NFL WEEK 1 PICKS 2019-2020 Early Football picks and predictions

NFL WEEK 1 PICKS 2019-2020 Early Football picks and predictions

NFL WEEK 1 PICKS 2019-2020 Early Football picks and predictions
NFL Schedule – 2019
NFL Games I will be talking about today
Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Thursday September 5th 2019 7:20 PM NBC Soldier Field, Chicago
Sunday, September 8
12:00 PM CBS First Energy Stadium, Cleveland
12:00 PM CBS Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens
Minnesota 12:00 PM FOX U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis
New York
12:00 PM CBS Met Life Stadium, East Rutherford
12:00 PM Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia
Los Angeles
12:00 PM Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte
Kansas City
Jacksonville 12:00 PM CBS TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville
Los Angeles
3:05 PM CBS Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson
3:05 PM CBS Century Link Field, Seattle
New York
3:25 PM FOX AT&T Stadium, Arlington
Arizona 3:25 PM FOX State Farm Stadium, Glendale
San Francisco
Tampa Bay
3:25 PM FOX Raymond James Stadium, Tampa
New England
7:20 PM NBC Gillette Stadium, Forbore
Monday, September 9
New Orleans 6:10 PM ESPN Mercedes-Benz Super dome, New Orleans
9:20 PM ESPN Oakland Coliseum, Oakland what we do here does go back it is a Minnesota please that’s right
that’s right and who do I got next to me I got the Minnesota hope that’s right
the Minnesota home because it’s springtime and we gonna be doing all
kinds of yard work all kinds of landscaping inside work we’re gonna be
jumping up on the roof and doing some roof work woo but anyhow what is on the
beasts brain today I got a bell on the brink guess what we only got 16 more
weeks 16 more weeks and you’re like oh she’s a 16 more weeks so we’re gonna be
talking about football every week and then then snow comes again and I had
enough of snow this past season up let me put this whole away hey now what
are we on here talking about today we’re going to talk about week one and it NFL
picks and predictions whoa sixteen weeks in advance that’s right for NFL week one
September 8 I mean sorry so to her 8th 9th and the 5th that’s
right first video I’ve done in a long time it’s been just a crazy crazy hectic
hectic hectic end of the year going into the spring here in Minnesota we had
crazy weather as many others and other cities and towns and states but every
year I like to get a little preseason and NFL kickoff so whatever we’re at
my guys talk about my top by week 1 NFL picks not two preseason games the actual
week one all the way till the end of the year so since it is 16 weeks till
kickoff this works out perfect right last year I was around 75% on my early
predictions let’s hope we can do that again I’m
gonna be glancing over here on the computer that you’re at the computer
because I’m off I haven’t done this for a while but we have that Green Bay
Packers going in on the fifth the play of the Chicago Bears for week one I like
the Packers in this and I like Chicago Bears in this but I really I really like
the Bears in this I see the Bears playing very well starting off the
season again and they do win at home the next game we have the Atlanta Falcons
going into play my Minnesota Vikings part of me actually wants to go with
Atlanta and this because I don’t see the my Minnesota Vikings starting off this
season super strong I see them starting off and then climbing the ladder as the
week’s go but I’m going to put a lock pick on my Minnesota Vikings to start
out the season hopefully with the win at home but like I said it’s a borderline
pick all that you could really do this but I’m going with the Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Bills New York Jets woo early predictions early predictions New York
Jets over the Buffalo Bills New York Jets at home over the Buffalo Bills the
Washington Redskins plan some of my friends that’s right they’re
Philadelphia eagles brothers/sisters is about while since i
record so if I start coughing and bobbin that’s just that crap happens
right I’m taking the Eagles that’s right the Philadelphia Eagles for week one to
beat those Washington Redskins and if anybody knows the Beast any time I go
against the Washington Redskins they freaking upset me and win if I pick the
Washington Redskins they upset me and lose but I hope my Eagles they they they
