Ole Miss Football – Matt Luke Press Conference Post-Texas A&M (11-18-17)

Ole Miss Football – Matt Luke Press Conference Post-Texas A&M (11-18-17)

I just want to start off by thanking our seniors on senior night. I’m really proud of what this group has brought us. And I’m just really, really proud of them I’m proud of our defense tonight for bowing their neck in the second half, I thought they played really well. Credit to Texas A&M and their defense. It was kind of a tale of two halves. For us offensively we struggled to protect the passer and just couldn’t get in a rhythm in the second half. And then obviously you can’t turn the ball over and win the game. But, you know I’m proud of our defense and the strides they made tonight. Just didn’t get it done offensively the second half. Raise your hand if you have a question, we’ll bring the mic to you. Matt, you just referenced it, but 325 yards in the first half and only 66 in the second half. Have you had any kind of an idea, like was there anything schematically that changed? No, nothing schematically, just we couldn’t get into a rhythm. We’re struggling to throw it. Down the field the wind may have had something to do with that, with the down the field throws. But we struggled to protect them and you know Jordan could never get comfortable in the pocket. And then I think we had some – we had too many penalties. Stayed behind the chains some which is not good. But you know, we got out of our rhythm and credit to Texas A&M, they did a nice job. Questions. Matt were the penalties also a result of the pass rush just getting uncomfortable on the offensive line there? You know, I’m not sure there was a couple of – they were doing some stemming fronts, they were doing it in the first half as well. So it wasn’t something new in the second half. But I do think it cost one of them for sure. Questions? We’ll take questions up top. Coach Luke, obviously how do you put this game behind you? And what did you say to your team? And how do you move forward for a big week? Well, this is – you know it’s tough but you know I just challenged them to get up. They’ve got up off the mat several times and this is obviously a very, very big game coming up. And so we just got to go back to work tomorrow. It’s the only way you get this taste out of your mouth is go back to work and get ready for the next one. Alright we’ll take questions down low again. Matt can you talk about Jordan Wilkins game a little bit? Just proud of him I’m proud of him, a senior out there playing about – he was probably 85% tonight and just out there battling and you know had another good game and he continues to do that. He broke a long run on one of our touchdown passes. He had a great blitz pick-up that kind of goes unnoticed. But he does all the little things. And I’m just really proud of him and what he’s meant not only to this program but this team this year. I assume the diagnosis on D’Vaughn wasn’t good? What they said going off was a dislocated knee. And I don’t know the extent of it. But I will leave here and figure that out. Alex went off too Matt. What was the deal with him? I believe it’s a concussion. He got hit in the head, I believe on the same play. And so I think he got a concussion.

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