t exclude myself. If you have that, and you can see that everybody trains the same, plays the same, organize the same… If we go in and do exactly the same that everybody else is doing in the football world we will end up in the number’s game. And we will be exactly where the money takes us. And we don’t have money.” “If we compete on conventional terms with Swedish football, we’ve got no history no tradition, no culture here not the finances either, to attract players. Therefore, you’re looking for the ones that have been discarded. You’re looking for the ones that conventional football will say, ‘No, no, no. He’s got good enough.’ Or, for whatever reason.” “So with a group of so-called secondhand players Östersunds started their climb up the Swedish football latter. Promotion to the 3rd tier in 2011. The 2nd division in 2012. And in 2015, they made their first-ever jump to the Allsvenskan. The Swedish top flight. In that time Kindberg & Potter, had adopted a one of a kind approach to player development. One that focused on improving decision-making both on and off the field through a ‘Culture Academy.’ A mandatory, annual art workshop that culminates with a performance in front of a huge local crowd. Its purpose? To put the entire squad and staff completely out of their comfort zone. “Ladies and gentlemen, you have just seen the football-playing, music-making, love-making, heart-breaking, booty-shaking fist-pumping, legendary Ö-F-K!” “We started off with a play. That was the 1st year. Then we went to write a book. Then we put on an art exhibition around strength through diversity. Then we went to dance, so we performed a bit of Swan Lake, which was interesting. Then we did a concert, for solidarity. Put on sort of a rap show. “Ok, speed it up.” (Beat-boxing) “Basically, it’s about getting you out of your comfort zone. Learning to express yourself and discover other sides of you that you didn’t know. It has been painful because it’s not something you want to do It’s not something you enjoy. But I can understand the benefit of it.” “It is the hardest thing that a Swede can do and that the Swede is also most afraid of. More than die or relatives being sick is to perform or talk in front of others.” “I don’t mind playing in front of 50, 60, 100,000 because that’s where I’m comfortable but rapping and talking in front of 1,500 doing something that you stink at… When you’ve done it, when you overcome it the buzz it quite high. But it’s all about the bravery. Being brave out here. That’s the main purpose for it.” “It’s hard to say what we’ve done off the pitch makes them pass the ball or shoot better or dribble or whatever. It’s hard to say that. But too often, the focus is on solely the football. But there’s a lot going on in the brain how we think, think under pressure. So if we can help with that in any way That’s what we’ve tried to do.” “We’d been criticized so much for these things in the beginning. ‘We are crazy. We’re too outspoken. We’re too direct. We’re too open.’ But now they’ve been more and more quiet since they see that we have idea behind it. And that’s why we say, we are very ‘Eljest.'” “You mean, Eljest.” “Eljest.” “Eljest.” Eljest. It’s a northern Swedish word for ‘be different.’ And it’s why Östersunds have been promoted three times since 2011, won the Swedish Cup in 2017, And have shattered expectations on the European stage. Thanks to that Swedish Cup win, Östersunds qualified for the Europa League in 2017. When they drew Turkish giants Galatasaray they thought their European dream would be short lived. But a shocking upset at home followed by an away draw saw them applauded off the pitch by some of the most hostile supporters in the world. Then, another upset against PAOK of Greece sent Östersunds to the group stage where they faced off with Hertha Berlin, Zorya of Ukraine, and Athletic Bilbao. A 2nd place finish behind Bilbao – who likened ÖFK’s playing style to Barcelona – landed them in the Knockout Round. An inconceivable place for the club and its fans. “Every time after a game I say, ‘This is the best game the best experience I’ve ever had.’ And next week’s the same. Next week’s the same. And next week’s the same. It’s hard to zoom out and look at what we’ve achieved. I think that will come at the end of the career. But for a club like us, it’s really pleasing.” “When Galatasaray arrive, I was like, ‘Oh cool. A big team, coming to Östersund. We’re not gonna win.’ And then we won! And then here we are against Arsenal. Right now, it feels like everything is possible.” At every step of this journey behind Östersunds has been the Falkarna. A supporter group as against the grain as the club they love. Boasting THREE female capos Falkarna unlike any group in Europe. “In what ways do you think you guys reflect the club?” “In Falkarna, we think that everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter what background you have or anything, everyone is welcome. Which is exactly as ÖFK thinks.” “Their support has been incredible. I would say they’re not the typical football supporter. They concentrate on their team. They wanna create a positive atmosphere in the ground. They took several hundred to Berlin, several hundred to Spain. They’ll be 5,000 away at Arsenal. It’s an incredible movement now they’ve created.” “You can see how much it means to people that we’ve put Östersund on the map. Not that just we’ve come this far but how we’ve come this far, and how we want to play football. I think it means a lot to them, and it means a lot to us as well that we have this support behind us.” “We are just in the beginning of our journey and development as a club. But it has to be a parallel development of the whole club together.” “When you’re doing something new. When you’re doing something that hasn’t been done before, they’ll always be people who say you can’t do it. But if you’ve got an idea and you’re prepared to work hard never give up and keep working then you can achieve things. I think that’s how you can make a difference. ” “What we want to achieve is of course winning the hearts and minds of the Swedish people but also the European people and then we extend that to the world because we need people behind us. We are a small club. We are beating the numbers game. So we want to win hearts and minds and we want to be a part of the process of changing the world.” What I love about this club is that it’s a different type of modern football. It’s the modern football that you want to see. It’s a small club using inclusivity and it’s diversity to help compete against some of the biggest clubs in Europe. Football today is predictable. But clubs like Östersunds can change the odds simply by being different. “If we lose, we have to learn from that. So we always win even if people think we lose a game.”

