Ole Miss Baseball Claims the 2018 SEC Championship

Ole Miss Baseball Claims the 2018 SEC Championship

[MUSIC] Throws his team and all they did was win. Alright? They defied the odds, they silenced the critics and they did it be being Rebs. See when the season started there were so many people that doubted them. You know, what’d they hit? Would that recruiting class live up to their billing? A team that didn’t go to the post-season the year before. But it didn’t take long for the people to realize that this team was real. They were relentless in an SEC that’s got so much adversity. They were excellent. See they showed up every single day. The had belief. How many close games did this team win? And of course they were selfless. Selfless because every night there was a different star. They were Rebs all year long. Today you’ve earned this. This is your time, enjoy it. Go be Rebs. Let’s go. [Cheering] LSU fans feel like an SEC Tournament Title is their birth right. Paul Mainieri a big reason, he’s won six of these things; ten combined SEC Championships per team with six National Titles. They are playing now as a squad motivated. Ole Miss is looking for it’s first SEC Tournament Title since 2006. They’ve been great all season long and they’re just trying to cap a remarkable year. Houston Roth on the mound, 5-0 on the year with a 4.75 ERA. He’s got a career record of 8-0. He would love to pick up win number nine of his career today, drawing the start in the SEC Tournament Championship game. For Roth taking the hill meant a matchup with a hungry and experienced Tigers lineup. Antoine Duplantis a junior from Lafayette Louisiana was a regular ILSU College World Series team last year and he laces this one to right. Rowe will play it all the way off the fence. Duplantis can scoop, he’s happy with two, a one out double. Two-two. Ground ball, fair down the third baseline, LSU will take the lead early all the way down into the leftfield corner. Cabrera will stop at second. And RBI double and LSU takes a 1-0 lead. LSU’s opening punched proved to be the juice Ole Miss needed to land jabs of their own. And that was the question with this club coming into the year is would the bats make a jump? And the offense has carried the day, first in batting, second in runs and a big piece of it is the depth from Cockrell. And he sends a line shot into right. Golsan being waved home. Ole Miss is on the board and we’re tied at one in the second. To the left side. Sliding start by the freshman, what a catch. Oh my. Anthony Servideo defensive replacement because of an injury and he is showing out. Do it young fella, how bout it boys. Come off the bench and goes pop up slide with plenty of juice to get the Rebs off the field. And you know the dugout loves it. That was special. Nick Fortes a perfect two for two today. Down the line, fair. Diving stop Slaughter a long throw, rounded the bag and Ole Miss adds to it’s lead. Nick Fortes is three for three. As the SEC knows, the Tigers are toughest to tame in Hoover. Needing a stop, Bianco pulled an ace from his sleeve. This is a first rounder, a lefty that throws in the low 90’s. What kind of message does this send to LSU that he’s coming out of the pen? That Ole Miss wants to win. I mean, they’re here to win too. And obviously we talked about the fan bases have showed up in big number. You know, they want to win this championship. To the right side, off the glove of Adams. Bain heading to third. LSU has the tying run on with nobody out in the sixth. And the bases are loaded for LSU with Jake Slaughter coming up. The one-two pitch, chased one in the dirt. That is a strikeout, the bases are loaded there is nowhere for Slaughter to go. And there are two down in the inning. Now the whole stadium is cheering. What a scene. [Cheering] The one-two. Swing and a miss, got him with a high fastball, 94 mile and hour heater. The Tigers leave them loaded in the bottom of the sixth. Will Golsan is two for three today. Ole Miss just continues to have traffic on the base pad, looking for that one big hit to give them some breathing room. Two-two. Lined the opposite way a base hit for Will Golsan. Fortes comes home to score. Thomas Dillard waved around, he’ll come home to score. A two run single for the captain Will Golsan and Ole Miss leads 5-1. How about the senior boys? His third hit in the ballgame and KP you talked about that elevated fast ball, that one not quite up enough. Golsan does a tremendous job controlling the barrel angle, a bullet into right field and the Ole Miss crowd is loving it as the Rebels finally get that big hit they’re looking for to stretch the lead to four. To center, Watson turns his back to home plate, all the way to the fence. It is over and gone, two run homerun Tim Rowe. And Michael Fitzsimmons drives it deep to left. Where did that go? A pinch hit two run bomb, icing on the cake for the Rebels. Ole Miss fans have been sensing it for about three innings, but now they can taste it. Two out, bottom of the ninth. Beau Jordan pinch hitting for LSU. Just enjoy it, soak it up, create a memory. The one-two, swing and a miss. Beau Jordan strikes out, three strikeouts by Greer Holsten and Ole Miss wins the 2018 SEC Baseball Tournament. You know, I’ve dreamed of this moment, you know, my whole life. You know, playing in the, you know, the Championship Game of the SEC it’s been a dream of mine to play in the SEC and to get a strikeout there to help my team. You know, keep the off the board was, you know, unreal feeling. Some hardware that we’re going to take back to Oxford. But I mean, honestly it wouldn’t be possible without my teammates, honest to God it wouldn’t be possible. No better team, you know, to be a part of and win this game. You know, we started off rough, lost to Auburn and it just shows a bunch about our team to, you know, be able to bounce back and, you know, win the SEC Championship. It’s an awesome feeling. Hard to out travel LSU and we did it easily. You know, our fans were amazing. It felt like a home game here. So you know, to go out there and win 9-1 that’s amazing. That’s just one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. We had more fans today than LSU, we won the fan part of the game. Well, we won the everything actually. I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life, no doubt about that. That’s just – that’s unbelievable, that’s a once in a lifetime kind of feeling. I love being on the bottom of it too, that was awesome. I’m blessed and honored and, you know, someone tells me five, six years ago I’m starting in the SEC Championship Game I would not believe it. I mean, unbelievable this team. [MUSIC]

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