@NDFootball | Irish Wired (2019)

@NDFootball | Irish Wired (2019)

Let’s go! Let’s go! What’s up? How you doing, man? Good, how are you? Good. Let’s go, boy! Let’s have fun today. What a great day to be alive! Tell me what we can do today to be a little better than yesterday? Better effort, 100 percent. Okay. Uh… Push the pocket more… Good. I feel like yesterday, I was just trying not to go – I gotcha. Trust your athleticism, you know? Trust your athleticism, man. I just want to make sure you got a plan for it, huh? Yessir. Alright, buddy. I love the way this unit’s working right now. Love where we’re at. Is this a baby Claypool? That’s a baby Claypool. Call him Claypool Junior from now on or what? No! There’s only one Claypool. This process for you is not about winning the day, it’s about like learning through the day so that tomorrow, next week, three weeks, you’ve accumulated Right. and you get a return on the investment, you know what I mean? It’s gonna… as install goes up, your world’s gonna get a little cloudy at times. Just keep relying on your instinct and bounce back and bounce back from bad reps, alright? Alright, man. You saw that seam throw to Cole? Yes! That was perfect. That was exactly it. And the footwork was on time. Great job. Let’s embrace being out here and have some fun together, right? We’re gonna enjoy this we’re gonna go as hard as we can go for as long as we can go. That’s your catch right there. Make that catch, that’s your play, right there, okay? That makes you a contributor right there. Focus, energy, intensity on this side of the ball never wavers. If he’s giving you plenty of room to work with, he can fade away from you, and you can drop it in there. I got it. Rip that thing at the top, man. Explode through. Grip it, throw it. Move move move move move move move! Hustle hustle hustle! Don’t walk, don’t walk, don’t walk! Longer. Longer. Really get that reach out there. Attaway, Wu! You were great behind the line of scrimmage and then you got antsy once you started getting down the field, you know what I’m saying? If they get out a convoy in front of you, let those big guys do what they do. Oh yeeeeaaaaaaah! Yeeeeeeahhhhhh! Oh, you have shake? That’s it, Kofi! How bout my guy, Liddy? How bout my guy! You know what though, it’s what you
said. Because you said to me it’s not physical, right? It’s mental. Hey guys we’re staying up, right? Tagging it off, staying up, stay out of the cylinder. It starts to get harder right now. This is when you really separate who really wants it.

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