NIKE PG 2.5 PLAYSTATION – Unboxing, On-feet (plus highlights on Paul George career)

NIKE PG 2.5 PLAYSTATION – Unboxing, On-feet (plus highlights on Paul George career)

Today we are going to unbox one
of the biggest collaboration this year of a tech company, a popular sports brand
and one of the biggest names in basketball today. This sneaker was designed in tribute
to the Oklahoma City Thunder star player’s love for video games this is the Nike PG 2.5 Playstation. So on today’s episode,
we are going to unbox the second edition of the Playstation themed signature basketball shoe inspired by its OG console colorway,
give some highlights on Paul George’s basketball career and see some life lessons on that story. So without further ado, let’s get it on! This vlog is another sneaker unboxing video
but we actually do a bunch of other stuff in this channel,
so come and join our family and click that subscribe button now. Paul George’s signature line of footwear
revealed his love of gaming. His first with Nike, the PG1
kicked off with his debut model, a friends-and-family NBA 2K edition back in2017. His second was the PG2 released last February,
an outstanding collaboration with Sony PlayStation 2 with actual light-up tongue logos considered to be one of the best collaborative
drops of 2018 And before the year ends, on the first of
December, Nike and the legendary console dropped another version inspired by the original PlayStation
colors better known as the Nike PG 2.5 Playstation So let’s go through the box now. Here’s the black and yellow colored box
that you’ll get when you buy the shoes, at the side it says Paul George 2 not 2.5, at the corner it has the Paul George Signature and the Details of the shoe inside,
so this is as mentioned The Nike PG 2.5 Playstation, it also gives us the size and its colorway. The suggested retail price for this shoe is
just 110 USD or around 400 UAE Dirhams
equivalent to just 5,800 pesos in the Philippines. Pretty cheap yeah compared to other signature
shoes out there. I can’t find this colorway here in Dubai
so I ordered this one from StockX, with just an additional 15 USD on top of the
retail price. Check out my video on how you can
also buy or bid your favourite sneakers and a lot more on StockX. So let’s open the box now, Here’s some papers from StockX And here’s the Nike PG 2.5 Playstation, Wow oh wow! The color is predominantly Wolf Grey,
just like the original colorway of the Playstation, so gamers especially those who had the chance
to play with the original Playstation 1 back in the 90s,
this will definitely give that nostalgic feeling of that era. But before we go to all the noticeable details
of the shoe, let’s check out first the inspiration,
the man behind this shoe. He was born Paul Clifton Anthony George in
May 2, 1990. He started his basketball career when he played
high school basketball for Knight High School in Palmdale, California, where he achieved lots of accomplishments including the Golden League’s Most Valuable Player award. In college, he played for California State University, the Fresno State but only for two seasons. On March 31, 2010, George announced
that he would forgo his final two seasons of college eligibility and enter the 2010
NBA draft. He was selected by the Indiana Pacers
with the 10th overall pick and in the same year 2010,
he earned the NBA All-Rookie Second Team honors. He was named the NBA Most Improved Player
in 2013, when he also earned his first All-Star selection. Everything is going smoothly
until an unfortunate thing happened in 2014, when he was injured and suffered a broken leg while competing for a roster spot on the United
States National Team for the FIBA Basketball World Cup and because of this Setback he missed most of the 2014-2015 season. But because of his never give-up attitude
he recovered to become an All-Star again in 2016 when he also won an Olympic gold medal. And in 2017 he was traded to the Oklahoma
City Thunder Men’s Basketball team and is now playing together with another
NBA Superstar Russell Westbrook. So what can we learn from this story. Let’s go with this quote, And just like Paul George
and the iconic colorway of the OG Playstation, always remember that By the way, Sony has just recently released
the Playstation classic on the 3rd of December, arriving after 24 years when the console
first released in 1994. Now let’s go to the most noticeable details
of the shoe. First the look,
the PG 2.5 silhouette is almost exactly similar with PG 2, the main difference however is the added strap,
which comes from the PG 1. This strap across the front of the shoe will
provide grip and stability to lock the foot in.
And this midfoot strap usher in an all-over graphic
consisting of the PS1’s now-iconic button shapes. The colorway,
this version of the PG 2.5 sports the color wolf grey as its base,
this new offering reminds us back to the days of the Playstation 1,
the same gloss grey that gave life to the PS1
is transferred over this shoe. Highlighted by its original gradient red,
blue, green, yellow logo on the left tongue. The logos,
The tongue of the shoe have the light up PlayStation logo
and Paul George Logo or PG which pulsate blue light
and the tongue have a newly added four-color PlayStation logo
which would also light up courtesy of a built-in battery. George’s name comes affectionately inscribed
in a familiar PS font on both heels. The button logo motifs adorn the three-quarter
panel, and the Nike Swooshes
reflect the playstation 1 button colors yellow, red, blue and green. And the Galaxy-style, co-branded insoles
complete this video game-ready sneakers. So those are the key specs of this shoe,
time for us to go outside now for our on-feet look and feel test. Let’s go! Alright, and so we’re back. Despite the comparably cheaper price of this shoe compared to other signature shoes, the materials used in this shoe are really good It’s flexible, durable, breathable,
and you don’t need to break in the shoes for your feet to get comfortable with it. This strap added to the shoe
gives a good support and stability on every move you make; it gives a fantastic lockdown on the feet. The traction on the outsole bites really well
on the floor, whether in court or off the court. The cushioning is really good,
it gives a lot of comfort to the feet and it gives a lot of bounce. It can be a sports shoe and a lifestyle shoe
at the same time, with this colorway, and with this light up
logos on tongue, it is a real head turner. The only complaint I have about it,
is that the light on the PS1 logo is not so bright,
you may not even notice that there is a light over there,
it is easily overpowered by the lights in the surrounding,
but that’s still ok, not a big deal. The color of the PS logo still pops out For the sizing, I think the shoes are true
to size, I don’t see any problem if you have a wide
feet as well. So if you are a fan of Paul George,
of the PlayStation or you just simply like your shoes to have
that light effect on your feet, well almost everything about is pretty awesome
plus it’s very affordable, it’s a great gift this Christmas Season
for yourself and for the people you love. The Nike PG 2.5 Playstation has the mature looks with enough child-like inspirations
to cement the shoe as a proper homage to the OG gaming console. So that’s all for now,
I hope we all learn something new today.

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