(dramatic music plays) (♫ And then just touch me,
’til I can get my satisfaction) – [Lincoln] This song! – This song – ow, I just bit my cheek. That’s the worst. That’s why you don’t VLOG with gum. Back to singing for a
second so I can talk. (music continues) Alright, we are heading on a trip today. This video is gonna be about football. You saw the title. – Football! I love football. – He loves football. We need to do a little
bit of explaining because, right now, we are heading
on a special trip to… – Boston. – [Dave] Boston. What
are we gonna go there? – We are going to watch the Patriots and the Houston Texans game. – Houston Texans, they
are a football team. National Football League. New England Patriots, a team that’s very controversial
for a couple reasons because they’ve been caught
cheating a few times, but also they win all the time. Like they’re the champs. And when you’re at the top, you always get knocked down
by people and criticized. So we decided: let’s surprise
Lincoln with his first football game ever, NFL game. Surprise! I told him yesterday, ’cause he was sad and sick and so I gave him something to be happy about. So, I wanted to explain a
little bit about football. There’s a couple things
to tell you about… The first thing about is Lincoln plays flag football, and there’s this awesome
moment that I captured of Lincoln tearing it
up, getting a pick six. How many games have we
lost this year Lincoln? – Zero, we’re 7-0 I think? – [Dave] 7-0! We gotta win today, baby. What time is your game supposed to be? – Five. – [Dave] Five? It’s 4:43pm. – [Lincoln] I would expect at least a couple of people to be there. – [Dave] Yeah, there’s
not very many people. Ummm… let’s go to the gas
station and get a drink, or a treat or something first. – [Lincoln] Is that good? That’s not good for me. – [Dave] It’s not good for you? For your diet and nutrition? – [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Dave] You need to have
better diet and nutrition? What do you need? Like, some organic food? – I need some pie, or a lollipop. That’s healthy. – [Dave] Oh, gotcha. – [Dave] Gatorade? Yes. – I love this kind; it’s so good. – [Dave] What kind is that? – Glacier freeze. – [Dave] Glacier freeze? Is it from a glacier? – Glacier cherry, not freeze. Can I get some gum or a treat? – [Dave] Is that gonna
be good for your game? – Yeah. I need to go to the
bathroom, can you hold these? – [Dave] Water, Gatorade: no treats. Alright, let’s see this shot here. Alright, Mr. Quarterback, Lincoln. Lookin’ for the pick. There it is! (kids and parents cheering) There it is! Pick six! I just told him, “Get a pick six.” I don’t know if I had it on camera, but I’m like “Get a pick
six,” and he laughed at me. As good as that play looked, there’s something you might have missed. What might they have missed, Lincoln? – My flag was completely pulled in because I didn’t pull them off and put them back in at
the beginning of the game. They had their hands completely on it, and then it just slipped off ’cause no one could get it off. – So as amazing of a
play as it may have was, the truth is, Lincoln is a cheater – – [Demonic Voice] Lincoln is a cheater – at football. But, just like some NFL teams, he got away with it, and he won. Check this out. Does he have illegal flags? The referee is like, “Your
flags aren’t coming off.” – [Man] Is the other one not?… – [Dave] Look at the coach, he’s like, “Lincoln what’s
wrong with your flag here?” “It will not come off.” Well turns out, don’t be too excited
about him he’s a cheater. He cheated. His flag won’t come out. (epic music plays) (audience cheers) There it is. I don’t think we’re doing
what Sean Duras does, we’re the last ones off the plane. (Lincoln laughs) I think it’s supposed to be last ones on. Maybe we’ll start a new trend, and sit on the plane and wait forever ’til everybody gets off. That’s what’s cool. – [Lincoln] It’s like we get first class, and we’re in the front two seats. – [Dave] And we wait for 20 minutes. – Yeah. – So we made it to Minneapolis, we have to go to Boston now,
we have an hour layover. So, I hope you like those clips. He didn’t mean to do it, everybody. Don’t give him too hard of a time. Even though I am giving him a hard time. And I’m probably gonna title this video something about my son being a cheater. Just ’cause I think that’s funny. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Dave] You like that,
you cool with that? I’m sorry to those that are like, “You can’t like the Patriots.” “You can’t go to them, you
can’t just switch teams.” “You’re bandwagoning.” We don’t watch the NFL, we really don’t. We watch college, right? – College. – And we love college
football, all college football. Like the championship last
week was so incredible. Right? – That was awesome. – So, to show you that, we’re gonna show you, our whole family, about a month or two ago
we went on a trip to BYU. And watched BYU play football. And it was awesome. And we even saw Jenny, Sean’s wife. While Sean doesn’t know
