Yo guys what’s going on and welcome to a video I promised you a while ago. This is my boot collection So these are the 10 pairs of boots I have Obviously I don’t wear all of them Which is pretty bad, but Today I am wearing all of them so, yeah, let’s just go through all of them now ok obviously we gotta test this against no boot at all so, yeah, this is in sock Power! I mean, they’re definitely not new… Manny: What do you think of the colour? Uh, I hated it at first Now I like it Manny: I think you look like you got some lemons on your feet Would that help me strike a ball well? Manny: I don’t know, you tell me? I think it would you know I think that would give it an unpredictable curve alright, lemon boots these, oi, these are quite decent you know I like these boots but do they strike with a striking… that didn’t even speak English dammit Manny: What are you saying Simon? Manny: You having second thoughts? I’m having, yeah, definitely If these score They get a 7 out of 10 If I miss? 5 I’m going to drop that down to a 4 fuck these boots Manny: That’s what I said! yeah I got these, me and Tobi both got a pair of boots filming with Dele Alli, namedrop Wait, was it even Dele Alli? Wait, it was Dele Alli and Dominic Solanke Domonic Solanke… Manny: How do they feel? these, uh, these feel, they feel pretty good you know? pretty good, already worn in you know That’s the Aces, these are the X’s little, you know I know they got tekkers in them you know… These aren’t made for skill, you know. That’s the Aces, these are the X’s Manny: What are they made for? Tobi: Technique! Technique You know why they are called the X’s? That’s like, crossover of legs. They’re made for rabonas. See Manny: You know what, I agree with you on that one. (Simon: That’s the X stands for) Solid eight. Yeah, I’m not going to be wearing these for long. Manny: Why? Have a little feel Does that feel like… Good? Manny: You are already, like, cussing them before you used them. First impressions count, man. Laces are a bit short, you know… only get one knot. Normally use the doubles. Whatever Manny: So Simon, if you were to compare these boots to a musician, who would it be? Eh, probably… Probably James Arthur. Manny: James Arthur? Yeah They started alright, then just dissappeared for a while. They got dropped, you know, and they made a little comeback into my life. Then they just gotta wait for one or two more shots Shots on target…if they fail? They’re out of my life forever Manny: You’re so deep Look… Oh, whoa, making it’s way back into my life Some new releases from James Arthur You only get one shot Manny: That was JLS, not James Arthur Another pair you probably haven’t seen me wear But I wear them all the time 24/7 You know what they say though… If a pair of boots doesn’t glow in the dark, what’s the point? Tobi: Are you saying that?! You know? Oh, that’s why you’re not a professional footballer The last boots were a solid 2 Manny: So James Arthur is shit? Uh, yeah These are a little bit small I think I feel like I don’t have the balance you know? I feel like I might just topple over any second Manny: You sure it’s not just your big feet? I’m pretty certain it’s the boots They do feel the closest thing to like an old-school pair of boots where you just leather it Tobi: No! No! That went through the net!
(Simon: Like that) You know, there’s a little-known fact that Roberto Carlos’s boots when he did that freekick Glowed in the dark Manny: You might need glow in the dark boots to find that ball They can’t do tricks They’re a little bit small What they lack in skill, they make up for… glowing, really, so, I’d give them a solid 8 Manny: 8 for glowing Actually, I’m giving them a 7, because if they’d fit, they’d be an 8 Manny: I’ve seen these before You’ve seen these before. Everyone seen these before, these have been about for time Manny: Were these about when we did that video with Kieran? and Tobi? Yes, these are the exact ones I wore, because I had red hair… I was called the red-haired lesbian And the reason I wore these is because these are very, very, sought upon by the lesbian-football community I think I’m set in my mind what these a gonna be Got the tricks They’ve also got the finish Manny: Yeah? What about the accuracy? The accuracy, ok
(Manny: Show me, go on) You just want it accurate?
(Manny: Yeah) As I said, solid 8 So, here we got a fans favourite you know? But, I wasn’t that keen on them when I first saw them Manny: When did you first see them? I first saw them at Southampton actually Manny, I’m glad you asked Manny: Nice boots What do you think about them? Manny: Well, you know… Manny: I recognize them from somewhere Oh, real recognize real, oh These boots are like…the Drake of the music industry you know? Those are James Arthur, this are Drake They can’t do any wrong you know Manny: Laces make a big difference aye? They do, they do make a big difference Manny: Do they score from the halfway line? Rumour has that These boots did uh, yeah, they did Rumour has it they score from the halfway line As I said, do no wrong The goals at Southampton were a bit bigger Manny: Simon? Manny: Simon! Manny! Turn around! Manny: Oh Halfway line remember? Manny: Oh ok, go for it See? You remember what I said? You remember what I said? The goals were bigger in Southampton May not have performed today but, you know what, look, look, they’re cracking that’s why A little bit of a crack, do you see that?
(Manny: Yeah, I see that, I see that) I’d still give them a solid 9 Right, these are only Nike pair boots, in the whole selection Manny: They look sharp Manny: I think Nike don’t do boots in your size Ah, there we go, see? great fit, great fit Do I have to put the other one on? Manny: You can’t do 1 boot
(Simon: Why not?) I didn’t I haven’t even had a shot Manny: Are you gonna kick with your left foot? Manny: If they’re that good, you can left foot top bins But I didn’t say they were good Top bins! But I do like these boots I did like these boots And I can feel the blister coming back Just cuz of those 2 shots, I’m giving them a solid 6 Manny: What we saying? How they feeling? Here’s another variety of the X’s So, you know, designed for rabonas you know, X Little ballet stance Manny: Oh so you’re gonna try a couple yeah? The colours are to throw you off so that you don’t rabona Manny: Oh ok, reverse psychology
(Simon: You just strike the ball) You just strike the ball… Like that Manny: So you found the secret 7
(Manny: 7) Alright, I like these boots, definitely worn these in videos before Manny: If you were to compare these to any animal, what would they be? An animal?
(Manny: Yeah) Uh..a Pelican Manny: A Pelican? Why? Smart bird…very smart bird Some people don’t realize how smart a pelican actually is I’ve seen a pelican play chess before So, they just come out of nowhere and when you do you go…’is that a pelican?’ That’s these boots Yeah, I’ve worn these before in a video aswell quite a few videos Cuz we’re shooting with Nike balls, with Adidas boots Manny: Not compatible
(No it’s not right) It’s like you know, reverse magnets, so you goes towards it and it’s like that Move my foot towards it oi! You see that? I ain’t touch that Look, Adidas ball, Adidas boots Manny: I thought they attract? Yeah, sometimes when you love something, you have to set it free, ok? Manny: So what do you think of these in the end? Uh, I mean, I’ve worn them before, so I always knew what I was going to go with I think…7.5 And the final pair The all black Manny: Alright, so who do you feel like when you wear these? Who do I feel like? When I wear these boots, Manny, you know who I feel like? Manny: Rocketman? Manny: Family guy? Rocketman? The lion, from…the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Manny: Narnia? Manny: Aslan? Wrong film, uh I got the wrong film I feel like the lion in the Wizard of Oz you know? Manny: Why? Cuz, what, he needs, he needs his…bravery?
(Manny: Milk) These are bravery
(Manny: Ok bravely strike a ball) Manny: Rating? Final pair? I do like them These weren’t for me today, I think I’ve outgrown them So I’m going to give them… 6.5 Manny: Favourite one out of these? Favourite ones… I’m going with these I might even go for these you know, didn’t get the highest ratings, but… a solid boot
(Manny: X) X, is gonna’ give it to ya

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