MSU football start spring practices


the spring weather hasn’t been kind to sports in Montana so far just looking at the snow out of the window today it’s been delaying a lot of schedules and it’s affected a Montana State football team with the poor conditions outside throughout spraying they haven’t been able to practice much head coach jeff coach says the constant snow has put the bobcats behind schedule but the players drive to make every practice opportunity count misses spoken volumes on this team even though this was technically not a Pho fifth practice this is really more like our second practice today we were really not able to get a lot done before spring ball we had six practices originally scheduled before spring ball and so really Tuesday was a lot of ways our first practice kids have been are their attitudes in the community I mean it’s no fun going out there 6:30 7:00 o’clock in the morning winds howling you’re looking hey it’s 32 degrees that’s awesome and you go out there and it feels like it’s like – 32 degrees and I just really respect our kids attitude the commitment to this program and toughness quite honestly

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