Ole Miss Football: Highlights vs. Arkansas

Ole Miss Football: Highlights vs. Arkansas

Welcome to Little Rock as Arkansas and Ole Miss meet in the state capitol of Arkansas. A series that dates to 1908. These two programs getting together again on a blustery cold, windy and wet night here in the state capitol. Three key receivers are on the field now. And on second down Ta’amu looking for one of them. Got all day, great coverage. And deep down field with a push off and a catch is Metcalf. Luke Logan from 36 yards out, he is eight of nine on the season. And is able to punch that one through as Ole Miss scores on it’s opening drive. Isaiah Woullard is in at running back now for the Rebels. Designed draw, Ta’amu straight up the gut, stays on his feet and it’s an 18-yard touchdown plunge for Jordan Ta’amu. A little bubble to Cornelius, he wants to throw. Throw back to Storey and he gets stuck. He took a shot to the gut, it’s a loss of five and that is a perfectly legal play for Victor Evans. Lots of pressure coming. Ta’amu over the middle, here’s Knox and he’ll get out of bounds inside the 20. It’s a gain of 17. A little room. Ta’amu pull it right side, complete. Touchdown to DaMarkus Lodge. Ta’amu’s pass complete to Lodge for a six-yard touchdown. One play off, now they come to the back shoulder Nate. Look at the velocity he throws that, that’s on a rope. It is so hard to defend because as a DB you’re thinking, Okay you can go over the top, you can do a slant, back shoulder. Really only three things from that spot he can do. When that ball is thrown with that kind of velocity on the back shoulder. Five wide for Joardan Ta’amu on third down and 11. Caught by Cooley. And Octavious Cooley grabs a sideline. And Cooley will go all the way, 66 yards on the third and long. Where Jordan Ta’amu gets outside the pocket, you’re going to see McTelvin Agim working, he’s got to stay on the outside. You cannot allow Jordan Ta’amu to break contain and go scramble. Drew, I mentioned this team is dangerous in the scramble drill. Great job. Third down and four. [Crowd noise] To Woullard out of the backfield. Great blocking on the edge. Woullard has a first down. DaMarkus Lodge made it possible. Great easy high completion play on third and short. Ta’amu will take off on the quarterback draw. Trying to get past Curl, he does and he’s all the way to the one. [Whistle] 28-yard run by Jordan Ta’amu. Isaiah Woullard scrambles through. He shot right through the hole and he’s in. He went underneath his own offensive linemen, it’s a two-yard touchdown run as Isaiah Woullard dug a tunnel to the end zone. Because the short throws that make the linebackers vacate the box and worry about stretching the field horizontally. And then Woullard just keeps driving his legs. Kelley looks for Whaley, it’s knocked away. Beautiful play by Willie Hibbler. Woah, that one takes an Arkansas hop, it’s going to drive all the way inside the five. A 64-yard punt to flip the field by Bauer. And it’s a long way to go for Ole Miss with 2:02 to go. Ta’amu over the middle, complete to AJ Brown. That will give them some breathing room, 20-yard gain. 1:49 to go. Bump right, back left. It’s the tight end Knox and Dawson Knox has the sideline. Knox in a foot race and the former walk on quarterback is caught up with inside the 30. 48-yard gain. The Rebels have two timeouts. Linebacker blitz. Ta’amu left side plenty of room. And he dances out inside the 15, 17-yard scramble after they brought pressure. He starts to block and this is what we’ve seen all night. Jordan Ta’amu has been brilliant with his legs, whether it’s a designed run or escape in the pocket on a pass play. 528 yards of offense for the quarterback. Here’s a draw to Phillips. Scottie Phillips carries it to the five. 1:03 and counting. Phillips again, he’s in and the Rebels have the lead on a five-yard touchdown run. [Crowd cheering] That is Ole Miss’ first lead since it was five-nothing, pardon me, three-nothing. With about a minute and 20 seconds, 98 yards. 97 officially, but who’ to quibble? What a statement drive by Ole Miss. 35 seconds left for Cole Kelley and Arkansas. Middle of the field still in option, still got the timeout. Just need a couple chump plays. Kelley, uncorks it, intercepted. And Ole Miss is going to snap the losing streak. Zedrick Woods ripped the pick. What a comeback by the Rebels. [Whistle] [Crowd Cheering] What an amazing comeback by Ole Miss. After facing two punts and getting a pick. You turn back Arkansas late in this game.

18 thoughts on “Ole Miss Football: Highlights vs. Arkansas

  1. Not many negatives now. Defense wasn’t great, but made plays when needed. And Ta’amu was a Heisman player

  2. Arkansas poorly coached the mistakes they're making is coaching fault. not players coaching fault. And players ain't ready to play football the coach don't know how to get ready to play football it shows people… this man still needs another 5 years in the college football to learn it… he's just not the caliber of coach we're looking for

  3. I mean it's from day one man the same mistakes I can't watch it no more…. I AM going talk to some people and have them pull their sponsorship money..

  4. I’m a UGA fan, but damn Ta’amu is super underrated, great game by him and I’m definitely gonna watch more of ole miss in the future


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