Most HATED Clubs in English Football!

Most HATED Clubs in English Football!

Top five most hated clubs in English
football! First of all, leave a comment down below
on who you think are the top five most hated clubs in English football. Of
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that bell so you don’t miss an amazing video like this. So let’s get into it. In
the number five spot we have Leeds described by George Best as a shin
kickin bloody nightmare on and off the pitch
they were never the prettiest club you know it looks like the ugly sister Leeds
compared to the other clubs in English football. I mean everyone hates
Leeds literally everyone so they basically did well by kicking the legs
off the opposition players and yeah the fans are also loathed by pretty much
every other set of fans in English football and they can easily be number
one so I’m there they’re bloody hated that that’s all I’m gonna say about Leeds. In
number four spot we have MK Dons well well well well well well what do we say
so basically some businessmen needed to you know a new club basically so they can
add some cash to pay for some expensive strippers so they basically hijacked the
club AFC Wimbledon changed the name change the colors got rid of the fans
and then left them for dead pretty much it’s not finished
traditionally English team start at the bottom so they start at the bottom of the leagues and slowly work their way to the top and MK Dons on the other hand
basically just paid their way into a fairly good league in English football
so only didn’t have to start at the bottom so nice one lads, you’re officially the
biggest scumbags in the whole of football! Some honourable mentions that
could have easily have made it into the top five are; 1. Arsenal and 2. Liverpool so Arsenal yet
might not be the most hated but they’re definitely the most trolled plus the old
arsenal fan TV, sets Arsenal up beautifully to be destroyed by social
media and instead of being hated they’re pretty much now a laughing stock so keep
that going up you know really well and Liverpool oh they do actually make the
third most hated team in the whole Premier League and they are just hated
whether it’s because you know their historic Champions League win all for
their rivalry with Man United they are hated like the devil! Get it?
Like Man United? Don’t worry we’re moving on Millwall
they’re often known from being the scummiest of the lot. Millwall even knows
they are among the most hated fans in English football as they sing their
anthem “no one likes us we don’t care”. Lovely. Millwall are like the big bully in
school but you know they can’t play football get it no I’m joking
everyone is petrified of them completely and that was not a joke Millwall have
previously been charged with, we’ve got a list here: ambushing officials outside the
ground. Breaking a visiting Goalkeepers jaw when he tried to stop them from
chucking missiles on the pitch and also lobbing a dummy hand grenade on the
pitch oh you guys are lovely. Everyone hates Man
United, in the number-two spot even Man United fans don’t you like Man United not that as a you know big problem 70% of Manchester United fans
aren’t from Manchester if you don’t like hate mine United what are you doing with
your life exactly? I hate Man City because of the money and
I hate Man United because I’m a human being Can I just say that you know these
teams pretty much could have gone in any order at all it doesn’t really matter I
mean but also let me know your thoughts on here on the most hated clubs in English
Football in the comments down below In the number one spot
we have Chelsea! Who else? Racist fans, players who kick young kids I mean the
owner of Chelsea all also guys money in some slightly questionable ways the
Russian Revolution to enable them to compete at the top. don’t mind me
saying as well they’re also banned from buying players because FIFA bans
the transfer of under eighteen different countries unless they meet a strict
criteria which of course Chelsea didn’t really apply to so all those
reasons put together it’s basically why Chelsea has to go number one on my list – if
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  1. Can't give you a top as don't really follow football that much but was just wondering have Millwall and Leeds ever played eachother ? What did that look like ? lol

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  3. Great video, I’m not really into football but I found it funny 😂 keep up the great videos 😁👍

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