Ohio State at Wisconsin 2010 Big Ten Football Replay October 16, 2010

Ohio State at Wisconsin 2010 Big Ten Football Replay October 16, 2010

6 thoughts on “Ohio State at Wisconsin 2010 Big Ten Football Replay October 16, 2010

  1. I'm not a badger but I really like Wisconsin and that's saying a lot from a Buckeye; one from NYC who hasn't felt Hate yet.
    THIS is A "Greatest" Badger Game? Greatest Upsets Maybe; But you have THREE Epic back and forth thrillers from 2012 that are so good I've watched twice: The Mich State games; and the Oregon Rose Bowl. For me it's all about Game Play when outcome is in doubt the whole time. Comebacks rank lower for me then Games that are nearly tied for 4th quarters like those 3 2012 Games.
    This is just an upset against a #1 Ohio you hate. How can this game possibly live up to those 3?? It's in your mind; its exciting because its a surprise to hold a big lead all game.

  2. Kdavis 508 Do you see many differences between Meyer and Tressel ? Wisconsin beat Tressel four times and Tressel lost more to Wisconsin than any other team he played

  3. This game was a classic, and it was the break out game for Watt that propelled him to be taken by the Texans in the 1st round, thank you so much for posting.

    I hope with this years team given how under rated and under appreciated they were last season improves, because the only ? is the secondary heading into this season.
    We have 4 returning WR's in AJ Taylor, K. Pryor, Cephus, and Danny Davis, we only lose Troy and Ramesh our TE and FB, there are always good players behind them, Hornibrook got a QB coach to help him out, Jonathon Taylor, all 5 starting O-linemen are coming back, and even the Front 7 isn't taking that much of a hit, we lose Jacobs, Cichy, Dooley, and our DE's, but who's lying in wait? Van Ginkel, TJ Edwards, Chris Orr, Ryan Connelly, Isiah Loudermilk (6'7'' 310lb. DE replacing Sheehy O_O), Garrett Rand/Kraig Howe, and the returning Sagapolu! This team is STILL scary good! I just hope Jim Leonhard is preparing that secondary to be good enough to face that tough schedule that includes At Michigan, and At Penn State.

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