Nike Football Presents: Strike Night

Nike Football Presents: Strike Night

Hello Internet, hello everybody back home,
everybody here. What you saying buddy, you good? We’re feeling
good, man. What’s going on London? How are you feeling today? My G. Yes, we are here
in London for the first ever Strike Night event. You know what, the night is going to be magic. We’ve got some top talent, top names. I
say, let’s get the crowd going. Let’s get straight into it. Shall we get straight
into it? Boy, we should get straight into it because
there is some top talent in the audience. I see man like Young in here. It’s all crazy cuz.
Alright, but, Vuj, let’s just get on to the six individuals that will be participating
in this event. Let’s do it. First player first, let’s
bring him in. Alright, the first man, his name, and everyone,
I want you to go mad – André Silva. Silva from Porto. Weighing in at 21 goals
this season, it could have been a hat-trick for Portugal, the man for a knockout competition,
and tonight he’s known as André ‘The Fighter’ Silva.
Okay, my G, number ten, yes. Alright, next one, my don forever, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Please make some noise from up the road in N7, weighing in at four career trophies,
24 caps, five goals for England. Tonight he’s simply known as The Ox. Alright, next one, Mauro Icardi. From Argentina,
via Milan, weighing with 18 goals this season. It’s the Inter Milan captain. Tonight he’s
known as El Bombardero. The next man with
the religious name is Christian Benteke. Bentekkers, from Belgium via South East London.
More than 100 career goals, fourteen so far this season. Tonight he’s known as The Beast.
Alright, next person coming out is Pierre, tell you what, Aubameyang.
From Dortmund, weighing with more than 140 career goals, including five career hat-tricks,
and tonight he’s known as The Masked Finisher. Last, but by no means least, my G, Iwobi.
Alex Iwobi. It was meant to be Marcus Rashford, but his helicopter was late,
so we have pulled in a replacement, a local favourite. It is Iwobi.
I tell you what, my man, he’s so nice. Alright, everyone, please give a big round of applause
for the six athletes who are participating today Can you explain the dynamics, Poet? Alright, listen, because, Vuj, we know who’s
involved, we know the six players involved, now it’s time for us to tell you how they
can score points. Now, each one of the players will have five attempts to score at that goal
right in front of me. On the fifth attempt they can have the opportunity of doubling their
points. Vuj. Yes.
Where are the highest points, though, bro? Well, you know what, this goal is very, very
special. It actually almost has emotions, so it’s the further away from the keeper,
top-bins, 1,000 points, the closer to the keeper is less points, and, you know what?
If you score, it gives you a little compliment, if you miss, you miss, and it might tell you
that you’ve missed, something that I don’t do with my dad. He never game me no emotional
support. Shout out my dad, though, what you say, father? If you’re watching. Big up
Mumsie though, shout out Mumsie. Shout out Nike, as well. That goal is 400
bags cuz. Mad.
My Lord, man needs a raise. More than a yard in London.
Man needs a raise, you know that, AJ? I need a raise. Anyway, here are the judges, because
what is life without judges? The first one is Mr Ian Wright. Round of applause for Ian
Wright people. I love you man, I love you.
You guys have had a long day, haven’t you? Come on, look at Didier with the Snapchat,
my G. Next one, he looks like me, just a little bit better looking, Didier Drogba.
The noise is good. After that, come on, I mean, you support the
wrong team but you’ve got decent hair, it is AJ Tracey.
Wait, I’ve got to this one, though. I’ve got to do this one.
Of course, man, it’s up to you, you do this. Man like Dave obviously, my favourite
song ever, ‘A month ago you didn’t want (sings) (sings) It’s not your concept bro, this ain’t
your concept. Anyway, let’s get onto Ian. Ian, what are you looking for tonight?
I’m looking for top bag, I’m looking for something special. I’m looking for first
time. We’re about strikers and, you know, I mean, strikers have got to take a chance
and not be afraid to miss, because it doesn’t matter what the crowd think, you’ve got
to give the crowd an ‘ooo’. Got to give the crowd an ‘ooo’. I’m
rating that. Vuj, now we’ve explained the judges, we’ve told them how they can
score points, but there’s also an additional way to score points for people that are watching
at home on the book that’s got a face. That is right, after each goal is counted and given
you feedback, after the judges have, you guys on Facebook right now can decide the winner.
You’ve got your interactive screen right now, you’ll be deciding with 500 points,
potentially, to give to the winner. You’re probably thinking it’s quarter-final thing,
but we only have six players, and that is because we don’t want them to get lazy,
you know how footballers can be. We’re going to have a wildcard element, the best runner
up goes through to the semi-final. Alright, without further ado, let’s get
this underway, because the two competitors are looking more cooler than me when I found
out I was having twins. It is Aubameyang versus Benteke.
Make some noise, let the games begin. So, as you just heard our two players, they’re
going to both have five identical deliveries each, strike five is going to be the money
ball, so if they get it in the top-bins, that’s a chance to get double points, and our judges, well they need to help us, as well. The goal keeper went with the eyes, don’t follow the eyes, the eyes won’t help you right now, follow the ball. Good strike, bottom right.
Next up, Benteke, and that’s gone in the top-bin. That’s a lot of points there, 1,000 points
for Christian Benteke. He takes the lead against The Masked Finisher, that is Aubameyang.
Auba waiting for the ball. The next ball, it’s a great first touch.
A little bit of swag but a great save from the Nike Academy goalkeeper. Now, how about this? Christian Benteke, another good finish. He went for something.
