My Son STILL Cheats at Football!

My Son STILL Cheats at Football!

– Kind of is meaning to cheat today. You only scored two touch downs. ( cheering ) So today is football
play offs, that’s fun. 12 o’clock is the first game,
so that’s in like 30 minutes. And then if they win its at 7pm and then if they win that they play
right after at eight o’clock. – Yup – Leave it in the comments below, how many touchdowns do you
think Lincoln will score today. We will keep track of them. There is a video of Lincoln
cheats at football that we put up a few years ago. And he didn’t mean to cheat
at football, like he had his thing in there. He kind
of is meaning to cheat today, but it’s not really against the rules. So here’s the deal, his flags are yellow and what he ended up doing was, he bought yellow shorts so
that they match the flags. Look at that, yellow on yellow, nobody else on his team has that. ( upbeat music ) So that was a good play.
Lincoln ran a good route, but then the ball was
thrown like 15 yards shorter then where he needed
to go so he went back. And then he ended up just having to fight to make it not be an interception. It’s about almost half time and its 6 to 14 that Lincolns team is winning. There was a touchdown for Lincoln, they’re about to win
this game so that’s good. How’d it go bud? – [ Lincoln ] Good. – You only scored two touchdowns. – Sorry – Come on – No I said all the games combined. – Oh I hear ya, okay. We just did what Lincoln
wanted to do which was go to football. London didn’t want
to do it so now we’re doing what London wants to do,
which is go to a carnival. – [London] How did they
get all this stuff here? – I don’t know, it’s a mystery. ( carnival music ) Brooks are you ready to go?
How fast are you gonna go? That many? One many? Okay. Go Brooks, go go go go. – Go go go go! – Fast as you can! – Faster Go Go Go Brooks! – [Brooks] I win! – Hooray, you did it!
You’re the champ! Yes! Well if you saw those
three bounce houses and you’re like where’s the
rest of the carnival? – [ Lincoln ] That was the carnival. – That was it so we are
leaving the carnival and going to get food. Um, In-N-Out burger? ( chill music ) We still have about three
more hours until Lincolns semi-finals football game. Next stop is? Where we going London? – Spirit Halloween. – Spirit Halloween! ( spooky music ) Oh man hahaha oh it got you Look at this stuff, this is
like creepy eyes that you put over your eyes, ugh, horns. What do you think about this stuff? – [London] I don’t like it. – No Lincoln, that’s awful. – [Lincoln] That’s scary. – Aww throwback to our iPhone video. Oh we found it. I’d rather be a unicorn. – Look at this. What is it? Donut dog. Look unicorn vests London.
And there’s headbands. Which one, what do you
need here? What about this? And then you could put this tail on. Okay Lincoln did you
find any Fortnite stuff? – [Lincoln] No – Nothing? Spirit Halloween, I thought
you had Fortnite stuff. Where’s the Fortnite costumes? So nothing there for us.
London saw some unicorn stuff but not enough to buy. Lincoln really wants to be the
skeleton guy from Fortnite. – [Lincoln] Skull trooper – Skull trooper? – They have them on Amazon,
it says its in the store but apparently not. – Alright we are back for game two. Um we went home and just
relaxed for a little bit. If they win this game, they
go to the championship. They beat this team once,
they’ve lost to this team once. Why am I holding everyone’s buys? Okay, go get ’em Lincoln. – Okay – Show no mercy. – I won’t. K They’re about to start. I’m
a little nervous for him but their under the lights. Saturday night, under the
lights with on the turf. This should be fun. I think
Lincolns gonna be a little nervous. Even though its flag
football and all the people will say “It’s not real football,
its not tackle football” It’s fun, it’s a good thing
and it’s a little bit safer where you don’t get tackled
and hit all the time. Game on. Good luck Lincoln. ( rock music ) Alright so so far it’s one
touchdown for the other team and zero for Lincoln. What’s it? It’s so squishy. – Mhmm – Cheeseburger squishy – Uhuh – Let me feel it. Oh it’s nice ( bouncy pop music ) Alright, they’re down
by about four touchdowns Lincolns thrown some
great passes and stuff but I think they’re gonna lose this game. It’s been a fun season. This
is probably Lincolns last time playing flag football
’cause he’s 12 and that’s the last age to be
able to play flag football. So, I think they’ve gone, in
five years they’ve only lost he’s only lost five
games of flag football. So that’s pretty good. Lincoln, if you’re ever
watching this like ten years down the road, super proud of you. Good job at working hard
and being a good teammate to your teammates. It’s been fun ( calm pop music ) That team was better and that’s alright. – Ya – It was a good run. It’s
been like five years of flag football, you’ve only
lost maybe five times. This is what could have been
Lincoln, Superbowl trophies. – They’re for the coaches. – The real Superbowl trophies. – No those are for the coaches. – It was a lot of fun. – Yup – That’s the important thing.
So next year, tackle football. I’m excited to see you play that. – Mmm no. – No? Haha. That’s the day. I hope
you liked flag football. I don’t know if he’s gonna
play again but stay tuned. – Wait can I? – If we change your birth
certificate, so you’re a year younger, no you can’t, no. But you can play tackle football. Basketball season is next. – Yup – Alright, thanks for watching guys. Hey London.

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  1. Your trash you can’t throw your the football correctly you suppose to throw the football underhanded. your bad my guess is you made no touchdowns

  2. Lincoln! I hear you play Fortnite. I’ve asked 3 times in 3 different videos if you can friend me.

    My epic-CoasterBoy05
    I would really love to play with you Lincoln!

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