[Old Video]Long jump Jackson VS Jong Kook in Runningman Ep. 418 (EngSub)


– Jackson.
– He jumped so well. Jong Kook, what if you do
a regular long jump? – What?
– Do a regular one. A regular one? But this… No, just a regular one. – But this…
– Jong Kook. Jong Kook… can’t accept what happened. – I’m not good at long jumping.
– Do a regular long jump. Why don’t you try it? – I think he’s good.
– I can jump really far. – Really?
– Try it. – From standing?
– Standing long jump? (Look at that.) You’re really good. Did you see his face
after he jumped? After he jumped… (He stared at you.) He was only looking at you. – You.
– There were laser beams. (He jumped far and then…) (Are you watching, Jong Kook?) He was only looking at you. (I’ll face you.) (This is Jong Kook.) He won. (This is Jong Kook.) (He got a bit farther.) (He disappeared from the camera.) He won. – Jong Kook!
– You won. You did it. Jong Kook! Jong Kook! – What’s the matter, Jackson?
– Did I win? We need to be accurate.
Let’s be precise. – I don’t need the microphone.
– Stop it. Stop it, Jackson. – Let’s measure precisely.
– My gosh. (I don’t care about the show.
Let me beat him first.) – Where did he end up?
– Let’s measure precisely. (That’s almost 3m.) – Where did he end up?
– That’s 280cm. Both of them jumped really far. (Come on, Jong Kook.) (Gosh, that punk.) Let’s just settle that you won. What was that?
He even took off his sweater. – Let’s say that he won.
– Okay, sure. – Fine, you won.
– Jackson was great. – Jackson won.
– You won. He’s the prince of long jumping. – He jumped really far.
– That was really far.

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