anything about football, his wife has an awesome
family that loves football. (mid tempo music plays) – [Movie Character] Green is
watching us, so act naturally. (fart sounds) (laughs) – [Dave] Ew guys, gross. – [Leslie] That is the movie! What are we watching? – [Dave] Ah, that’s good stuff. We’re almost there. So we got the girls reading books, and Lincoln hiding behind
there from the sun, and Leslie looking up there
on the side of the bleachers. – I’m hiding from the sun. – [Dave] How are you liking
the game, is it good? I’m literally the only one watching the game in our family right now. – Dave! (marching band playing) Dave! – [Dave] Hey! Dude how’s your leg after that hit? – Brutal. – [Dave] We were talking to
you right here that game, and then you went over there and I’m like, “Oh no, that was him.” (heart beat) – I should’ve stayed on this side. – [Dave] Any damage or
they’re pretty good? – I’m shocked that I’m not
broken into a million pieces. I’m just sore and you know, sprained ankles stuff like that. But, I just hobbled around man. (mid tempo music plays) (audience cheering) – [Referee] Hands to the
face, #56 at the offense. Personal foul, with a late hit, contact in the head of
a sliding quarterback, with targeting, on the defense. Concluding our review. – Best friend Brett is here. Good to see ya buddy. – [Brett] Good to see you. – [Referee] A hands to the face foul… – [Dave] What is this? They don’t know what
they’re doing, the referees. They’re so confused right now. – [Man] Go back to Footlocker! – Go back to Footlocker, that guy says. You gotta love football fans. This is Mattix. – Hi. – He has a YouTube channel, and he just filmed us
for his YouTube channel. Awesome man! Have fun watching the game. – Yeah, you too. – [Dave] See ya, bud. We’re going on a walk, I want to show the girls
around the stadium. There’s this ramp that goes
all the way to the top. So I thought it’d be cool to show ’em. – [Announcer] And welcome
back to the field, our BYU Cougars! – [Dave] That’s cool. – [Dave] I love this stadium, look at those mountains right there. Gorgeous. Look who we found. – Hi! – It’s Jenny and Adley. We just woke up Adley up I’m so rude. Alright, we’ll let you guys be. You go back to sleep, Adley. – It’s good to see ya. – [Dave] Good to see you too. No Sean Duras here. He doesn’t – he’s not
a big fan of football even though, fun fact, he
played football in high school. – [Jenny] It’s true. – Right? (upbeat electronic music plays) The speakers are incredibly loud up here. – [Announcer] Harvey
Langi the ball carrier. – Did you get that? Did you hear who was the ball carrier? – [Announcer] Tackled by,
#21, Curry Bailey Smith. – That’s so loud. – [Announcer] Gain of one on the play, brings us second and nine. – [Dave] There’s the
speakers, right there! – [Advertisement Narrator] ..
what does power mean to you? – [Dave] It’s so loud. (upbeat music continues) – Why set the camera
still on the water bottle? – [Dave] Lincoln just tried to prank me, saying that the camera – I don’t even know what the prank was. Basically, our two water
bottles are in the garbage right now, and Lincoln is
sitting in the boardroom, after I came out of the bathroom. Yes, this is our hotel. – Yeah, it’s a suite! – We have a boardroom! – Let me look at the hall,
it’s like this special suite. – Oh hold on, let me come see with you. First of all, our room number is 534, and there’s an arrow, – It’s like a waste of a sign. – And it’s just us. We’re 534. We get our own number on this, and on this, and… say it, say it, what is it? – The Orient Heights Suite. – [Dave] What’s the Orient? – Bananas. – He really doesn’t know, he asked me: “What’s the Orient?” It doesn’t matter that we’ve
been all around the world, to China, to Japan, to all these places. And he still doesn’t
know what the Orient is. – What? What is it? – It’s the – I don’t know
the exact definition. – [Lincoln] Exactly. – But I know it’s like, Asia, China… You just finished watching
the BYU football thing, and we just showed you our hotel
that we got here in Boston. It’s midnight. – Wait, BYU football thing? – Yeah, I showed them BYU football. – Where? – The VLOG. We showed you being a cheater – – Yeah. and then we showed us going
to the BYU football game. We are going to the game tomorrow, we’re gonna do something
fun in the morning. I don’t know what it is, but
it’s gonna be something cool. – Yup! (grunts) – [Dave] I can handle
a little monkey on me. – Let’s see. (Lincoln laughs) – See? He’s already hurt. He gets hurt so easily. – [Lincoln] You popped my fingers. – Hold on, we gotta end this, this is super boring. – No, I gotta get you. – This is super boring. Okay guys, so tomorrow is the big day. Hope you enjoyed football day. We’re going to bed. This guy looks so tired. – Ahhh!

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  1. In Northern Ireland (Ulster) we have kids 7 years old playing contact rugby which is just as brutal as American football

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