100 thoughts on “Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

  1. Pete: Kevin are we still friends?

    Me: You could die right now and the only thing your worried about is if you and Kevin Hart are still friends?

    I laughed so hard lol

  2. The dude in the black mover shirt seems like he’s getting low key pissed but he doesn’t wanna say anything cuz it’s Kevin Hart and Pete Davidson

  3. okay am i the only one- less than 10 minutes in and pete already said he was allergic to dogs so why didn’t they let the dogs go outside while they packed?? the lady was like oh yeah we’ll get you some benadryl and then he literally gets an asthma attack 💀

  4. Now I know why Ariana Grande broke up with Pete “ allergic to dogs” tbh I would break up with him to no homo

  5. Hey imma help u move
    Do you guys have a dog I’m extremely allergic
    Yeah two of them
    doesnt bother moving them
    Continues to clean with dog hair everywhere
    Does anyone have a allergic reaction breathing treatment it’s serious
    The people: YoU fOld It LikE tHIs
    Pete: kinda dying here
    * Pete gets asthma attack*
    That is so rude that he has to be hooked up to a machine because the people were lazy and he was doing them a favor too

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this lol. When she said that stuff had to be packed in boxes I would have said psshhh and thrown it on the truck in the garbage bags. If Pete Davidson showed up to help me move I’d go nuts. We would get so friggin high I’d forget I was moving lol

  7. Y'all know that episode in spongebob and the cats name was Pete and he could "breath" underwater…well pete acts and sounds like that cat

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