do it they do it and they do it well well I will bear by summer and spring
goes going good for the start off and if you’re on the opposite
side of the country and you’re shoveling snow well that sucks I already had
enough of it so you can just shovel away anyhow next game we got to talk about
Indianapolis Colts and the LA Chargers woo gut feeling says I should take the
LA Chargers since they’re at home but my brain says I’m taking the upset of the
Indianapolis Colts for week 1 to upset the LA Chargers at home New York Giants
big game good game New York Giants week 1 going into Dallas
Cowboys who won 2nd week 1 starting off like that you know how I am I drink my
morning coffee let’s come back to that game that’s a hell of a matchup to
start off the week 1 Detroit Lions Arizona Cardinals I wasn’t pleased how
either team played last year part of me wants to go with those Cardinals
they’re at home but you know what I gotta go with lions I gotta go with the
lines I’m taking the Detroit Lions over Arizona Cardinals on the road for week 1
NFL picks for the 8th I believe that will be on the eighth let me
double-check yes that’s at 8 o’clock or I’m sorry right now it’s considered at
3:30 Central Pacific or central time zone see I’ve been recording a long time
I can’t I can’t even talk I can’t talk can’t see Chiefs next game Kansas City
Chiefs playing the Jay wires the jaguars at home the Jacksonville Jaguars and the
Chiefs to juice um I would be stupid right now right look at that I’m ready
starting to talk like that star this year I’d be stupid to take that not to
take the Chiefs but you know what I’m gonna be stupid I’m gonna put my money
on the Jacksonville Jaguars to upset the Kansas City Chiefs why is that why is
that I’m not saying you can’t see she’s
aren’t gonna do very well this coming up here and season throughout the weeks but
Jacksonville Jaguars know there’s a lot on the line for themselves they’re gonna
be looked at that everybody’s gonna be watching that game I’m taking the
Jaguars to upset the Chiefs the Jaguars need to put a step in stalling in this
year they gotta beat the Chiefs if they want to play ball this year Tennessee
Titans Cleveland Browns where did those Cleveland Browns they came out crazy
last year right out of nowhere woo I gotta go with Cleveland Browns
I know Tennessee Titans are a good team but I gotta go with those Cleveland
Browns I want to see them in the playoffs this year really bad
I like the Cleveland Browns at home over Tennessee the Baltimore Ravens going
into play the Miami Dolphins I don’t feel nothing for the Miami Dolphins not
this year I will they do good God you know I like Baltimore I like Miami they
but Miami always starts off the season’s pretty strong
I’m not saying Baltimore doesn’t you know what I was gonna go say the
Baltimore Ravens I’m gonna flip that over I might go with the Miami Dolphins
I have some friends in Miami that watch me and like I said they usually start
off the season either if they’re gonna strive to season they start off really
good in the season or that and then they fold at the end of the season or the
flip side they’re hungry if they’re hungry they’re gonna win I’m going with
the Miami Dolphins for week one over the Baltimore Ravens who LA Rams in the
Carolina Panthers I should take the Rams but Carolina Panthers are at home they
got a lot to prove this year I’m taking the Panthers Cincinnati Bengals Seattle
Seahawks Cincinnati Bengals strong ask team last year they didn’t
win all the games but strong Seattle same thing but
I like see it I likes Seattle I like Seattle but not this week one I
like the Cincinnati Bengals over Seattle see I’m slurring I’m talking Jesus I’m
glad I’m starting my freaking early recordings that made people watch this
crap right they might not want to see what the early beast pics are San
Francisco 49ers going in to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers it’s too early in
season to say it’s a nobodies game who cares right if you want to go by how
they played last year yeah yeah I like the 49ers but I really like Tampa Bay on
this at home temp Bay Buccaneers win this at home
Pittsburgh Steelers the damn New England Patriots the New England Patriots could
this be their last big run for a long time could Tom Brady retire will the
