Nike Football Presents: Neymar Jr – Born Mercurial

Nike Football Presents: Neymar Jr – Born Mercurial

My playing style is different. My playing style is certainly from the street. I am a guy who really doesn’t like losing. My talent brought me here And, I believe my personality. The crowd say that you are lacking in respect Or that you want to make fun of your opponent, I always want to express myself with the ball. It gives me joy. My idols played like this. As well as scoring goals, they put on a show. I will never change my playing style.

66 thoughts on “Nike Football Presents: Neymar Jr – Born Mercurial

  1. Just glad he will be healthy for the World Cup !! Y’all may try to hate but can’t deny his legendary talent he’s must watch TV!!

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  3. Olá meu nome é Matheus
    Meu ídolo é o Neymar
    queria conhecer ele meu sonho
    Meu sonho Também é ser jogador
    e ser patrocinado pela Nike e ter uma chuteira da Nike também esse é meu sonho

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