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  1. The Swedish Meatballs are the most unknown team in Sweden they are in the 2nd division of the League and there stadium is 2,500 Persons minimum and there named Meatballs because that’s where Meatballs were made from

  2. Östersund has my respect. Doing something unbelievable is the greatest thing in football to me. Going from 4th division to the 1st division is incredible and THEN to get into Europa and slay teams like Hertha Berlin and Galatasaray. They deserve respect.

  3. this is literally my favourite video right now… I've watched 3 times back to back and I'm convinced that those 3 dislikes were by accident.

  4. Well not really. The club was first of all founded in 1996, and after 8 years a swedish millionaire invested in the club. Although it's quite impressive to see what Graham Potter has done with the club, but they shouldnt be recognised as the ones to beat modern football.

  5. Is the video bar with pause button, settings etc. not showing for anybody else? Has happened a lot recently for me on YouTube but it won't be fixed by me refreshing the page now and it's pissing me off.

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  7. They almost came back and beat Arsenal; I’m an arsenal supporter, and it was scary how real a chance they had when they were 2-0 up

  8. This is a very red, cultural marxist club, with a bunch of old -68 generation communist men in the lead. They would be nothing without the genuine football guy, Graham Potter though. Nothing but respect for what hes done at the club. But the club is used as a political tool for the swedish leftists, and i despise them for it.

  9. This gotta be a joke right? The club was first of all founded in 1996, and after 8 years a swedish millionaire invested in the club. They have no history whatsoever and no fans. Shit, do you wanna know how many ÖFK fans where on the game after Arsenal(5000 ÖFK Supporters in London) they were 5 people on the away stand one week after vs Åtvidaberg. Plastic club and plastic fans.

  10. This is not What it looks like…
    The Chairman, Kindberg. Ownes all things around the club and almost the whole city. He pumps in money in all different ways. Every other supporter from Sweden fkn hates this “New Club”

  11. Also the supporters “FALKARNA” doesn’t booo other teams. Not even their rivals. If their opponents scores they fkn applause. FFS ÖSK EUW

  12. The match after Europa league ( the games in Emirates) there were 5(!!!!) supporters in the Swedish cup, compared to the 3000 “real supporters” that were in England.

  13. ”On a mission to beat modern football”
    Are you serious? Östersund is a prime example of economic doping.

  14. ÖFK is a group of very unlikeable players playing in a club that does not play by the rules. Trust me ÖFK is modern football personafied!

  15. So yeah, sorry to bust the myth but Östersund is not the good-guy club it is portrayed to be in this video.

    1. It is owned by a millionire. Daniel Kindberg owns the biggest realestates company in the region, and he used his private money several occaisons to rescue the clubs economy.

    2. Daniel Kindberg sacked the old board and employed his buisness allies. In return Kindberg got important positions in their companies.

