NGS “Ep43” – (Kunio’s Football Games 1 كابتن عمر – القسم الأول)

NGS “Ep43” – (Kunio’s Football Games 1 كابتن عمر – القسم الأول)

Hello everyone. I’m really excited. I have waited for very long to reach this episode Me too! “Laughing” What do you want? I was excited for this episode because I was going to talk about a game I was excited to talk about You are not the only excited one. I, too, love this game which you are going to talk about No one asked for you in this episode. Join any other episode except today’s Argh, I have bad news for you. You are not the one to make decisions here. Anyway, if you insist, I will teach you a tough lesson before you present the episode alone It’s OK. Calm down! You know what? You and I will present this episode together. What do you think? Yes, this is a wonderful idea What a dilemma?! Yes! *Laughing* It is a dilemma that you deserve. *Laughing* Before I talk about the games, we will first talk about the main character which appeared in 1986. This character was known in the Arab World as Omar or Captain Omar. There were other different names, but the most common name was Captain Omar. The reason why the main characters was named so is unknown till now. Was it because he resembled Omar from Captain Majid series? Who knows? The character’s name in the west is Alex. Anyway, the character’s real name is Kunio or Kunio-kun. “Kun” is a Japanese word that means “Mr.” or “Sir”. To explain correctly, it is an addressing name. We will call him Kunio. Kunio is a student in Nekketsu High School and he is in his third year and he doesn’t accept his school to offended. He is considered a school guardian and he constantly defends it against other schools. Although he is not always a top student and always makes mischief, he doesn’t accept any his colleagues and his teachers to be bullied. That’s why they are always kind to him and respect him. Kunio is distinguished in being strict, stubborn and bravery. In addition, he has a professional leadership personality and not just that. He is more experienced in martial arts and sports than his colleagues. Notice that he has lots of sports games. What’s strange is that the character’s full name is unknown and we always hear the first name only. This isn’t important, anyway. What’s also interesting is that Kunio has manga and we are curious to read it, because we adore this character a lot. Anyway, aside from that, Kunio was an iconic character for Techno Japan Corporation and he got a big collection of games and this character was very famous in Japan at that time until Techno Japan closed down in 1996. The last game for Kunio was Super Dodge Ball on Neo Geo which is considered one of the top and professional games on the console. This game is considered to be the best game for the dodge ball sport. The character went on hiatus for a long time after that until it was revived in 2004 after Atlus had acquired the rights of the character and its exclusivity. It released a package for his old games on Game Boy Advance. Arc System Works continued the work on Kunio after Atlus and this company is known for its famous fighting games like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is not re-releasing his old games in enhanced versions and there are also totally new games for the character. Personally, we don’t have a problem with the enhanced or the modern versions of these games. They are welcome all the time since it was part of our childhood. Kunio’s very first appearance was in the arcades and his first was in Beat’em Up genre. After that he moved to dodge ball and obtained a lot of various sports games. What’s surprising is that most games are excellent and entertaining, because side games are mostly modest or bad. Anyway, this is a matter of opinion. Aside from that, the most popular games for us here in the Arab World are the football games and we will mainly focus on them in this episode The first game in the football series on Famicom in 1990. The game’s name is “Doju boru bu sakka nekketsu hen”. The name is too difficult to pronounce. Anyway, the right translation is “Nekketsu High School Dodge Ball Club Soccer”. The game was also released on multiple consoles, but we will talk about the Famicom version. The game’s story revolves around Omar and his colleagues at school competing with other schools in football and aiming at winning the tournament. From now onwards, I will use the name “Omar”, because it is the name we are familiar with. Before you enter the match, you can set the players formation and any player can be the goalkeeper and it is not necessary to have a special goalkeeper, because this game doesn’t follow the rules and not realistic. After you have assigned the players, you adjust the computer’s setting and then the match will begin. The first thing you will notice in the graphics is that all character models largely look like Dragon Ball’s character models. In the stance at least, because this is originally Techno Japan’s style. As for the gameplay, this game is different from other football games especially the realistic ones. You control only one player during the match and you can not switch to another player. You want the truth? This is easier for the player to not confuse and switch to another player. Sometimes, you won’t know if you have switched to the right player or not. The camera always follows the camera and if you lose your player, there is a field map below that shows where you are. You are fine here. It is true that you don’t control other players, but you can give them orders as a captain to shoot the ball or pass it to you. A to command them pass and B to command them shoot. When the ball is in your possession, A to pass to another player and B to shoot it. When the ball is with your opponent, A to hit him hard and B to slide against him. You can give the same order to the other team members when the ball is with the opponent. The gameplay so far is simple. Yes, we are not done yet! Among the things you can do is the super shot and there are 2 methods to perform it. When the ball is with you, every player has a specific number of steps which he has to move in them and later shoots to make it a super shot, but honestly, I see this method to be difficult. For me at least! There is an easier method in which you pass the ball to another player, and then give him an order to re-pass it to you in an arial way. Once the ball reaches you, press A and B together at the same time and you will perform it easily. Keep in your consideration that each player has his own stamina bar to perform the super shot and each player in the Nekketsu team has his own super shot unlike the opponents who have the same shot among their players. Let me add that there are some field you play on with special grounds. There is the grass ground, the hard ground, the sand ground and etc… but the most annoying ground is the ice ground, because it makes you slide for a longer range and makes skid on your opponents. The other annoying ground is the sand ground with tiny rocks and these rocks hurt the players for some reason. You need to pay attention to then while you run on the field. What’s nice in the game is that it supports multiplayer in the tournament mode and the other player is with you in your team. There is also the exhibition match and the challenge match against another player. Anyway, back to the tournament mode, the other opponents from the other schools have their own speciality or specific field. For example: the nerds team or the educated, the street gang team, ghostbusters