What was that, cuz? Where are you going, cuz? Get back there. He went for something, Ian Wright said you’ve got to be brave.
Madness. He’s got zero points from AJ Tracey. We’ve
got to say, it’s a great judging panel we’ve got there today, two legends Didier Drogba
and Ian Wright. Go on. Boom.
Ladies and gentlemen, Aubameyang flies one in and gets 100 bonus point from Dave. It’s
going off, what’s Benteke going to give us this time? Good first touch. That is very
unlucky, that was a great little slot, good technique but no goal equals no points. So,
The Masked Finisher is in the lead at the moment with 1,700. Don’t forget, on Facebook
you can vote, as well. (laughs) the boys are getting a little bit flamboyant.
Any bonus points from our judges, they’re getting a round of applause, Ian Wright and
Didier Drogba appreciated that one Benteke volley. Anything you can do, I can do. So,
as it goes, Christian Benteke is trailing Aubameyang by 700 points, but it’s the money
ball now, primes get double the amount of points. Aubameyang on the chest, around the
world, it’s skills. He dragged it wide, so Christian Benteke knows he needs a good
finish, now, on the money ball and he could be knocking Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang out
on Strike Night. It’s a good first touch. He’s scooped it up. He’s gone for an over-head
kick, he’s gone wide. Boys, come in.
Come in the middle. Christian, Auba. They were on this thing, come stand
in the middle, in between myself and Vuj. Come join us, boys. Christian, talk to me.
What happened there? A couple of misses. I think I wanted to try something special
because, just to shoot it’s going to be easier. I wanted to get some more points through
by doing some crazy skills, but it didn’t happen.
What about that first touch, though, it went all the way over there, into another building?
Say it again, please. The first touch, it went all the way over
there. Yes, I wanted to try something crazy.
I respect that. I respect that.
Now, you got a top-bins, I was rating that Then, afterwards, I thought, like, you saw
your ex-girlfriend, or something. You kicked it all high into the heavens playing rugby,
cuz. Yes, you know, it was the first step, a little
bit pressure, but now I feel good, so we will see next round.
Hey, a bit of pressure. Have we got any highlights, bro? We can look at your best moments, now, on the screen, popping up. Auba did a little
trick there, bang, wallop, top-bins. Drogba’s happy. Have we got a highlight for Christian
Benteke? Please come up on the screen. Took that nicely. Good save.
That’s like one of them, you get 1,000 points but it was a bit of a cheeky one.
Cheeky one. Alright, something myself and Vuj didn’t
explain, these wonderful judges, here, before I get onto them, they have the opportunity
to also add additional points to their score by holding up 100 card or a 500 card. I’m
going to go to AJ because you looked mad gassed a minute ago, bruv. Why were you so gassed
at what you saw? Bruv, I’m not going to lie, I respect Benteke’s
skill, like, do you get me? It went boof. Bruv, you know what it is, whether you missed
or not, I respect you trying to do a little tutu flair, give them something
to watch, do you get me? I respect that, so that so that’s why I was gassed.
Man says, ‘I respect that.’ Alright, Vuj. Yes.
Surely we should look at the score, not added with the Facebook votes.
Not added with the Facebook votes, the goal and the judges, Aubameyang seems like he’s
going to take this one through but for good measure. Let’s add in a bit of Facebook,
as well, what have they given to the people. Aubameyang.
Oh my Lord. Bruv, it’s the hair, he’s got the tick
in his hair, as well. Christian, I’m sorry, you’re going to have to take this one, as
well. Auba, into the next round. Alright boys, give them a big round of applause.
Make some noise for the boys. Remember, Christian can still go through as
the wild card, but now it’s time for us to move onto Icardi and Chamberlain. Do this
for me Chamberlain, come on my bro. Let the games begin.
Quarter-final one, each player will face five identical balls. Don’t forget, judges, you
can give them bonus points of 100 or 500, just hold up your cards. He’s gone to chip
the keeper, that’s on his line. Alex, what were you thinking? Wrong time.
Go on Alex, local boy. So, El Bombadero can take the lead now, great
first touch. What a finish. Icardi. One strike, one finish, great touch, goalkeeper had no
change. Dave gave Icardi a bonus of 100 there. The Ox has failed to hit the target once again.
I don’t know how he was on 875 points, but we’ll get back to that.
No, what a save. What a save. He parked the bus, the ball didn’t
go in. This is strike number three for The Ox. Don’t forget, if you are watching on
Facebook you can join us and vote live. That was beautiful from The Ox, great control on
the heel, and hit it across the goalkeeper. Now, Icardi on 100 points.
Oh my God, how dare you. The first true volley, it went in on the fly,
100 bonus points from Dave. Is Dave the only one giving out bonus points over there? The
Ox trailing by 50, it’s a good first-touch on the knee.
One two, one two, cuz. Another bicycle kick attempt, another chance
gone wide, and zero points from AJ from the Lane. It’s come off the woodwork, from Icardi.
Icardi’s on a mad thing. Money ball.
So, here we go, money ball, double points available for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain now.
He needs to hit the target or he could be going home. Not too far. He scored, it’s
double points on the money ball, that is going to be put him in the lead, which means that
Mauro Icardi, he also needs to hit the onion to be going through to the semi-finals. It’s
a good chest. Now that’s gone over. Bro, you let me down, cuz.
Let’s go in the middle, let’s get in the middle.
