Nigeria street football players on: Africa Cup of Nations, 2013

Nigeria street football players on: Africa Cup of Nations, 2013

(Africa Cup of Nations – only on BattaBox) It’s not like they can try, they are going there to collect the cup I support Nigeria a little bit , simply because
its my country, but i support Nigeria I would rate Nigeria 60%, why is that most of our boys
are home boys, and they don’t have nation’s cup experience Our coach Stephen Keshi dropped most of our experienced players It’s because of lack of football pitch , you know
there are too many teams here in Lagos So we manage the ones we use and as you can
see, this is an 8 aside field for us Today it’s scheduled for us this morning thats why we choose to play here Yes right about there, there is a football pitch there, and
Bariga C.M.S primary school there is a football pitch there So we play To me i don’t really bother seeking for a job, because football
is in my blood, that’s what i’ve chosen right from time That’s why i didn’t bother to search for a job out there. Yes, that’s what i’ve chosen , that’s why i didn’t
further my education after my ND in 2006 If God says so i’d like to Yes, i wish to , that’s part of my dream That’s because our Local teams are not upgraded to
the standard of our International teams And we can’t watch our International or Local league
on TV , but on DSTV we can Mostly they do show it, but it’s not packaged well Not that we can’t, we can but we are not spending the money. Sometimes we
go and watch our local leagues, we see nobody on the pitch But if you watch Europe, the atmosphere, the training,
the grass e.t.c, you will love it Not that i don’t have a local league i’m supporting , i’m supporting Eyimba,
But i love Barcelona.
(Africa Cup of Nations – only on BattaBox)

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