Nuggets 360 | Brothers from Spain

Nuggets 360 | Brothers from Spain

Both of them all stars legend champions, they
like open the door for the European basketball they already know the change, they already
know how hard it is coming from the Euro star playing in the USA and playing in the NBA
with a new basketball and with new players and they already did that and they already
did well so all the advice coming from these guys helps us out a lot and you know we need
to learn and listen to these guys I love them both and I try to mentor them and guide them
on the right path. They already know everything about the NBA
so when we want some advice we call them both of them have been really good for us I am
always there for them what ever they need because I have been in there position and
it is always good to have someone that has been there before you and just looks out for
your best interests Marc and Paul I’ve known them through friends long time ago we are
kind of from the same area billy and juancho I coach Billy in 2013 in the U19 World Championship
so that is when I got to know them and their families its not easy to go across the ocean
and become and NBA player He was the best person that helped me all the year not just
in basketball he helped me with English, on the car on the house you know I am really
blessed to have Jordi on the team and I think we can grow together you know like coach player
Playing with my brother is like a dream come true we are more than brothers we are like
best friends we have closest friends together you know when the referee put the ball on
the floor and start the game we are not brothers anymore we are just players I want to my team
to win and he wants his team to win Having a brother in the NAB is amazing something
great we are more than brothers, we are best friends too, so really supporting we talk
everyday and it is great I am very proud of my brother the way he is getting through everything
you know just working the same way working hard every day being positive he is having
the chance to play I know how good he is I’ve seen with my own eyes how much work he puts
in Once I saw that he was starting to get minutes I told him to go for it and just let
your work do the rest because I know he has it in him and he is about the right things
so I am very happy Well he is just taking advantage of the opportunity that he has been
given with all the injuries that the team is having you know he is having an opportunity
to play and perform and play freely and I think he is doing really well I think he is
really stepping up to the plate and performing at a high level and making a name for himself
we are living our dream to play in the NBA so we need to enjoy every day and every moment
and me and my brother we have this opportunity to play in the NBA and to play for a good
team. We are fortunate to do what we do and representing
not only Spain but also our families our communities and the values get passed along for the next
group of guys so I love that they have the same commitment that I receive from the older
guys when I first got there Both of them are really good for us. I think they are the example for all these
kids in spain that watch basketball I just want them to continue to do well and stay
focused stay disciplined and continue to be ambitious and continue to work on his game
so lets see what his potential can be.

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  1. I have a feeling that both of them will be even better players if they will have a chance to play for the same team.

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