Icardi hit the bar like an alcoholic. This is all mad to me.
Let’s get into the middle. Alex, well done boys, good attempts there. Alex, talk to me,
a little bit, through what happened there. First touch was terrible,
but I tried to bring a bit of finesse with outside the foot. I know, Wright, you saw
that. Volley, nice finish, bottom corner right, here, what do you think?
Beautiful. No, it wasn’t great.
It’s alright, it doesn’t matter. You could still go through, you never know, with the
wild card. You might make it. Icardi is funny. Icardi, you done well.
Thank you. I don’t speak English. Thanks. Love it, keeping it honest.
He kept it 100. Let’s take a look at some highlights. Oxlade kicking it in, but, you know what, nearly saved yourself. It was the money ball,
as well. You look disappointed. Let’s take a look
at an Icardi highlight, there’s quite a few, still.
Plenty of highlights from Icardi. Bang. Shout out to the keeper, though, he made a
bad-boy save at one point, though. I have to shout out to the keeper, respect the keeper.
Alright, let’s go over to the judges. Let’s talk to a man like Dave, my brother.
Yo. Do you reckon, because, obviously, you’ve
done big stage shows now, 20,000 people, it can get a little bit nervous. Do you think
the nerves got to Alex? Yes, you know what, it was a big stage, it
was difficult, the first touch mattered but it just wasn’t there.
It’s not here, you’re saying. You said he wasn’t here.
Sometimes you have those days, today was one of them.
Hey, I was a fan before, but I don’t know now.
He said he was buying the album, the mixed tape.
Not anymore. Alex, I’m going to chat to you after this,
me and you, away from all the cameras, sort this out.
Ian’s laughing. Do you know what? Can you show the camera your cards, please? I think
we can reveal the cards. Show them the cards you have, the 100 and the 500. There you go,
these were the people back home. You know, we kept it relevant, kept it Internet, just
saying. That was all your idea, by the way. Anyway,
let’s now move onto the big screen to find out what the scores are without the influence
of Facebook. I think we know what happens here. Wait a
minute. Wait.
Whoa. Whoa, this is tight, homie.
Alright, it’s the Internet age, let’s take it to Facebook, add the score. He’s
taken it. You nearly had him though, nearly. Look at that, that disappointing walk. That’s
The Green Mile walk, fam. Don’t worry, cuz, it’s all good.
You nearly had him. Remember, Alex can still go through as a wild
card. It’s time for us, now, to move onto-, I’ll let you.
You know what, it’s Alex Iwobi against André Silva. No pressure, Alex, home turf, no pressure.
So, remember guys, if you don’t hit the target you can’t get any points. You don’t
get any points, you’re going home early, it’s as simple as that. Five shots each.
Alex Iwobi, nice little trickery there with some-, easy save, a little back pass from
Alex Iwobi playing right back. Decent save, judges, don’t be afraid to
use the cards, geezers, don’t be afraid to use the cards.
If you see something you like judges, use the cards, you’ve got the cards.
So, the judges, Ian Wright, Didier Drogba, AJ from the Lane and Dave. They can give 100 or 500 points each. I don’t know why André Silva’s 750, that is a good save.
Alex Iwobi, bye bye goalkeeper, the keeper looking completely the wrong way, follow the
ball. Do not follow the eyes. I repeat, do not follow the eyes. This is Nike Strike Night.
Remember, if you’re at home, you can vote. All this is good. He did the hard part easy
and the easy part, he didn’t get that right at all. It’s Alex Iwobi representing the
side from North London, great control. Again, they should be giving out marks for technical
ability but very poor marks for finishing. The goalkeeper’s from Nike Academy. Another
great save. I tell you what, Alex Iwobi and André Silva are finding it very, very difficult
to get past our goalkeeper. This is attempt number four, Alex Iwobi, great control, and
he’s missed the target again. Alex Iwobi, is he actually trying to hit the target? Fans
of the side from the red half of North London, I’m very sorry. Okay, this is money ball time now. This round has been very challenging, let’s call it. Great skill from Alex Iwobi
but he’s missed the target again. I mean, I could have just recorded that and replayed
it. Okay, André Silva, one good finish now could be putting him through to the semi-finals.
Hit the target and it could be yours, this round. That’s good skills. Bang. That was
very cheeky, I don’t think there’s a limit on how close you can get.
Come in the middle, boys, come in the middle. That at the end was naughty, that was naughty
in the end, lost control, but he’s got more points.
We should have a go. Alex, though, what’s wrong with you man?
You’re trying to disappoint me tonight. Yes, I can’t ever lie, you have to give credit where credit’s due, the keeper did
his thing today, I can’t lie Keeper did do his thing.
So, you’re one of them guys that don’t accept responsibility, just say the keeper
done his thing. Keeper, well done, though, you did do your thing.
Well done keeper. Round of applause for the judges, as well, for the keeper.
Silva, just sum up your performance. Sum it up.
I can try but like he said, the goalkeeper was good, so I don’t know.
You know what, if I was a gaffer I couldn’t hear, I’m not on that. At that at half time.
He tried. ‘You know, the keeper was good.’ Get out
my club, cuz. The keeper Let me ask Hazard because he’s over here chilling out.
He’s going to Eden, in the VIP booth. Now, let’s be honest, and let’s been harsh,
did the keeper have a good day or were they just poor today?
Sorry, can you say it again? Did the keeper have a good game, or were they
bad? They are very bad.
