New Zealand v Japan FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019 ニュージーランド日本バスケットボールの試合 ,

New Zealand v Japan  FIBA Basketball match World Cup 2019   ニュージーランド日本バスケットボールの試合 ,

absolute power trample skeebo pretty was
core to the other at the end one much to the delight of the New Zealand bench
people you know treated to such a treat on that end and they come down here and
straightaway their concentration has it’s gonna be frustrating for Brazil
they get know though to look they need to make them count
drive to the basket is early thank you to again Lanie what the ball
gets it over to Webster this is tie Webster now
oh nice fine in the corner there Russ patch he’s calling for two and three
from the corner punky for us match wonderful
that’s another rebound though ten seconds on the shot clock reset Webster big Throwdown by the big man number 35 literate walsim thought gotcha they’re putting up a Brad three they’re quarry Webster is who now has
the ball nice fine inside to tie right away they found the basket New Zealand
needs a same caboose if it she spent way too much time away from the basket
yesterday’s game Webster from deep sit down picking it up right where you left
off yesterday in that first quarter that was an easy call for the referee as well
it eight to shoot look at the drive inside he’s tapped
away by Bell v-notch it for up plus the foul disappointed they didn’t make the
play but then had she lures on the glass but the seat cast had his feet in the
key so he bound with 6.7 seconds i Jima and the frontcourt Jima all the way to
the rim gets it to go here on the pork from that book motor no good in Samara housing hope
selves is not there’s no rhythm offensively in terms of the ball
movement everyone’s just giving it to someone else and standing and looking in
the map of the ball to try and create even joining a performance 22 points
Hachi oh just gotta give themselves a chance
to get back hit it and this is one of the ways they’re gonna give yourself a
job back you see that Bob Cousy screen Aoyama for you got it to go as a buzzer
expires and the one to the play happen just float it down the lane and no one
bumps if he’s the only person in the planet that can make that move
here’s Webster for three Morey Webster this is you newless learns aqus Bruce is
now in the post see if he can get going hope opportunity here by Webster he’s
off and running up and in and finished his Cory Webster Oh rehaan Sephora hi I’m coke
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