My first NFL Football game!


– Today is gonna be a fun day, we are in Boston, Massachusetts. First time ever being here.
I’ve been in a lot of places, but this is one place I have not been. So, first impressions, the
streets here are super skinny. There’s barely any where to drive. The good thing is, we
brought along our friend, to help us today. And just
because he’s our buddy. And so, this is my buddy, Jeff. – Hey Guys. – We’re gonna take you guys around, to some historical places
and then after that, we are gonna go to the Patriots game, yes! – [Lincoln] Touchdown! – [Daniel] Boston Tea Party started here. And Benjamin Franklin was baptized here. Right here, in this church. – [Daniel] That’s right. You’re standing in opposition,
to the Democratic Party. So this is where like
the Democratic Party, their logo came to be,
because they’re donkeys right? – [Jeff] Yeah.
– Yeah they’re donkeys. – Yeah, so this is it. – I never knew that that’s
where the Democratic got their symbol from. – [Daniel] There ya go. – They got it from somebody
calling somebody else a Jack– – That’s right. So sometimes
when you troll people, it might work out to their advantage. So be careful when you’re trolling people. Please refrain from grave rubbing, Lincoln, do not rub graves. Look at that, look at how
old those headstones are. Don’t touch the headstones. We’ve just entered another
cemetery in downtown, heart of Boston. This one has Samuel
Adams, Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin right there. This is Josiah Franklin. Not Benjamin. It’s John Hancock, not Herbie Hancock. But still look at that Franklin. This is what you get
when you save your money and don’t spend it on
getting an official tour. You just walk around, and you think people are Benjamin
Franklin and they’re not. (Daniel laughs) Where are we? We don’t know what we’re doing. (“All Alone” by Pegboard Nerds & Grabbitz) – Just waiting for him to like, jump up and just bite his face off. “Remember I’m a squirrel, I’m not a dog.” He’s friendly. (Lincoln laughs) – [Lincoln] You’re the friendliest
squirrel I’ve ever met. You’re awesome. This is the real Cheers.
This one’s it. Right here. We found it, so, Cheers. Lincoln, do you know what Cheers is? – No, I just like– – I’m thinking a lot of you
don’t even know what Cheers is. Here’s a little clip of what it is. (Cheers’ Character laughs) Does anybody know your name? – It’s not in the same place– – That’s enough of Cheers for me. (Mark groans) I’m stuck. I’m ripped. – [Jeff] I’ll help you, hold on. – Cheers. That’s what I get
for not eating at Cheers, it rips my new jacket. – Cheers rips you off. – What a rip off. – They have really good
bumper stickers here. – [Mark] Let’s see it. “Bumpah Stickah.” Alright, we’re going to get
some food in this place called, The Union Bar. Ye olde,
Union Oyster House 1826. (“Te Amo” by Poncho El Diamente) What have we learned so far? This is America’s oldest restaurant. That’s what they claim. – America’s oldest bar
is across the street. – [Daniel] ‘Chowdah’ First ever cornbread of your life. – So good. – [Daniel] I got this… Root Beer. It is money. It is so good. This is no Barq’s or A&W’s,
this is authentic Root Beer. – And this lemonade’s awesome too. – [Daniel] Oh yeah. How do you
like Boston so far, Lincoln? – So cool – Look at the ceiling. We just finished eating,
I just went downstairs and then Lincoln called me, he says, “You have to come upstairs and see this.” So get ready for something amazing. Restrooms, are you
showing me the bathroom? – Best bathroom ever. – [Daniel] Best bathroom
ever? Is that a slogan? What the heck? – That’s what I wanted to show you. – [Daniel] Thanks for showing us that. – You’re welcome. That’s the smallest
bathroom I’ve ever seen. – [Daniel] It really is pretty small. And there you go, I hope you’re happy that you’re
subscribed to this channel, so that you can see
awesome, inside information. Like the world’s smallest bathroom, in the world’s oldest
restaurant in America. That doesn’t make sense, in