Very bad. Alex, wait, can you take that from Eden, obviously
local rivals. Yes, well, local rivals, I’ll remember that. Same. Alex says he’s going to remember that.
Didier, talk to me, was the keeper on form today?
The keeper was okay, but, guys, step it up, you know.
Step it up. Ian, would you agree with Didier and say they’ve got to step it up?
You know what? I’m glad to see that they’re trying things, they’re trying, because what
people are scared of, to do, is they’re frightened to miss. Don’t be frightened
to try something and miss, just do it, it doesn’t matter.
Nike, just do it, go on, you put that in there. Just do it, man.
Alright, I don’t know if there are any highlights but let’s take a look anyway.
Let’s go through some highlights, come on then boys. Bad to that ball.
That was good. Basic he’s saying, basic.
Gazey. Hey, Silva, have you got anything gazey for me? Have you got a highlight from Silva? Tricks.
You know, that’s what I’m saying. You meant that, right?
You got that on a technicality. After the trick, the goalkeeper saved the
ball, so I tried – I didn’t shoot, and I shot after. That was a technicality though, that was your
technicality. I mean, let’s show the scores, right now, before Facebook. André in the
lead with that. Technicality, you are going through. However, let’s take it to Facebook
and see what is happening. I’m sorry Alex.
I’ll take my L and continue life. He said, ‘I’ll take my L and
continue life.’ Alright, Alex, you do your thing.
Boys, thank you very much, André see you in the semi-final.
My man got meaked, fam, look at that. Mad.
Super, alright. Now I feel we’ve seen everyone. We have.
It’s quite nice, but I think everyone’s thinking, ‘What are these men even playing
for?’ What are they playing for?
I call to the stage the legend that is DD Drogba, Didier Drogba.
Bring it out. Please come.
Bring it out. Legend…Legend
Legend in the game. Thank you, bro. Thank you.
The are playing for the belt that’s in Drogba’s hand. Can you spin round and show everyone
in the audience, please? That looks real. Zoom into that, show them.
Real, stirling. What’s that, 32-inch waist? Can I take that home after? No, I can’t.
Okay, no worries, so that’s what they’re playing for. So, that is what they are playing for. Didier,
from what you’ve seen so far, please tell me, who do you anticipate taking this one
home? I think Auba, Icardi, I think they’re there,
but the other guys, also, what I like is that they’re trying and, really, it’s not easy
to be there and trying. It’s not, trust me. Even here in the colosseum,
for me, I’m like rahh. You know, you put me there, I’d be like-,
you know. You know what, you’ve won a lot of silverware
in your career, how does this fair to your trophies? I mean, it’s something different.
Could they introduce this, maybe, into, like, leagues?
I think it’s different because, you know, it’s fun but it’s also a competition between
strikers, good strikers, very good players, so I think it’s also interesting to win
this one, you know. You know what, take the belt away. Let’s
see who is into the semi-final. Didier, thank you very much. Big round of applause for Didier Drogba, please, everyone. Man like legend, you know. Alright,
Vuj, I’ll leave you to announce our semi-finalists. Well, through to the first semi-final is Silva
against Icardi. However, we also, of course, have Pierre Aubameyang going through but who
is the wild card? I’ll let you reveal mine, you reveal the
whole thing. Wait, who is the wild card? You do something,
do the wild card. Alright, wonderful. The wild card with the
most cards, and the runner-up is, it’s, actually, blank.
It is blank. So, I’ll just show everyone now.
We’re having a moment, like last week there was a bit of a moment.
This is the Oscars, just in London. You know what, they haven’t put it in, we
haven’t actually planned this, however it should be a home favourite, it’s Oxlade-Chamberlain,
he’s made it through. Chamberlain has made it through, and he is
the wild card entry. We should walk off now, walk off and let the boys on here.
Yes. Icardi, Silva, do your thing.
Let the games begin. So, we’ve seen what the guys are playing
for. This is the first semi-final. André ‘The Fighter’ Silva. Great start from
him, the goalkeeper goes the wrong way. That’s 800 points slot into the bottom right-hand
corner. It’s not his go, look, he wants another go quickly. Icardi next up to the
oche, what can he give us? Can he get one in the top-bins? That’s a great finish,
looks like the boys are upping their game and getting a clean sweep of 100 bonus points
from each of our four judges. That’s great skill. Lovely finish, he tried something different.
The judges are involved now. I saw 500 from Didier Drogba. 500. Look, now, the boys aren’t
playing anymore, Icardi, what a strike straight out the boot, straight past the keeper. The
keeper had no chance. The judges are getting involved now. Look, they’ve got their score
cards. Didier’s already got 500 ready, does he know something we don’t? He’s not going
to give 500 for that, I’m sure. AJ Tracey giving that a thumbs down, that’s a par,
a definite par in grime parlance. Okay, here we go. Icardi slots it, so finishing’s
definitely better in this round, the first of our two semi-finals. André Silva now,
a great touch. Unlucky, he went for something, will the judges give him some? The judges
have given him bonus points for attempting something out of the ordinary. That’s what
we want, we don’t want just a little plain sailing. Nice touch. Someone needs to call
the physio. AJ Tracey giving him an upside-down double zero. Okay, it’s time for the money
ball, double points whoever scores on this one. You get it in the top-bin, right in the
corner away from the goalkeeper and you’re looking at 2,000 points. That’s good, that’s
great skills from André Silva. Pow, that is top-bin, in off the post, and it always
looks better when it comes off the post. So far André Silva, the highest individual score
of the night, currently sitting up 500, 5,950 points. Look, he’s already up to 7,350 and
that’s before we add the Facebook points. Man, stroll out.