Patriots be in the playoffs they’ll be in the playoffs unless something crazy
happens to Tom Wright I’d rather take the Steelers than this I gotta take
those Patriots I let me make sure I’m not missing any games and yes I am we
got the Tennessee Titans playing the New Orleans Saints who dad that got screwed
out last year they’re pissed there is no way that this New Orleans Saints are
gonna lose at home against a new Houston Texans Houston Texans are a good team
but who dad Saints they’re gonna be coming off coming out this coming up
season with a bang they’re pissed now New Orleans Saints win that game last
game we got to talk about it as the Broncos that should have been a lot
better last year and also the Oakland Raiders that should have been a lot
better another divisional matchup Oakland
Raiders mark my word right now playoff bound playoff bout yes they did horrible
last year because of John and his new recruiting craziness
and everything else and getting around these good guys and Yeti idiotic put it
on the Barker he got paid for one reason to clean up that Stadium whoo Oakland
Raiders that’s right know the Raiders aren’t gonna be in the house at home
beating the Denver Broncos recap Oakland Raiders beat the Denver Broncos Houston
Texans beat the Houston I mean Houston Texans sorry New Orleans Saints beat the
Texans Patriots beat the Steelers I’m just looking over at my computer to
see the schedule the Lions win over Arizona Cardinals the Giants upset the
Cowboys I got a brother that watch he makes videos also use a Dallas Cowboy
fan and I really want to flip that to the Cowboys but I just see those Giants
doing something crazy this year they they haven’t they need to Tampa Bay
beats 49ers Cincinnati upsets the Seattle Seahawks Indianapolis Colts
upset the LA Chargers at home the Eagles win at home over Washington I’m saying
those Carolina Panthers at home over the Rams Miami and Baltimore that’s I still
got that flipping back and forth I want to go with Baltimore logoff with Miami
who knows maybe I’ll change you come the official week one but right now as it
states I’m taking Miami Dolphins I’m taking the Buffalo Bills over Jets did I
say that no I’m taking the New York Jets over the Buffalo Bills at home to win
I’m taking the Vikings over Atlanta I’m taking the Cleveland Browns over
Tennessee I’m taking the Jay wires to upset the can’t see Chiefs and I’m
taking those Chicago Bears those are my week 1 early early
predictions every single week now because we got 16 more weeks till the
actual kickoff I’m going to give you my early predictions so check back with the
beast next week we’ll talk about week 2 NFL picks and so on
so that way I get my early list of all the first weeks
of football week 1 through 17 and that way we can have ourselves a it’s just a
test it’s just a test to see if the Beast cannot do really good with not
having all the BS stats and trades and everything else in the head and the
noggin these are just early looking at the early games just like I’m gonna
scroll on down and look at week 2 and I would have Tampa Bay playing the
Carolina Panthers and that’s if none of these games get scratched and moved and
that happens throughout the season so these are just how they are right now
like we would have week to Tampa Bay play in the Carolina Panthers right now
I’d say Carolina Panthers would be winning this game Arizona going in to
play the Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens winning the LA Chargers playing
Detroit Lions and I see the LA Chargers be beating the
Detroit Lions so Detroit Lions and my idea would be 1
in 1 but who knows come back next week we’ll talk about week 2 because I might
not say that I Chargers gonna win I might say that Red Lions are going hope
everybody else summer is going good and the start of spring and everything else
and get that hoe out get that hoe out and start to do some stuff whoo

8 thoughts on “NFL WEEK 1 PICKS 2019-2020 Early Football picks and predictions

  1. Chicago win by 4 27 23 Minnesota wins 24 16 engles win 31 17 buffalo 17 14 colts 31 27 az 28 24 kc 38 27 browns 23 21 ravens 17 13 rams 34 31 Cincinnati 26 24 49ers 34 31 new England 34 26 nol st 34 24 oak 14 10 I guaranteed

  2. With a little faith, and trust, Carolina could pull off an upset. As for the Pittsburgh New England game, I'm picking The Steelers.

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