team, fishermen team, ninja team, construction labors teams and etc… The last team is the most difficult team which is specialized in martial arts and their shot is a banana. I don’t know why! Anyway, despite the game’s simplicity, it is very entertaining and distinguished from other football games. Let’s talk about the cons. If the final result is draw with the opponent, you will be considered totally lost and there are no penalty kicks, therefore, make sure you always win. Secondly, when you play in the friendly match mode, you can select all teams that you face in the tournament mode. Thirdly, you are the only one in your team who can perform the super shot along with the second play if he joins you. The CPU in your team doesn’t perform it. Whereas any player from the opponent’s team can perform the super shot! You feel this thing is unfair, but if you think about it, they want you to face a challenge. Anyway, the game in general is excellent. Now let me talk about the US version of the game. Some of you may not know this, but this game was released in the US under the name Nintendo World Cup. This version was published by Nintendo. The difference between it and the Japanese version is that when you play the tournament mode, you can choose the team you want, but here they made them in national teams. You can choose the main team or any other team. For your information, the main team is the USA. Captain Omar or Kunio has become a rival here, but he is the Japan team and you will face them sooner or later. What’s odd in this version is that you choose a specific team with fixed character models and the difference is in the moves. Anyway, this version is better than the Japanese version in 2 elements. The first element like we mentioned, you can play as all teams in the single player mode and the second element is its support to 4 players in the exhibition match mode and this is a nice addition lacked in the Famicom version. We can say the US version is slightly better and it was only released on the NES and Game Boy. Now let’s talk about the Japanese version for the TurboGrafix 16 or the PC Engine in Japan which was released one year after the Famicom version. The graphics in this version are beautiful, sharper and there are also more details in the animation, but it is honestly different from the Famicom version in terms of content. The game is the same. What’s special about it is that it has cutscenes with voice acting, but you will not understand anything from what is being said, but this version in general is better than the Famicom version and what prevents who owns the console from buying it We’re done with the episode and… Stop you cheater! There is a version you didn’t talk about it He caught me! I wanted to talk about it alone in an independent episode and take my time in it In an independent episode? Make them all in one episode to make easier for the others you selfish reviewer! Anyway, let’s get started. The Mega Drive version! *Laughing* We will talk about the best version ever. It is the Sega Genesis version or to say it correctly, the Japanese Mega Drive version. This version was released in 1992 and the name of the Mega Drive version is Nekketsu High School Soccer. The name is even shorter and easier than the Famicom version! “Laughing” Anyway, the Mega Drive version has differences in terms of gameplay. Before we head there, this game’s feature is in the presentation which is different from the Famicom version. For example: look at the settings screen before the match and even the players formation screen. You can view each player’s image which makes it easier for you differentiate them and plan the suitable formation for your team unlike the Famicom version which only displays the text names without images which makes it difficult for you to differentiate between the players, because of the Japanese characters. Unless, you are good at memorizing the text characters which is a matter of time until you get used to the names. We will talk now about the gameplay system. The graphics without a doubt are better than the graphics in the Famicom version, but it is not better than the graphics in the PC Engine version which is distinguished by its sharpness and details. Despite that, the graphics are not the key element in the gaming world. Especially when we talk about 16-bit consoles. Aside from the graphics, the animation and the speedy framerates in this version are more accurate than the other versions and it runs on 60 frames which makes it very playable. Now, let’s move to the unique gameplay system. You will notice a power gauge in the square that belongs to the team you control and it is a special gauge for charging. The super shots system here is not similar to the system in the Famicom and PC Engine versions. The system uses charging. To charge, you need to hold B constantly and the gauge will fill up. Once it is complete, press A and the player will perform the super shot. You will notice a flame coming out the back of the player, if you don’t notice the power gauge. You can also use the nice power gauge to tackle your opponent and snatch the ball from them. There are many other moves in shooting and tripling. This depends on you holding to a specific direction in the D-pad and it is a special feature. Honestly, this engine is much better than the engine of the Famicom and the PC Engine engines and it is the most practical system, because counting the number of steps to perform a super shot is not practical and you may miss in counting sometimes. However, you have to pay attention to one point. When you keep charging without releasing the button, your player will burn and fall on the ground. You have to be careful when you charge. This is everything for the gameplay system. Important to mention that the Mega Drive version has a strong feature. In the exhibition matches mode, or to say correctly, the versus mode, you can select all teams and you play them all unlike the Famicom version which gives you a limited number of teams. “Laughing” The owners of the Famicom version are truly miserable, because the Mega Drive version enables everything for the player. It is true that you will not know the desired team because of the language, but this will not deny the fact that this version has more content and it is a matter of time until you get used to the names. What is a flaw in this game is its lack of 4-player multiplayer mode and it is limited to 2 players at maximum, but let us be realistic. This isn’t a fatal flaw. Whoever wants the best version of the first game, has to get the Mega Drive version without hesitation. Most gamers originally played the Mega Drive version for the console’s popularity at that time. The other versions were not famous here, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to buy them only for the sake of adding them to your collection “Laughing” This is it for the first game. Wait for us in the second part in which we will talk about the second game which is without a doubt much better that the first. See you soon There is a second part? How lucky am I? Don’t tell me that you want to join me in the second part, too? Yes! I say it proudly. I will join you in the second part as well That’s enough for you. You have appeared in this episode For the second time, you are not the own who makes the decisions here. Randy Orton! Come here! No! No! It’s OK! Go away! Alright then.. You will be with me in the second part An obedient reviewer “Laughing”

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