Mad. Come in the middle, lads. Stroll out.
Come in the middle. Come in.
That was points galore. Bare points. Bare tricks, as well.
Thousands. Thousands, South American flavour.
André, talk to me, how did that go for you? That was good but I can do better.
Can do better, he says, he can do better. Can you translate?
What? For Icardi. Can you translate for Icardi, because you can speak in Argentinian? We are cold and we have to train more. They’re cold they’re saying, they’re
cold. They’re cold and they need to train more.
Do you agree, Mr Ian Wright? Do they need to train more?
I think they’re under a lot of pressure and they’re trying something, and that’s
the main thing. For me, strikers can’t fail, I don’t care.
Strikers cannot fail. Hey, Po, I’m seeing Drogba. Drogba, what
are you saying? 500. Yes, 500.
Can I ask you? Mad, Drogba gave the 500.
You’re all walking away. Is this a Craig David song? Why are you walking away for?
Hey, Harry, you man are moist fam, it’s alright, I don’t want to talk to you lot, anyway.
Drogba gave 500 for the strike in the top-bins. Did he? 500. I have to respect that highly.
Alright, shall we go and take a look at some highlights?
Let’s see the highlights. I want to see that shot again that his top-bins. Handball
there, handball. How dare you? I don’t know.
I don’t know. They gave you 50s. Alright, let’s take a
look at a highlight from Icardi. A little juggle, boom. Wallop.
Clean, clean strike. Alright, that’s enough highlights, that’s enough opinions, that’s
enough walking away from them lot. Let’s figure out who has got the most points without
the influence of Facebook. Wow…wow.
André Silva. I mean, we’re going to go to Facebook because, why not? You guys are
on Facebook, but you have smashed that. Guys, Facebook, let’s go to the Facebook, and
you’ve just topped up your tally. So far, the most points. Are you looking forward to
the final? Yes, I hope so.
Are you looking forward to the final? Yes, I look to the final and I hope to do
my better. Awesome, say nothing. Boys, well done. Mauro,
thank you very much. Thank you so much, boys. Let’s talk to the
judges one-by-one and just figure out, you know, what you think about everything you’ve
seen so far. Let’s start off with Dave. Dave, have you been impressed with this semi-final?
Serious quality there, from Silva, so yes, Serious. Serious quality. Icardi, as well. Yes, way better than the
last round. The last round. This next round that’s coming
up, AJ, what can these boys improve on from what they’ve seen previously?
You know what it is, yes? I feel like, it’s all good scoring in a goal, yes? Obviously,
these are professional footballers, we expect you to score in a goal, but I want to see
something spectacular, so when they try something spectacular, even if they miss, I’m going
to give them points because they’re trying, do you get me?
So, you feel like it’s not about scoring in this, it’s about attempting something.
It’s always about scoring. Always.
It’s always about scoring, but I want to see the flair, the finesse, come on. I want
to see it. So, it’s about putting on a show because
there are some people here, they’ve already seen them on television scoring.
You’ve got to put a show on, man. You’ve got to put a show on, isn’t it?
Man like Didier always put on a show, and you see the team I support.
Didier, give us that feedback. Let me just show you, because I can’t really
say it. What have you got to show me?
You’re showing him a secret tattoo. See that team there, you always put a show
against them. I hated you. I feel sorry for you, man.
My whole football career I hated you. I feel sorry for you.
I love you now. I feel sorry for you. What words of advice
would you give the next boys coming out right now? What bits of advice.
A big final about to come up, as well. Once again, I think they’ve been trying
a lot of tricks, and, also, you need to put the combination, like, skills and goals, you
know, and targets. I mean, it doesn’t mean anything until we
ask Mr Ian Wright, surely. So, Vuj, I’d like you to ask Ian Wright.
Yes, man, talk to me. What can they do for the final? Any tips for you as a top, top
striker in your career? Yes, what I’ve seen is, so far, you know,
people have had some good touches, and they’ve got into good positions and then they’ve
missed the target. Shouldn’t miss the target and they should be hitting the back of the
net, it shouldn’t bounce it. From this close, it should be hitting the back of the net.
You know what, what do you think about the goal, as well? Obviously, we didn’t have
this in your time, or in football in general. Shall we bring this into the game?
No. Them lot are old school.
Absolutely. We don’t want that technology around here.
No. Alright, let’s move onto the second semi-final
and, wait a minute. What are you saying, Po, what’s going on?
Have you got any information? I’ve got a little earpiece thing in, you
know what I’m saying. Man talking into my mind. Alright, so I’m going to tell you
lot there has been a change. So, we did say it’s going to be a Aubameyang versus Chamberlain.
Okay, you said that, we said that. Now, the man have thrown another wild card
in. Okay, what’s going on, now. Talk to me.
So, there are two wild cards now. What’s the second wild card?
It is going to be Chamberlain versus Marcus Rashford.
His helicopter has arrived. The winner plays Aubameyang, so you two bring
it out. It’s an extra round. Make some noise, please,
for the extra round, he has arrived. That’s the most noise. Chamber.
So, how about this? A bonus round in Strike Night. Marcus Rashford going head-to-head
with The Ox. I hope somebody’s explained the rules to Marcus Rashford. He’s going
to get five chances to beat our Nike Academy goalkeeper, the further away from the goalkeeper
he gets to the ball, bang. First attempt comes off the woodwork, looks sharp though. So, Alex
Oxlade-Chamberlain next up, The Ox. Will he be pull this one? He’s gone for the rabona,
and it’s gone into the stands, unlucky Ox. Neither player scoring with their first attempt.
