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Patlu, now this is a problem, this cat has cut our way, now our day will not be good. I don’t know whether I will get to eat samosas today or not. This is all nonsense. Nothing happens when a black cat cuts the way. She is also as innocent as other animals. Thank you Patlu, I felt good to hear that. Can you both please help me? This cat is speaking. I am sure she is a magical cat. Run, Patlu run. Meow!!!!! Wait, Motu Patlu…. Wait…. Please leave us cat aunty. Forgive us. Let us go. Help… Help… Please Motu Patlu…Help….. Meoww…… Bohh…… Help…..!! Hey cat aunty, why are you crying? I am not a cat. I am a red fairy. But you are a black cat then how can you be a red fairy? Booohhh…..!! It is a long story but I will tell you in short. A magician cut my hair braid and turned me into a cat. My whole power was in my hair braid. If you can get me back my hair braid then I can become an fairy again. Will you both help me? Yes, sure. We will help you. But how will we get your hair braid back? The black magician has attached it on his head. You will have to get it back either by defeating him or by fooling him. Meow !!! We will take our friends along with us. Four are better than two. Ok red fairy, tell us where is this black magician? Listen carefully. I will tell you. meow… Oh lord… How much more have we to walk? hope the black cat dint fool us? The red fairy said that we will find an apple tree from which we have to pluck a special apple But we are not able to find that apple tree. Chingam sir, I am thirsty, please give me water. Oh god…. Take It right now. Even I am thirsty. Motu, look there, an apple tree! We reached this tree with so much difficulty, but there are so many apples on this tree. Now tell me which one should we pluck? Look there, there is a black apple, we need to pluck that one because all others are red in color. Oh lord…. Motu…. Catch that apple. Yeaahhhh!!!!! Big brother, you are making us run so much. Are you going to make us complete the whole world tour in a day? Now stop it. It’s enough. Yes, it’s enough. I was just showing you the way. Friends now you have to find the way ahead by yourself. You have to cross this river and then you will find the way. Oh lord.. Such a long river! How will we cross it? It is so deep! Now I am leaving. If you find any problem ahead then face it with a smile. Oh god.. One problem is not over yet and another is ready. Hey Motu, my brother, what are you doing? Who laughs after seeing the snakes? Big brother, Porcupine had said that face the problem by laughing at it. So I am laughing at the problem. Motu is right. Come one everyone laugh. Why are you all laughing?hisssss We have learnt to face the problems by laughing at it. I must agree to the fact that you all are very courageous. Go and achieve your goal. Is someone there? Hey, this is what I’m asking. You give reply to my question. Here I am. Here I am. Here I am. Where here …. Come behind me. Oh god I had gone mad to follow you guys. Don’t be scared. The black magician has sent me here. Follow me. Why have you all come here? We were just passing by so we thought of meeting you. Oh! So you came all this far, by passing the river of snakes, just to take a walk around? Hahahaha… Soldiers! Hey! What are you doing? Get us out of here. Tell me the truth or else I will cover the well with the lid. The red…… What are you doing Motu? If we tell then our mission will remain incomplete forever. OK. We have come from Ladakh. Why? We have come here to compete with you. I am a greater magician than you. Ohhh….!! So this is the matter. Take it now. Abraka dabra Hey! What are you doing big brother? Are you showing us magic or hitting us? I showed you this much. Now you show me something. Idea!!!! Idea!!!! What type of magic is this? Anybody can do this. Ok big brother. Then you do it and show us. Ok. Abra ka dabra… Show me some other magic. Good one…. Ok. I will attach my tiny pig tail on your head and your pig tail on my head. What’s new in this? Even I can do it. You can’t do it. I can do it. You can’t do it. Take..Aabra ka daabra … Ok big brother, bye, our work is done. We are leaving. We got red fairy’s pig tail. You cheaters, you can’t run away. Soldiers…!! Hey red fairy, here is your pony tail. Motu Patlu you all are very brave and very generous. Make a wish … Red fairy, just grant us a wish that Motu Patlu should remain friends forever and our friends should also stay our friends forever. Wow! You all are not only brave but also good and honest people. May you all remain friends forever.

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