America’s oldest restaurant. (“Wake Up” by Grant Feat. Jessi Mason) Here we are, we’ve made it. We got the local news, tailgaters. Look at Lincoln, you’re
gonna be warm enough? We just got these tickets
like four days ago. You’ve ever heard of that app, Seat Geek? Booked a flight and now
we’re here, in Foxborough, about to go to a NFL playoff game. This is gonna be sweet. Lincoln needs a hat, you like that one? What should I get? Should I get a hat? I have this blue one, which
is pretty cool already. I don’t know that I’ve ever
worn a scarf in my life. How how do you even do this? I don’t know how to put a scarf on. Today, we’ll cheer for the Patriots. (“Wake Up” by Grant Feat. Jessi Mason) These are great seats right? – Yeah, they are. We got smoke. That’s
pretty cool though, wow. (Daniel yells) No body sits down the entire game. (crowd cheers) (“Wake Up” by Grant Feat. Jessi Mason) (Man yells) I love it! We’re heading out, the game is over, Patriots have won. Moving on. Did you have fun though,
Lincoln? First ever NFL game? A little cold, but it was fun. – (singing) My face is frozen. – My hand is frozen. Okay, go for it. Go, go, go! We made it to our Uber,
that was a madhouse. Lincoln’s about asleep. It is
12:18 in the morning. (laughs) That’s the way you do it
out here on the East Coast. Might as well have an 8:15 kick off, when it’s 20 degrees
outside. Seems to make sense. So guys, we made it back.
It’s one in the morning. I don’t know what that
video’s gonna look like, but it’s definitely not
gonna look as fun as it was. First NFL game, what stands out to you? Like difference between college and NFL? – The crowd, like knows when
they’re supposed to be quiet. If they’re on offense,
everyone’s just so quiet. If they’re on defense,
everyone’s just cheering as loud as they can.
– Yeah, it’s like, nobody’s even there
when you’re on offense. So if you are a football fan, remember that if you’re
cheering for a team and they’re on offense,
don’t be so loud and cheer. College fans don’t really
understand that a lot of times. – Yeah they just cheer.
– The good teams do. We’d like to give a
shout-out to Seat Geek. Have you ever heard of them? Like, I’ve used them in Detroit, when we were there one
time for a hockey game and a baseball game. Basically it’s this app that
you can download on your phone and they rate everyone of
the seats between one and 100 based off of where their location
is and what their price is compared to the other tickets around them. So it’s a cool way to get a ticket because you feel like you’re
getting a really good deal. And you can see that it like, changes price closer to the game. Green means it’s a good
price and it’s a good seat. – So don’t get the red
ones. Get the green ones. You’re good. – Unless you’re really desperate. Then once you click on it, it shows you a view of
like where your seat is, so you can kind of be like, “Oh that’s what it’s gonna
look like from there.” We paid for our trip out here,
we came out on our own dime. But they did give us
free seats to the game, so thank you, Seat Geek.
– Yes. That was awesome. That
was such a fun experience. – It really was. And so the one thing that they did, is that they went and hooked you guys up. And so they gave us a special code, with 20 dollars back off your purchase. So if you don’t have it already, click on the link in
the description below. And once you’ve downloaded
the app, click on the Me tab. And you can put what’s
inside for the code there. And then once you order tickets, you can get 20 dollars
back, so check them out. If you don’t already have the app and you’re going to a sporting event. – Right now I’m not going
to a sporting event, I’m going to sleep. – Good night, my buddy. Tomorrow is our travel day home. But we don’t fly out till 4 p.m. And so, I wanna go and
get some drone-shots. I didn’t get that today. But I want to go fly the
drone, like over the ocean, find maybe a lighthouse.
Maybe go to Harvard. – I’ll be sleeping. – I hope you guys enjoyed the adventure. It was super fun for
us, a little bit cold. Back to Utah, See ya guys. (“Wake Up” by Grant Feat. Jessi Mason)

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