Marcus Rashford, has he warmed up? We’ll see in a minute, he looks sharp, it’s a
good touch. Bang, he’s home. This is why his career has gone from strength to strength
so far, and getting three 100 bonus points from our judges. Dave held his one
the highest, I don’t know if he wanted to give him more than 100. Alex Oxlade, bang, what
a strike. One of the best strikes we’ve seen so far today, and like Ian Wright said,
it’s meant to go in and hit the back of the net, not drag across the floor. It’s
all going on at Strike Night. In this round we’ve got Marcus Rashford against The Ox.
Great clearance, I think he’s gone back and played right back, but Ian Wright, three
of the judges giving 100 bonus points there, for Marcus Rashford attempting something special.
What has The Ox got in his locker? A bad touch. That is a great-, that is one of the
best finishes of the night, Didier Drogba showing his appreciation, getting a high-five
and the same score from Ian Wright. This has been a very, very good round for Alex
Oxlade-Chamberlain, great control from Marcus Rashford, he was never going to miss that,
was he? Keeping the keeper low down, AJ Tracey and Dave handing out 100 bonus points. What’s The Ox doing? The Ox made that look very easy, maybe he’s injured himself, or maybe he’s busy.
Ian Wright, that’s upside-down right here, I don’t know what upside-down
500 means. Okay, so, now the boys, this is a great touch, he’s coming in hard, Marcus
Rashford. Around the world, yes, he’s nearly left the ball in another country. He still got
a finish. Marcus Rashford playing five-a-side on his own there. Get the ball down to shoot.
Okay, Ox, this one’s got to come in high, what have you got for us? Good chest. Oxlade-Chamberlain, he’s been in the lead so far, this is great skill but he’s failed to hit the target.
Mandem, come, okay. Come here, Marcus. Come here, stand here,
next to me. Wait, can we just find out, where have you been?
It was a bit cold, though. It was a bit cold.
Is it more difficult than when you’re here? I mean, obviously, you see people doing it,
is it more difficult when you actually get in the arena yourself?
No, I think it’s alright, to be fair. Obviously, a bit cold and that though, so, next round.
Yes, well, you tried. You know what, fam, thank you for coming.
It’s alright. It’s a nice one to see you.
Hey Alex, talk to me my brother, take the mic.
Go on, Ox, just tell us. To be fair, I think I should have just come
and done your job. Man, okay.
Do you know, I’m just a touch finish, all these flicks and kicks got the better of me.
Wrighty, keep it simple like you, that’s what I wanted, but you tell me round-the-worlds,
you got in my head. Man, I didn’t, just do it. Nike, just do
it. I tried, I’m sorry. I let you down, I did.
You never let me down. I even had this ready for you.
Top-bins, I love it. You had the t-shirt ready.
You had the tee ready. You had the t-shirt and you never revealed
it. You did chip the keeper, it was a nice goal though.
It’s a nice finish, Po. Bro, it weren’t top-bins. Ian Wright’s disappointed, bro. Let’s ask Dave, because
Dave has for a Marcus Rashford lyric. Talk to me, Dave. Yo, I just want to say big up Rashford on
the shots, I appreciate that. Good effort from Chamberlain, I appreciate the chip but,
you know, that’s what I’m about. You know, Rashford gave it to me, that’s
all I can say, is Rashford gave it to me. Anything to answer, there?
No, just it’s good we’ve got fans out here, so.
There you go, fans are out here. Ian.
Sorry, I didn’t even hear. You didn’t hear what Marcus said.
Yes, what Rashford said. Marcus.
I just said it’s good we’ve got fans out here, isn’t it?
Yes. Respect.
You just wanted them to hear that, right? We’re going to have some highlights, though.
I want to see some highlights of a few of their shots, especially that cheeky chip.
Marcus took it in, another ball flew in, smacked it, well done. I’m going to
give you the mic again, let me give it to you. Talk me through your highlights coming
up. I think it’s a very bad touch, there it
is, and I thought, ‘I’ve got to bring something out here.’ I forgot I did that.
You forgot you did that. You forgot you did that.
You forgot you done that. Alright, Ian, what do you reckon? Who do you
reckon is going to nick this one? No bias, but I think Ox’s chip might have
just nicked it for him. I think it’s unfair for Rash to have to come in and not be warm,
and go straight in first, as well. What do you think, D? He shouldn’t have gone
first, man, the Rash, but I have to give it to The Ox, because of the chip.
Man, you know what though, the results are actually in.
Alright, the results are in, people. The results are in. The person that is going to play Aubameyang
now, Vuj, reveal. It’s not on the screen, we just got it in our ear.
I got in my ear. Vuj.
The next semi-final will be Marcus Rashford against Aubameyang. Marcus, go get ready,
bro. Chamberlain, come walk with me.
What did you say? It’s a fix.
He’s saying it’s a fix. It’s not a fix, man.
