Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated Series | cricket match | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated Series | cricket match | Wow Kidz

Oh my lord! Pay some attention here too! You get so lost in your experiments that you can’t see anything else! Oh, I’m sorry Ghasitaram, so sorry. Looks like big brother is inside somewhere. Let’s wait for the, why are there sacks on these chairs? Oh my lord!! Mummy!! You broke my back!! Motu! Patlu! What are the two of you doing? Oh my lord!! My foot! What is it? Motu, my friend, what did you want? Big brother, the cricket match is coming soon and we want to watch it. Give us a TV that will work on batteries even if the electricity goes off and the picture is very clear. Yes my friend, I have a battery operated TV. Its’ antenna has a long wire, till you don’t get a clear picture keep pushing the antenna up. And the wire will keep unfolding Oh my lord! I think something is burning! Wow, Doctor Jhatka, the reception is really good! Wow! Big brother! This is real fun! Hey! Go down and watch the match! If by chance our children take to this habit then where will we get a television from? Motu! Keep the TV safe! It should not break!! O dear lord above!! Can you not drive the truck on a straight path? What is this? What sort of a ride are you arriving on? No motors, no scooters, riding directly on the ground? Brother tea vendor, quickly give us some piping hot samosa, we want to watch the full match today. What have you done? Quick, get the antenna off the truck! If the wire breaks we will not be able to see the match! These people are climbing on my fire-engine and are up to a lot of mischief! ! I will teach them such a lesson, that they will never again climb on to my fire engine again! Oh my lord! Mummy!! Come more often to climb on to my fire-engine, hope you’re having fun now. hat a great reception! Let’s watch the match from here. Why are these people not screaming? I will give them a taste of real fun!! The lord is so giving today, Motu and Patlu, Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram, have come as my guests. Wow boss wow! What poetry! Right, number two? You poetical pup, take care of our guests! Sir! What will you all have? Something hot? Something cold? I mean Some tea? Or a cold drink? When I said “take care of the guests” I meant beat them up and drive them away from here!! We are not able to see the cricket match anywhere. Oh, sorry! you all want to see the cricket match, you can watch. But I don’t have a TV nor do I have any electricity. Hey, we only need place to sit nothing else, we have everything we need. Then sit and watch the match, I too love watching cricket matches. Number one and two take care of our guests. You egg without a yolk! You head without a brain! When you have to beat up someone, you don’t do it and then when you don’t have to beat up anyone you do it!! They are truly our guests today, serve them some tea and snacks. Brother John, can you take this antenna and set it somewhere high up? The higher you put it, the clearer the picture of the match will be. My brother. You called me “brother”. Now you see how high I take this antenna with my special ladder! Enough, Brother John, set the antenna there, the match is showing very clearly. You too called me “brother”. If you give up our thievery and robbery we will call you “brother” everyday, ok? What?!! Give up thievery and robbery?! I should let go of my destiny? Thievery is my job! Robbery is my work!! No!! John!! Why are you standing far away? Come close to us, we are all hanging here because of you. Nobody move! Look, he has hit a six! Don’t move, they will be showing the replay now! Till these ads are showing, why don’t we get something to eat and drink? We are 35000 feet above the ground, I don’t think we will get anything to eat or drink around here. There is no tea vendor here. So what if there is no tea vendor, let’s ask the air hostess for some tea and snacks.? Open the door! We need some tea and snacks for seven people and if possible then hot samosa, send it on the roof top, ok? Ok sir. Roof top!! Captain!! What happened? Why are you so upset? There is an order for tea and snacks for seven people from the roof top! So give it, why are you asking me? Roof top! Sir, they are on top of the plane! Sitting on top!! Why are you fooling around? Go and do your work, go and don’t disturb me. Six!! Wow! Oh wow! What a shot!! Hey guys! There is a cricket match on above! Come on, it’s a live telecast!! Four!! Sir!! Almost all passengers are on the roof top! Everyone wants to be served tea and snacks there!! So serve them! When did I say no to that? You are in a very funny mood today but I am not! So don’t disturb me now. Just give everyone what they wan, now leave. Where did everyone go? The flight was full when we took off! They are all on the roof top watching the match. No! That is not possible!! I want all of you inside the plane in exactly one minute!! Or I will turn the plane upside down. What’s this? The match has stopped! Look!! Who is this shameless person who is sitting on the pitch with a TV? Now how will the match continue? Hey! That is us! You all have spoiled our match totally. Oh god!! We have fallen on the pitch of the same match that we were watching! What do we do now? Run!!

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  1. what did i like?

    i liked the part when they were sitting in the middle of tthe match and asked who the hell is this? And then patlu said this is us…

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