NFL Week 1 preseason overreactions: We were wrong about Daniel Jones | SportsPulse

NFL Week 1 preseason overreactions: We were wrong about Daniel Jones | SportsPulse

Football is back! Yeah, I know it’s just pre-season, and in two and a half seconds, we’re gonna be ready for it to be over. Let’s just be real. Pre-season is a small
appetizer to the main course. Like getting escargot
at a fancy restaurant, let’s enjoy this tiny sample size. And more importantly, overreact. We start with Daniel Jones! Yes. Daniel Plain milquetoast from Duke Jones. He was actually lights out. And at least for one week,
validated Gettleman’s giant risk. I can’t lie. He looked fantastic. Eli even agrees. As good as Jones looked,
that’s how bad Haskins looked at times against the Browns. He had some good, some bad, some ugly. Definitely some ugly. There’s no doubt that he’s got a cannon, but his decision-making
and his accuracy shows that he’s still very
much a work in progress. At least the Skins have
Keenum and Colt McCoy. Oh, and what about Kyler’s debut? It was short, but very impressive. Kinda like Kyler. Definitely need to see more soon. And how about those sophomore QBs? Baker and his ‘stache look scary good. And Cleveland’s wide
receiver depth looks unreal. Do not sleep on Callaway and Higgins. As for that other QB in New York, Sam Darnold looked polished
in his one series of work, and clicked right away with his
new weapon, Jamison Crowder. Rosen made his debut in Miami, and it looked a lot like
his play in the desert. Running for his life, throwing
to guys I’ve never heard of. The other sophomore QBs
fared relatively better in Buffalo and in Baltimore. And your defending champs? Well, the Patriots
looked like the Patriots. Going back to rookie QBs, quite the impressive
start for Jarrett Stidham. Did Belicheck find another Garoppolo? Who knows? But by playing under Bill and Tom, Jarrett is all but guaranteed to get hype. Another guy that should get some hype? David Montgomery. There’s a reason that the Bears were so comfortable trading Jordan Howard. Montgomery is a name
you need to keep in mind when you’re drafting your fantasy team. Sleeper! While everyone will focus on
the rookie and sophomore QBs, an injury to the Eagles’ backup QB could have the biggest
ramifications on the regular season. Nate Sudfeld is carted
off with a broken wrist. Not good. And if, I mean, sorry, when Carson Wentz gets inevitably hurt, Foles isn’t gonna be there to save you. Just Cody Kessler and Clayton Thorson. I actually know a guy who’s available. But in the meantime,
stick with sports polls. Your heartbeat to what’s
trending in sports.

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