He’s saying it’s a fix. It’s Aubameyang. Aubameyang has not had
a kick in anger for a while, let’s see what he’s got. That was going to be such a sexy
finish, it was a great bit of skill, getting some love from our judges, AJ from the Lane,
and Dave. Okay, Marcus Rashford, that was cheeky. That was cheeky from Marcus Rashford,
everybody loved it. I think there’s a little bit of bias going in from Dave, something
to do with the team that he supports and the team that he supports is the team that Marcus
Rashford plays for. Aubameyang, no goals from two strikes. Marcus Rashford’s got a clear
lead at the moment, 1,450 points. It’s a great save from the Nike Academy keeper, going
low to his left. Didier Drogba, what are those bonus points for? The goalkeeper. I don’t
know. So, here we go, it’s the Masked Finisher, what on Earth is Aubameyang doing? Many people’s
pre-tournament favourite, he’s the one with the fancy haircut. You don’t get any points
for having a nice trim in this game, however. Marcus, Rashford, can he keep his good form
and score going? He misses the target, so Aubameyang has a chance, now, to close the
gap on Marcus Rashford. Something tells me he’s going to score here, he’s looking
focused, he’s got the ball up. He’s sliced it, it’s over the bar. The judges not impressed,
sitting on their hands, no bonus points. You guys back home, remember on Facebook, you
can vote for your favourite finish. Another great save from our Nike Academy goalkeeper.
Get your votes in now, it’s time for the money ball, double the points. Pierre-Emerick
Aubameyang needs this one to hit the onion, and he could go top-bins. He’s
missed the target, he does get 100 bonus points for technical ability from Dave. What can
Marcus Rashford do here now? He’s taken it on his head, fifteen touches, keeper’s
taken him out. It’s a pen, ref. It’s got to be a penalty. Look at that, that was a good effort. Is he alright?
Come to the middle, Marcus. Was that a pass?
Was it a pass? What happened?
Pass. He wasn’t happy with the pass, then. Auba,
Marcus, come in. Vuj, kick it off, my brother.
Marcus, talk to me. What is it? The pass wasn’t good from the machine.
The pass wanted him to win, basically, so not much I can do, but, you know, penalty kick, as
well, by the way. The pass from the machine wasn’t
good enough. It wanted Auba to win. Pierre Aubameyang, are you confident you’re
going through to the final? Sorry?
Are you confident of going through to the final?
Yes, why not? Talk me through the hair, though. Ask about
the hair. Alright, Vuj wants to know about the hair.
Talk to Po. How do you do that?
Sorry? The hair, what was the inspiration? Final.
Yes, about Hypervenom three, that’s it. That hair says, ‘I’m going to the final.’ Let’s talk to Didier. Didier, Ian, talk
to me about what you just saw, because, right now, this is for the chance to go through
to the final to play Silva. You know what I see with this, especially
with Pierre-Emerick’s overhead, because it’s so close, because they’ve got to
manufacture it themselves, it’s really difficult to get it, because it’s so close to the
goal. So, I’m just happy to see them trying to do this stuff, it’s brilliant. The goalkeeper,
man, Andre The Giant is brilliant. Andre’s good.
Sign him up. Don’t worry, I’ll get you
that contract, you know. I’m going to chat to Didier after this. Didier, can we get him
a contract? Andre, come.
Andre, we’ll get you a contract. He deserves that.
Wicked, man. Andre’s been killing it.
Andre, we got you. Respect.
Is he one of the stars of the night for you, Didier?
Sorry? Is he one of the stars of the night for you?
Yes, I think he is, you know. He did some great saves, I think he is.
Alright, I have to ask AJ, I have to ask Dave, who do you think is going through to the final?
Aubameyang. You’re saying Aubameyang. I think, Rashford,
I don’t know if you scored that much. He’s the Simon Cowell of this team.
How many did Aubameyang score? It’s about the tekkers, as well, though.
Not saying I don’t rate your tekkers, obviously you’ve got tekkers still, but, you get me.
No, I hear you, but I don’t hear it at the same time, you know what I’m saying.
Let’s go to the replays and see what the replays are saying.
Rashford’s goal, man, the one where he sat the goalkeeper down. Let’s just show these replays.
Yes. Aubameyang. Off the bar, it wasn’t going in for him.
That was cheeky, though. Let’s take a look at the Rashford highlight, surely. He sent
the keeper to the sweet shop, cuz. Are you alright, Don? Did you break an ankle?
That was cheeky, you know, you sent it the wrong way.
I do it against defenders, so I just thought I’d try it against the goalkeeper.
You took him to the shops, he went voof. He went to East London.
Alright, can we please take a look at the screen to find out who’s won?
Who’s the winner? Rashford, it seems like you are going to go through. Well, let’s take it
to Facebook, anyway. Facebook, who have you given your 500 points to? It went to Aubameyang,
but Marcus, you did win that, you are through to the final, make your way – please get ready.
Well done Rashford, he is through to the final, he shall be playing Silva.
Bruv, he came late. He came late, and he’s rocked up and he’s in the final.
Alright, now it’s time for us to announce each player to the final. Vuj, I’ll let
you do the left and I’ll do the right. Who have I got here on my left? I can’t
even see him? Is this André Silva? Silva’s right there, cuz.
I can’t even see him. There he is, he’s parked up. The first finalist, can you please
walk into the middle? It’s André Silva. Man likes Silva coming for that silverware,
my G. The second finalist, he came late on a helicopter,
it doesn’t matter because he’s trying to come for this thing, it is, man like Rashford.
Marcus against André. I mean, how can we make this, you know, more interesting?
I think, the only way to make this more epic is to have the-, and the keepers have been
fantastic. They have been great.
How it’s time to bring in someone that’s really going to give them some problems.
