NFL fantasy football players to avoid | SportsPulse

NFL fantasy football players to avoid | SportsPulse

– It’s almost here! Fantasy draft season. Here are a list of players
that you should avoid like the plague, especially
in the early rounds. Devonta Freeman. Is Freeman still an every down back? He’s a concussion away
from being put on ice, letting whoever his backup is
to take the bulk of the load. While he could return to
who he was in prior years, there’s a ton of question
marks around his health. Buyer beware. Tom Brady. Without Gronk or any other
top-tier deep receiver, it seems like it’s a dink
and dunk system for TB 12. And if history repeats itself
Sony Michel or James White are gonna be on the goal line. Meaning, although he’s arguably
the greatest quarterback of all time, we can consider him one of this year’s worst in fantasy. Antonio Brown. What? Yes. This has lets to do with AB
than DC, Derek Carr that is. His ADP, Derek Carr’s, is
in the 14th round for 2019. Yikes. So that gives me the
scaries about drafting AB before, say, the end of the second round. Melvin Gordon. Remember that idiot last year
that drafted Le’Veon Bell second or third overall, only to never seem him on the field? Yeah, let that be a lesson. Hold outs are no joke, and
there’s a realistic possibility that Gordon may not step on the field is the Chargers don’t pay up. Jarvis Landry. I’m happy the Cleveland
has its groove back, but Jarvis’s production fell off a cliff when Baker became the starter. He only had two games
posting over 100 yards, and four touchdowns in 16 games. It’s only gonna get a little more tricky with Odell in the lineup. (upbeat electronic music)

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