“NFL 2017” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

“NFL 2017” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

**You can turn these captions off and on using the CC button below You like my sister? Yeah Well, don’t Just give it a second, he’ll say it Look at my golden hair! I called that Didn’t I? Hey, I’ll flip for you Yeah, I’ll flip for you This wall is magical You can’t touch me My neck! My neck! You play for the devil! I got books on the shelf, but who reads? Yeah, I hear ya Yeah, books are terrible My gland scraped a pipe I never said who pushed Dad Gertin, gertin… gertin When you die, I’ll be outside Your tongue is ashy I don’t think that’s possible Yo dog, it’s so dang ashy It’s ashy Dude, it’s ashy It’s ashy Somebody took the nickels out of my dang locker You hear what I said? Everyone of you guys is now a suspect, okay? Smurfs! You’ll pay for this, in Odin’s name I normally can’t go outside What is up my friend? You know what’s so funny? Tattoos! I wanna go find a feather bed Hgnghh! Hungh How you feeling? I’m probably dying Hey where’s my car tires at? Y’all take my car tires? I need my car tires back Hit it La Rinky, La Tinky La Rinky La Tinky I got something to tell y’all! Hey! Where you going? I want to dance across the earth How do I wash this neck? Your boyfriend’s a good citizen I accept that I’m big, okay? I GET IT And then, Mulder said “Hey, listen, Scully, hey, you know, I found the aliens… and you don’t care!” I say, no surprises You’ll find me in the test center I’m gonna watch you wash Hey! Just laugh if you’re mad! Just laugh if you’re mad! I swallowed a penny, I swallowed a penny Why a penny, why a penny, why a penny went that deep? Why man, why man, why? The pain is enormous Whose skull would you like? Protonic battle shields ARE cool Burg-gnh, burg-gnh, burg-gnh, burg-gnh, burg-gnh Burg-gnh Hey, I forget, where do we get lambs? Sheep? Yeah What about deer? Happy Sidewalk Day Hope you’re sidewalkin’s happy I like to pull the wigs on waitresses Most skeletons are harmless The wicked sherpa is deaf Go to church! church! church! Go to church! church! church! So you’re pregnant? What? You’re acting like you’re pregnant Just let it be what it is Hey, Granny Maple’s Garden Game is sick Look how I dig this little hole? Now I drop in the seeds Look at the little seeds! That’s straight up 6th Grade I really wanna touch Amber’s camera Rubber bands and gum, baby I think that is disgusting, and it’s upsetting All right? Listen man, it’s just really hard for him to cope with all your snot and stuff You feel? Like I care… I’m more Jungian than Freudian Wait, Freud?? Way to go on the Freud! I have a wish in my hand! Hey, I have a wish in my hand you guys! You’re fired. and you’re fired, and definitely you’re fired Not you buddy! I”m pretty and pushy Quit it! Dad said! Who is she going to Outback with? Okay, I know you guys have my phone! My head! My head got damaged! Broheim, you’re wicked! What was your most awfullest date? It was in the rainforest I went there a couple of times Cuz I was in love And I found this perfect place And then I built a wicker hut for us But the platform was kind of frail And it broke when she was in there, and you could hear her sobs I mean it was a really silly way for her to die way out there That’s a pretty awful date. Yeah Bro, I can’t handle your face What?! It’s a great face Nah dog, cuz your face look like you got dirt in your mouth All right Yeah, I grew up in South Park, Ohio, where snakes don’t BITE ON YOU! I think we can let go I don’t wanna let go yet Okay. I just wanna stay right here, cuz it feels really nice I was thinking, you know, I might need to leave You know, I used to go home and just… throw gravel at my grandparents in bed Hey friend! Good morning! To see the flames, open your eyes I ate breakfast today! My furniture is rotten What is my disease? I can’t find my pencil The circulation’s freaking cut off and… it just hurts That’s stupid… Like Ursula, aight? Haven’t slept since ’92 I hardly touched the casket You never felt the wind on your bare skin?! Yeah, that’s what I’m saying Well then I think you’re the only person that’s never felt wind And dpn’t give me this “I never felt it” garbage! I feel funny about this! I’m half Hawaiian! Guys what half, huh? The Greek half! I punctured his veins And then he went for my leg And I guess he’s living in some canyon Gotta admit, I am close to you right now Yeah, you’re way closer than I’d pick How’s your mom? Hey ho! It’s AMAZINGABLE Yeah I made up a word, but you know what? Ya’ll can repeat that all week My brain is loud Who’s there?? Is your concussion really that bad? /Ahh, tell your mama to tell mama You know, we spliced the dice We spliced the dice Yet we have no dice Yo I was at the mall, offloading some spaceships And I shaved a mannequin And I never will love no more Oooh, I need a Tic Tac, somebody TIC TAC

100 thoughts on ““NFL 2017” — A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

  1. “I was at the mall, offloading some spaceships, and I shaved a mannequin, and I never will love no more.”

  2. 2:06, 2:27, 2:31 I just lost it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. You’re fired and. (Clay: my brain is loud)
    You’re fired
    And definitely you’re fired
    Not you buddy!

  4. Yikes https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  5. "Hit it!"
    "La Rinky, La Tinky!"
    "La Rinky."
    "La Tinky!"
    One of my co-workers and I have adopted this one and use it when we see each other at the start of each shift.

  6. You know there are probably some players who would be good sports about it and voice themselves in these

  7. “look at my golden hair”
    “you play for the devil”
    “your tongue is ashy”
    “where’s my car tires at”
    “i want to dance across this earth”
    i swallowed a penny *sings*”

    me when i lose my phone and i think my friends are fucking with me

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