    3. He has risen the rent for many people through his realestates company, so he can invest more money in the club.

    4. They were willing to take money (50 million euros) from Libiya in 2014. It was when Libya was in the height of its civil war with ISIS, and nobody could be sure that the money didnt have any connections with ISIS.

    5. Daniel Kindberg (the head chairman) uses aweful tactics to deal with investigating journalists. Local journalist have tried to investigate the connections between his private buisness and Östersunds FK in more detail. As a result the journalist has been banned from all press-conferences and media gatherings.

    6. The swedish state agancy for buisness competition has decided that there is clear reason to investigate Östersunds FK, but because of poor budget they cannot do this investigation yet.

    Östersunds FK is not on a mission to fight modern football, it IS modern football. Had it not been for the 51%-rule Östersunds FK would be just as any other premier league team.

    Source: https://www.offside.org/granskning/ostersunds-fk-underbar-och-alskad-av-alla/

  16. They're actually part of modern football. That's their rep here in Sweden. Kindberg, the guy in the video, is more or less corrupt and has built the team's success partially on transferring public finance to the club. Their stadium has a sponsor name and they work a LOT on branding the club to people who aren't really that crazy about football. Granted, their success on pitch isn't your classic dirty story a la Red Bull teams and so on, but they're in no way some kind of knight taking on modern football.

  17. I think you should look in to the club more carefully before making a video about it. The truth is infact that they are working against the swedish 51% rule that makes the fans to the owners of the club. They have an invester that also is running the club singel handed by installing 4 of his board members from his company into the club and his wife. It's a disgrace to the swedish football and the 51% rule.

  18. and now their chariman is taken into custody by the police on accusations of economical fraud. Let's hope the club have the dignity to repay the price money from europa league if the accusations against the chairman is actually true since he basically owns the club and have stakes in player sales himself.

  19. This club thinks they invented fan culture. They were founded in 1996, they have no history and no fan culture. They have commited fraud and the chairman you interviewed was arrested and is going to be prosecuted for fraud. Maybe you should make a documentary called "On A Mission To Break the law, Not Just Arsenal

  20. Paok vs Ostersunds was one of the few times that a non greek team had more greeks than a greek team
    thank god we came back and won the greek cup

  21. Racial and sexual Daniel, shut the fck up.
    Africa-teams is runed by black, heterosexual men, but u wouldn't backtalk them?
    Why not?

  22. i'm a häcken supporter, but holy smokes do i have respect for östersund! i was born in sundsvall, so i've heard of the term eljest before, and i use that word as my username in many places.

    also, i'd love to see yall make a video about dalkurd in allsvenskan. they're a team formed by kurdish immigrants, and they are based in 4 (!) cities (borlänge, uppsala, gävle, västerås)

  23. "To beat modern football" They are modern football. Their chairman was exposed bringing in money through shell companies…

  24. thanks ostersunds for ghoddos. he is one of the better player amiens history. goal again tonight. sorry for you ostersund but i tell you thanks and respect

  25. it turns out, in the end that it's not quite the cinderella story after all. Daniel Kindberg is on trial for extensive economic fraud 2013-2017. whilst sitting as CEO for the local residential property company "Öresundshem" he has been involved in an elaborate scam where money (several million SEK) was transfered via fraud invoices and a third party from "Östersundshem" to Östersunds FK. He is looking at 5-7 years in jail if he is found guilty. If he is, the only rational thing to do is to relegate ÖFK from the top tier Allsvenskan and to transfer all the EL prize money the the clubs ÖFK knocked out.

  26. And just 9 short months later it looks like the owner will go to prison for mishandling funds and the club will probably be automatically relegated

    Still against Modern football eh lads, good work on the research

  27. Östersund is modern football. Their chairman was just removed and charged with money laundering and tax evasion. He fucked over apartment renters in Östersund to get money to the club. Not really a nice fairytale story is it?

  28. I knew Ostersunds FK was a Cinderella story, but i didn't realise the extent of that story until i watched this. Great video and great club. We all love what Potter is doing at Swansea (despite our American owners very evidently NOT providing him the support and backing, or illustrating they have any understanding of financial prudence or understanding of the game i.e. trying to quick cash in on Daniel James to Leeds). Anyway back to the OSK, inspiring video, hope the success continues and now i seen this i've been made to understand what we have brought into our club with Potter.

  29. So because they do ballet and speak to a couple thousand people its supposed to help them on the pitch?

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