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I have made all three of your cycles in a special way. They have ten gears. The more speed you want you keep changing the gears to a higher number. All the best! Thank you We have to win this race. It is a question of Furfuri towns’ pride as our neighbours from SurSuri town are also taking part. Tiger…tiger…tiger…tiger! He is the champion racer from SurSuri town. No one has been able to defeat him till date. We will defeat him! Papa!!!! Papa! All the best! I’m sure you will win. Yes my dear and we will take the reward money and go to the best doctor for your treatment. Ok everybody on the start line! The race is about to begin! Everyone will go around the black mountain and come back here. Doctor Jhatka and I will be following incase anyone needs any help. All the best! Good luck! On your marks, get set and go!!!! John has put somesort of a jet motor on his bicycle because of which he is getting extra power. Then it is not a cycle race…he makes it a motorcycle race! He is cheating! This is tiger’s cycle. Patlu,look that is tiger hanging there! Thank you very much. You people from Furfuri town are very kind. Thank you very much but that small man is a cheater! You are a cheater! Putting these jet motors on your cycle is cheating, putting marbles on the road is cheating!! Nothing like that is written in the rules of the race. What to do and what not to do is not mentioned anywhere. Infact it is written about the cycle,that we can use any type of cycle… any type and my cycle is this type! Hahahaha bye bye Bye bye….Motu and Patlu, you can stay here. We will get the trophy and come back! I don’t think I can ride the cycle now, I have hurt my foot but I will still try. I want to win this race under any circumstances. Motu, Patlu…you two are still here? How come? John is cheating. His men threw marbles in our way and made us fall. Johns’ cycle has jet motors fixed on it. And he is going at full speed. If we have to win, we will need extra power. If John is using extra power then I will give you also extra power! Here Patlu have this tablet. You will get extra power with it. Motu, here take these samosas…your extra power! But this will be cheating! This is not cheating, it is an equal competition! Technically John is right. We have not made any rules in this race. We thought it is a cycle race and everyone will use cycles. But John took advantage of that, we will not let him win! All right! Doctor Jhatka give one tablet to Tiger also. He too is a victim of Johns cheating ways. I am feeling better now…let’s go! All the best my friend! Oh lord! Someone has done some cheating and sent us down the wrong road! Tiger…stop! You are hurt. No…no…I cannot lose this opportunity. I will now take a shortcut through Furfuri town and reach first! Look! John is going to take a short cut and go through Furfuri town! Ok…so according to the rules we have to reach back to the start point, Which road we have to take has not been told so come, let us also go from there. We still have to cross the full town. If we get traffic on the way then we will be stuck. Motu do something. Patlu, my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You think of something. Ok we will avoid the traffic and go on a road without traffic. We will ride on the roof tops and go. It is a question of our respect today! Come, we will see what happens but we will not lose today! It is very difficult to escape from Motu and Patlu! They just don’t believe in accepting defeat but I am also John the Don. I will win this race! Motu, if we jump that roof top ahead then the finish line is just ahead of it but the wall ahead is absolutely straight, We don’t know what lies behind it and whether there is a proper landing there or not. Patlu do whatever is needed. We cannot lose this race. We have to win it! Why do you want to win this race for the one lakh rupees or for Furfuri towns’ pride? Papa! All the best! I’m sure you will win. Yes my dear and we will take the reward money and go to the best doctor for your treatment. We have to win for Khushi, Patlu. We have to win for Tiger so that he can get treatment for his daughter. I was thinking the same thing. So come then, we have to reach the finish line first no matter what happens!! Motu and Patlu have come first so the trophy and one lakh rupees goes to them! Sorry dear, I could not win it. Never mind papa, there is always a next time Friends, John cheated. He put a lot of hurdles on the way which is why Tigers’ foot was hurt And he could not cycle properly otherwise he would have come first that is why this money should go to him. Motu, Patlu thank you very much. If all human beings became as nice as you then the world would be a wonderful place.

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