Is that Spiderman? Spiderman. Keeper, come forward, don’t even say too
much. Let them know you’re here. Move, cuz, go like that.
That’s why he’s my G. He’s known as the tarantula, the end of level boss. Will
you be able to beat him? It’s Thibaut Courtois.
Now, Silva, Rashford, you’re going to have to score past man like Courtois.
Thibault, talk to me, how can they beat you? Well, if they score it won’t be easy. Won’t be easy.
Won’t be easy, cuz. Wont’ be easy, they say.
I’ve been waiting for that one. Alright, Vuj, say the famous words.
Let the games begin. So, it’s the grand final of Nike Strike
Night, which is Marcus ‘Rapid-Fire’ Rashford against André ‘The Fighter’ Silva, who
is going to go first after a very good round. He flew through, and now up against it, that
was so close. That was going top-bins from André Silva, a very good strike. I’m not
sure if the judges will give him bonus points, there. Marcus Rashford with a chance to go
in front, and this is what happens when you put an end of level boss in like Thibaut Courtois,
the players try too hard and they miss the target. Yet to be beaten, Courtois, this is
sexy. It’s wide from André Silva, fighting to get it inside the post but not managing.
Marcus Rashford up next, this is his second attempt of five, the machine serves the
ball. Bang, the goal keeper goes the wrong way, the ball goes in with some velocity.
Great strike some Rashford, 175 points on the scoreboard. André Silva under a little
bit of pressure now. It’s not a great touch from him but he’s got the ball up in the
air, there’s a round the world or two. Pow, ladies and gentlemen, that has got to get
some points from the judges, and up they go. Ian Wright, AJ Tracey and Dave all appreciating
André Silva’s technique, there. What can Marcus Rashford answer with, now? Left foot,
right foot? That has got to get bonus points. No, our judges are not impressed. So, André
Silva, now, can he beat the man that is Thibault Courtois, one of the best goalkeepers in the
world, and this is what happens. That goal must look like a five-a-side goal with Courtois
in it. Didier Drogba with a ball in hand. He wants to have a go, look, he really is
itching to have a go. One touch finish from Rashford, that’s got to get some points
from the judges. No one’s attempted a one touch finish. AJ Tracey and Dave appreciating
the technique. Now it’s the money ball, double points, if this one scores. André
Silva double points, could that be the one that makes him the Strike Night champion?
For the second round in succession it’s a great score from André Silva, what has
Marcus Rashford got? Wow, I think that’s a zero. Can you get zero points, minus points,
in this game? Mad. Boy. Boy.
Boy. Give them both a big round of applause, people. Please, give them a big round of applause.
Well done to the finalists. Vuj.
I mean, Marcus, bro, talk to me. I know, I let myself down a bit at the end
but, you know, good fun, second place, it’s alright, it’s better than last.
You came in late and you’re second, I think that’s not too bad, but André Silva, bro,
doesn’t seem like you’ve ended up with silver.
Big man, you really want this silverware, don’t you?
Yes, it was a great player, but I took the chance in the last take and I scored a good
score, and I’m happy for that. Vuj, have a word with Courtois because he
did come in as a special guest. Thank you so much for coming.
Tell me, that goal he scored past you, bang on That was very good, but, I think, in the beginning they were afraid, you know. Everything
gets on the side, you know. You’re saying they were too scared to try
anything too good. Everybody, let’s come in behind, there. VIPs, come in behind us,
please. Judges, come in behind us, please. Andre, come as well, cuz. Keepers, come.
Andre deserves to be in this, as well. Come through.
Yes, man. You contributed, you were there, bruv. Come in, get involved. Well played,
man, you contributed. Alright, so we have everyone that participated, involved, we just
need to announce the winner. I’ve always wanted to do this.
We can’t guarantee who it is, for the simple fact that the last rounds have been quite
unpredictable. Ian, talk to me, man. Didier, where’s the belt, bro?
Didier’s got it, but Ian. Yes.
Talk to me, final. What about it?
Was it a good final? Was that good
Was it tight? I didn’t see enough goals, man.
No, no goals. I want to see goals.
No, no goals, we want to see goals. Dave, do you agree? Did you not see enough
goals, because you’re the harshest. I wanted more goals. Yes, man, I wanted more
goals. More goals, too.
So, they’re in agreement, they wanted more goals.
We saw some good stuff. My man’s a baller.
Baller. All I’m saying is this, yes? He’s repping a tattoo.
Little bit, just let me know, cuz. Anyway, Vuj.
You know what, I’ve got to grab him by the hand before we do this, I think we know who has
won. No, grab Rashford though, because we never
know. Marcus, come here.
We think we know, but we don’t know. Come here, we’ve got to do this properly.
Let’s let the screen reveal, who the winner of Strike Night is. Oh my, do you know what?
Let’s just add Facebook for good measure. Oh my God. Well, the winner of Strike Night,
first ever Strike Night in London happens to be, André Silva.
Champion. Didier, give the man his belt, he deserves that. You are the winner tonight,
André, you’re taking it home. How does that feel for you?
Yes, I’m feeling good and, don’t forget, I’m The Fighter, man.
Fighter, he’ll be back here next year to defend his title. Thank you, guys, for tuning
in online all round the globe. Everybody here in the building, massive round of applause
for yourselves, as well. Thank you for watching myself and Vuj, and
shout out everyone involved. Shout out everyone in the building from Section, to AJ, to Dave,
to Youngan. Take care everyone, and most importantly, Vuj, three words.
Have a nice.

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